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  1. Sure many of us have talked about the possibility of JP moving to G and JP himself has stated he might have interest playing G down the road.....But it is completely different when the HC comes out and says it
  2. Not shocked to see the extension to JP.....Was interesting to hear Doug say JP could end up moving to LG....
  3. New report is that JP wants to work out a new deal so he can stay and Eagle and retire.....JP is looking for more guaranteed money since as of now none of his money is guaranteed to him.....So could end up being a way that it works out for both sides if we want to get something done with him he gets more money up front in turns helps our cap situation or the Eagles could play out this season move on from JP next year
  4. Now JP wants to redo his contract and retire an Eagle......Should be interesting what happens honestly would not be shocked to see us redo the deal more guaranteed money reduce the cap hit
  5. Saying Raiders are looking to make Carr the first 25m a year QB....Could end up being the new scale for QBs possibly looking at what we might have to pay Wentz in the future
  6. Burton can block he is just under sized not an inline TE more of a Jordan Reed type and he is rarely ever used inline normally spread out in the slot......As for Ertz still don't see him as this terrible blocker the fan base does but he needs to still improve greatly in this area....Celek tends to be the forgotten guy but he isn't the receiving TE he once was he is used less as a receiving threat because Burton/Ertz are better options
  7. With the new breed of TEs guess I should not be shocked by how tough fans are on Ertz but he has been a really good TE so far and that is with consistent change at QB since he enter the league.....As a receiving threat he has shown he can get it done TD numbers need to go up think that will come though....As for blocking think ertz is alright he is by no means one of the best blocking TEs don't think he is as terrible as so many fans make him out to be either think a ton of the heat for this is the Bengals game last year and can't judge a guy solely on one play
  8. Still early but everything I have seen Gibson has been struggling why I don't see him as a lock year one and could end up taking a red-shirt year as a rookie......Could be as the 6th inactive WR(ie Dillon Gordon) or IR(IE McCallister) or even moving down to PS......None of them is a bad thing just means he might need some time to develop which should be expected
  9. you asked the question why I would consider a guy like Revis gave you my answer
  10. why is it a wasted pick????? no different then giving him a red shirt year.....In all honesty would not be shocked if another WR steps up during camp if Gibson comes down with an injury ie McCallister
  11. I am sure Doug realized that some of his calls hurt the team but also way easier to look at those things in hindsight......Overall though I like the aggressive style Doug has
  12. I don't see Gibson as a lock to make the team I do believe it will be his job to lose but as a 5th rounder he is not guaranteed a roster spot.....I do think the Eagles go into the season with 6 WRs Alshon/Torrey/Jmatt/Hollins would be the 4 guys I see as locks......AG is pretty close to a lock as well since he would cost more to cut then to keep plus his play so far as been good from what I heard.......Gibson is the front runner for the last spot but strong play from an UDFA or DGB and would not be shocked to see one of them take his spot
  13. Never said I would overpay him said the exact opposite.....But as for why I would consider him because I think he is a way better player then anyone on our roster right now and believe he would be a better veteran presence for our young guys that what we have now.... But again he is not going to be in consideration so doesn't matter
  14. Also why I say trades I am not just counting huge blocker buster deals not expecting that but some minor ones could happen.....See moves like that all the time bubble player on our team because of depth traded for a player on the bubble of another team for the same reason.....Trade because of an injury could see a team calling us up for an OL
  15. I keep looking at the Eagles roster and I can't help but expect a few trades to be made.....QB have two guys that are capable backups Foles might be a low-end starter but has shown he can win as a starter in this league even if he needs a good sporting cast......WR- Jmatt might be the headliner here for possible trade last year of his rookie deal, AG in a bust/bust trade, or even DGB I mean hell we traded for him physical tools are intriguing...OL- seems like we have a few backups that could possibly start for other teams be decent starters.....DL if one or two guys step up could have some tough decisions to make..... Early reports from OTAs seems like he has been doing well sounds as though he has gotten out of his head which is a good thing