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  1. The problem there would be that not everyone can get Comcast, they aren't in my, area for instance. So the NFL would have to have multiple contracts with multiple cable providers.

    I like the streaming idea but if they could somehow negotiate one contract that would cover all cable providers, that would be good. I don't see how that could work though.

    I like what they're doing with the Madden 25th Anniversary game, that shows that they can and are willing to do it without DirecTV.

    Yea the regional part is bad. I like the streaming idea too

  2. I called and they gave me ST MAX at half price.... Sunday ticket is pretty much the only reason I keep Directv.....I could get internet, Phone, and tv alot cheaper if I "bundle" with another company, but Directv is the only game in town for Sunday Ticket....

    It sucks they are the only ones that offer it.

  3. Not exactly correct...

    He (the doctor) expects a full recovery (in other words, he won't die) and everyone hopes that he can be ready for 2013 because of his "high motivation".

    Not nearly the same as "expecting" him to be ready for 2013. He just "hopes" he'll be ready.

    I "hope" someone gives me $10,000,000.00, that doesn't mean I should expect it though... lol

    I think you're reading too much into it

  4. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000124011/article/robert-griffin-iii-needs-surgery-to-repair-lcl-damage


    Shanahan reiterated to Kremer that he leans on team doctors in making health determinations on his players. Shanahan added: "You'd have to be a complete idiot to think that I would overrule our doctors. ... That's ludicrous. If someone were to do that, they should be fired."

  5. adrian peterson is a freak of nature. what he was able to do was a medical anomaly.

    This. Peterson shouldn't have been able to come back like that. Skins fans can hope all they want but thinking just because Peterson was able to come back the next year is really going on cloud nine. Skins fans will be lucky if RG3 even comes back normal. Shanahan really screwed up imo. Sad for RG3 but funny as hell as an Eagles fan though