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  1. 1 minute ago, jsb235 said:

    I don't think this is true. The Eagles are generating a pass rush, at least according to some experts.

    What they aren't doing is getting sacks, which i think is due to qbs being able to quickly and easily dissect our defenses. Schwartz has refused to play two deep safeties, which leaves us vulnerable on the back end, while at the same time relying on zones that often leave guys wide open while our defenders end up convering either no one or each other. Many times the only way Jenkins is in a position to make a play on the ball is if the opposing qb throws it to Bradham.

    The tape is pretty clear. Our scheme is horrible. I don't know if its the players or the coach, but it seems like a stretch to believe that every db who comes here is simply a bad player, and that all we need to do is draft better/find better free agents.

    We won a Super Bowl with Schwartz, but we didn't win a Super Bowl because of Schwartz. Hopefully the FO will recognize that difference sooner rather than later. 


    How do they calculate pressures? Just from the eye test it looks like the Dline isn't doing anything. QBs have had time to make the deep play a bunch of times

  2. 10 hours ago, matchew88 said:

    This thread is meh with revisionist history. Bennett already suspended from Pats, Zach Brown could be on the decline, and all the main guys that won the Superbowl, sans Nick Foles, are still here. And we got better at RB, secured LT of the future, and may be one more WR and CB from securing more wins. It sucks that Malik is out, but we will get the Jernigan back that we were promised last year.

    All this crazy BS will subside and the truth will unfold. Happens EVERY year.

    I think we're more than 1 WR away. The LBs suck. Hicks was good but couldn't stay healthy

    Also Jernigan can't even stay on the field now

  3. Just now, metalhead0043 said:

    I swear we got three different calls there. One guy said touchdown, one was signaling Packers and the other guy was calling for the clock to stop.

    Lol the refs at the line said no TD and the guy behind the Lions came up with the TD signal. Thought that was kind of funny