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  1. If it's Wentz that Philly wants then they will go get him.Got support the new coach if he does or if he does not.
  2. Sorry I did not explain that well.....What I meant is. I'm glad the Rams went to #1...... The Eagles were trying to get there.... If Eagles still have the QB they covet at #2 then I believe it will be 1/2 the cost of what the Rams spent to get there. Definitely will be less than what Philly was working to get to #1 Most likely the stay's really in the Rams hands on who they choose and who Eagles were targeting.
  3. Won't be shocked at all if they don't move up. All is up to the QB they covet is there still after Rams.Don't get so upset Donny. It's just an opinion. They were trying to get to #1 ....allegedly....if that's true and Rams want the "other" potential QB.....all I'm stating. If you want to give me guidelines or parameters of what you like me to say.....feel free ...if it will help you.
  4. 1/2 the cost as well
  5. Don't be shocked if the QB philly really covet is there at #2 and there is a trade up.I am glad the Rams have made this move 1/2 the cost that philly was working to get to one....for the same QB.
  6. Let's see.....I'm the new coach of the Browns....I am a QB coach as well....I'm bringing in RG3 and Bradford during the off season.,...going to create two separate offenses ....beings that these two COULD NOT be more polar opposites. are a genius and I'm dumb to disagree. Brilliant information pal
  7. I'm sure Hue would agree with you. Child
  8. Creating different styles of offenses for your starter and second string QB is your type of logic? Great post pal.
  9. As a Eagles fan I would be happy but makes no sense. RG3 and Bradford polar opposites. Hue is building one style them draft Dak in the 3rd
  10. One thing to keep in mind from Rams news conference is Fisher said talks began in February with this move for the number 1 pick. In February Goff was much more the clear #1 QB in most polls. I know the media can drive up stock, but if the Rams knew in February, then I believe it was due to tape. Wentz tape is not much in comparison to Goff. Wentz missed half the season so I find this to be a possible clue? Just a guess.
  11. I agree with the "it" factor. I watch him in person great seats behind the bench, when they went to Stanford. Kid is a winner on the sidelines as well.And I like Wentz as well. Just more of a gamble...but his frame and atheleticism is appealing.
  12. Adam Schefner "Rams leaning towards Goff"Don't believe he is trying to make a name for himself.
  13. I take Adam Schefner opinion "Rams leaning towards Goff"
  14. Or they realized the Rams were going for the other QB and it's going to be less to move to #2 for the guy the covet.
  15. Will be nice when the cat is fully out of the bag.