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  1. notplainJane

    planned get together before/after the London game?

    We'd be interested in meeting up with people as long as it's a kid-acceptable place [in our experience, most pubs in London are pretty family-friendly]. And are we the only ones who will also be doing museums etc. on this trip? ?️?
  2. notplainJane

    Game Tickets - when do they arrive?

    Got ours yesterday via UPS. [and they even look authentic......!]. We bought them through Viagogo and were pleasantly surprised they came so far in advance b/c we had notified the hotel concierge to please keep an eye out in case they shipped after we'd already left the US. p.s. to KillaGo: if you bought through Viagogo, they have a place on your account page to add your travel address (your hotel) and you can give the date that you're leaving the US so they know not to ship to US.
  3. notplainJane

    Next year in London

    Our tickets arrived yesterday! Our Oyster Card transit passes arrived last week. Woo Hoo! Can't wait!!
  4. notplainJane

    Next year in London

    Not long now until we watch the Eagles in London!
  5. Hi Jane,

    I am glad that you and I could finally find some common ground in the public breast feeding thread. I know that we have had our differences, but as two members of the bar, I'd like to think we are somewhat of kindred spirits despite our disagreements on anything not eagle related. Please take my sincerest apologies for any wrong I have done on you in the past.

  6. just thought I'd stop in and say hello to you and your hubby. Hope to see the two of you this year sometime.

  7. notplainJane

    Fans Helping Fans is Nationwide!

    Slurms, do you have a group of people you watch the game with? A bunch of friends who all hang out? If so, consider volunteering to be a Game Day Captain. They're people who organize a game-watching group at home or elsewhere and help publicize FHF and raise money. Maybe pass the hat and everyone puts in $10. Maybe auction a jersey or signed football [we're awaiting word from our contacts with the front office on whether they can supply some]. Maybe get your school involved. We'll keep track of how much is raised by the Game Day Captains and see who's the best! Thanks for your interest. We definitely want fans of all ages to be involved!
  8. notplainJane

    Fans Helping Fans is Nationwide!

    BB, make it the Nobel Peace Prize. Then we could donate the prize money to Fans Helping Fans!
  9. FAN-TASTIC! Philadelphia Eagles fans are a special breed. We are passionate and loyal, sticking with the team through the exhilarating highs and the heartbreaking lows. Through it all, we bleed Eagles green. Eagles fans are ordinary people with the capacity for the extraordinary. We care about our team, our city and each other. Our name is our mission. Fans Helping Fans exists to unite, energize, and mobilize Eagles fans to assist other fans in financial need by: - Joining efforts of Eagles fans nationwide to raise funds while supporting the Eagles; - Identifying Eagles fans