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  1. nipples

    Tom Brady or Bill Belichick?

    And went 3-1 with Jimmy G/Brissett the year Brady was suspended 4 games. So overall record in games Brady has missed: 14-6. So yeah, I’d say the patriot success has more to do with Belichick (and cheating) than Brady.
  2. He’s just not that good. He’s way too streaky to be your starting QB. We got lucky and got him at his best for 2 1/2 games in the 2017 playoffs (he was pretty awful first half against ATL). Other than that, he’s been either red hot or ice cold throughout his career. Not much in between.
  3. Please move to Around the NFL.
  4. He’s broken down. Going to be fun to watch that Tampa team not even make the playoffs.
  5. nipples

    Stefon Diggs Traded to Buffalo for 4 Picks

    That and he’s a whiny bish.
  6. nipples

    Stefon Diggs Traded to Buffalo for 4 Picks

    How dumb are the Texans... this is the deal for Diggs, and all they could get for Hopkins was basically a broken down RB and a second round pick?
  7. Why would they be concerned about him leaving? They’re smart enough to see that he’s DONE, and likely don’t even want him back at last year’s salary, let alone paying him more money.
  8. nipples

    Byron Jones to Dolphins

    I disagree.
  9. nipples

    Byron Jones to Dolphins

    I think the point is he’s being paid top CB money... so he’d better do more than just be solid in coverage. Especially today with the rules so skewed toward the offense, you need those defensive playmakers who can take the ball away. Jones is not that.
  10. nipples

    Amari to resign in Dallas

    Bahahaha. I get that you can manipulate the cap to an extent, but they are going to be tying up a ridiculous percentage of their cap space in just three players once Dak is signed. They do know they need 50 other players, right?
  11. nipples

    I am not sure that there will be a NFL season...?

    If this is still going on 5 months from now, I don’t think anyone is going to care what happens with the NFL season.
  12. nipples

    Anyone watching XFL?

    It’s so hard to stay interested when I’m not invested in any team. If there was a Philly team, I’m sure I’d be more likely to catch those games
  13. Well to be fair, I’m sure there are at least 5 or 6 voices in his head. Probably only some of them are thinking three way trade
  14. nipples

    Anyone watching XFL?

    That’s where I’m at regarding the teams. Can’t bring myself to root for a DC, NY or Dallas team, for obvious reasons. I hate the Seahawks, so that leaves a bad taste in my mouth for Seattle. F LA. If I have to choose, I’ll probably pull for St Louis by default.
  15. Don’t think any of these win in the next 5 years or so. I’m just happy the Eagles are no longer on these lists.