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  1. nipples

    The Evil Empire ending?

    Yup. At least two tainted for sure, and who knows what/how much else they got away with.
  2. nipples

    Finalsts for the 2020 Hall of Fame Class

    Pearson will probably get in eventually but didn’t deserve it over Carmichael. Carmichael had 101 more receptions, 1163 more yards and 31 more TDs.
  3. Titans and Packers. Reid will blow it in the conference championship, as usual.
  4. nipples

    Kevin Stefanski new Browns HC

    How has the Bengals job been the worst over the last twenty years? Before Zac Taylor took over last year, Marvin Lewis had been their coach for 16 seasons. Think about that... 16 years without a single playoff win and still kept his job until last season. Sounds like a sweet gig to me.
  5. nipples

    The Evil Empire ending?

    Part of me wants to see Brady retire just cause I’m sick of him. Have never liked the dude. The other part of me, wants him to hold on for another year so we can watch while he falls further off the cliff.
  6. nipples

    Your team can't win the next Super Bowl ...

    Well I wanted Buffalo. Now that they are out I guess I’ll go with Tennessee. I have no desire to see Reid win a title. Also that Chiefs organization lost a lot of respect from me when they not only turned a blind eye to the Tyreek Hill BS, but also gave him a fat contract right after.
  7. nipples

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    McCarthy. Thank you Jerry. This dude is terrible. Only lasted as long as he did in GB because Rodgers carries his a**.
  8. nipples

    NFC Wildcard: Vikings @ Saints.

    Gotta be pulling for the Vikings man. I can’t stand Coupons either but Vikes are the only possible team the eagles could be at home against for the nfc championship.
  9. nipples

    NFC Wildcard: Vikings @ Saints.

    Get a stop on this drive and I’ll feel good about the Vikes chances of hanging on.
  10. nipples

    NFC Wildcard: Vikings @ Saints.

    I think so but no angle really shows it well enough to reverse.
  11. nipples

    NFC Wildcard: Vikings @ Saints.

    Well... he might not have made it. Don’t see a good view to overturn tho.
  12. nipples

    NFC Wildcard: Vikings @ Saints.

    Diggs is a tool. Do not want him on the Eagles.
  13. nipples

    NFC Wildcard: Vikings @ Saints.

    That would be amazing.
  14. nipples

    NFC Wildcard: Vikings @ Saints.

    Huge play to Thielen. Hate to give Coupons credit, but that was a nice throw.