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  1. Color me surprised. You're telling me the people who knew me as black before I identified myself as such have tasked themselves with the responsibility of gauging whether Kaep's black enough to speak about systemic racism? It's as if one can only understand the demonic nature of white supremacy by being black.
  2. Slight difference, huh. 1) This is revisionist at best, and dishonest at worst. Much of the backlash that resulted from Smith and Carlos' protest was from leveraging their exposure (as some of the world's best sprinters) towards highlighting the injustices being carried out under the banner of white supremacy. The fact that the "black-skinned storm troopers" refused to be content with their international status (afforded by white America, btw), and instead raised their voices to protest racial injustice, didn't sit well with that segment of the population. 2) If what you say is true, and they were well positioned to use their platform as athletes to raise awareness of the injustices happening in America, how many in white America heard them? If their message fell on receptive ears, then how do we reconcile that with Kaepernick's protest? 3) The platform does not matter. You could be poor and black, and have your concerns for systemic racism disregarded as being misplaced, anachronistic and not at all relevant to your present struggles in America. You could be rich and famous and still have your concerns met with skepticism, as if being rich and famous precludes one from experiencing racism. What matters is the message; it is not so readily consumed by white America. 4) What the F does being good at football have to do with being able to voice opposition to racism. We're more than 400 years into this. The fact that you discredit Kaepernick's ability to contribute to the fight against systemic racism, using the pretext of his QBing abilities (which I doubt are objective), really tells me where your mind is at.
  3. a fart in the wind.
  4. Kaepernick's form of protest is no different to what these fine Americans did @ the Olympics. While some of the more "moderate" white Kaep detractors might justify Smith and Carlos' form of protest given that period's repressive period, I'm left to wonder how true of a statement this is if we're protesting the same elements of injustices as 40, 50 years ago. All this talk about patriotism and integrity from people who would've rather a reticent Kaepernick more content with his money than his conscience is really worthless, like a fart in the wind. Y'all are in no position, moral or otherwise, to take the high ground. I know history will judge him favorably, while the duplicitous amongst us will be forced into silence or hypocritical admiration whenever the subject of Kaepernick's protest is broached in the future.
  5. cool story bro.
  6. Three years after he was drafted, and he's about to break the bank with his next contract. If I had to put my prediction on Carr on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being damn near prophetic, I'd put it at a....
  7. Seems like those two guys didn't get the hint if DR told them to stop recording. Got on the wrong end of Revis' fists for their troubles.
  8. That was as fine a choke job as I've seen since....ever!
  9. This got me here
  10. The cacaroaches couldn't handle the bright lights.
  11. Cowboys will be crying for Romo by the 2nd half. Playoff FB is an entirely different beast.
  12. I'd be interested to see how their home games are split as far as home/visitor fans are concerned. I'd imagine that a good share of LV fans are either visiting or already have teams that they root for.
  13. Didn't know people were this excited about a backup QB lol