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  1. Well the season is over and it is what it is. The coaching staff owns this loss. Pederson had no answers for the Saints taking away their offense after the first Quarter and Schwartz had no answers for Thomas. Funny how when the Saints played man to man they shut our offense down. I said it before and I will say it again, you don't shut down someones best receiver playing 10 to 15 yards off in zone. Douglas needed to play Thomas man to man. Take Care fans, it was fun!
  2. Need you in the locker room Trini! You and Ham
  3. Now you also have to answer another question. Why were the better teams better? Was it because they have more talent man per man than the rest of the teams they played or was it because other teams like us, had injuries all season long and only got healthy recently? In one case you wouldn't have a prayer of winning the game against the more talented opponent unless they self destructed and the other case you do! LOL Somewhere in this equation we all have to remember that there is nothing stronger than self respect, and nothing as fragile as pride.
  4. Really believe this game comes down to pressure up the middle by our defense OR lack of pressure up the middle by our defense. The last Elite QB the Eagles beat was in the Super Bowl and they gave up over 500 yards passing to him so it is possible for Brees to have a great game and still lose if our offense can keep up. They did against New England, will they against the Saints? Sproles has to have a big game tomorrow in my opinion. I believe the Eagles receivers will come through but still believe we need a big game by one of our running backs as well. Sproles has to be the guy.
  5. Michael Thomas is held to under 50 receiving yards The Saints have only lost three games this season, and one of those games was the Ryan FitzMagic Week 1 game where neither side decided to play defense. In the other two losses, Michael Thomas was held to 40 yards against the Cowboys and 29 yards against the Panthers. Thomas otherwise averaged roughly 90 yards per game in each of the Saints wins. If you focus in on Michael Thomas in the passing game and refuse to let him beat you, then you’ve gone a long way to stopping Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints offense. Would like to know if the CB's on the Cowboys and Panthers played Thomas man to man or if they played zone defense and passed him off. I didn't see either game. I happen to believe Douglas could play him man to man since he is not a burner receiver. He runs good routes and Douglas is suppose to excel on route recognition.
  6. Hello crap, since the beginning of the year we wrote 256 pages to this years Eagles novel and were still not done. The epilogue should be interesting. Might be a best seller on the NY times best seller list.
  7. Hey Cookster, You are forgetting takeaway's. We have been getting more of them since Maddox , Douglas and Sullivan have been playing than we got with Darby , Mills and etc. Brees has thrown at least 7 interceptions against the Eagles in regular season games. I'm not sure about the playoff game. He is 4 wins and 3 losses against the Eagles lifetime in regular season games. The Eagles didn't get any picks against him in the last game so they are due.
  8. @Joe - No question from me who can throw the deeper ball and get that deeper ball to all parts of the field more accurate. That would be Wentz, however WR Jeffery has already made the statement that Foles throws the easier deep ball to catch. Take that for what its worth.
  9. There is going to be some decisions going forward with our corner backs. I had Darby out the door because of his free agency and him probably getting offers for more than he showed he was worth. Of course the Acl injury comes along and now what kind of good offers is he going to get? I say he could be back for another year being paid like his rookie contract. Not even sure when he could take the field if he returned so other people will continue to gain experience. Of course if Jones ever gets back to normal we have him on the field too. I am more concerned with him getting healthy than proving me right in taking him. At the present time Jones is more like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. His strong suit coming out in the draft was that he was ranked as the best man to man coverage CB in the draft. I thought that was what our defensive coordinator was looking for . Apparently I was incorrect since he was playing him zone most of the time while he was in the lineup. I only saw him play man to man a couple times while playing the slot or nickel back. Anyway we may not even have to select a CB in the draft this year with the guys that are already on the roster and getting playing time. Maybe this draft can be both lines, linebacker and running back.
  10. Yep I have a memory but it usually only pertains to football. Normally I can't tell you what I had for lunch but I can tell you that Mike Evans had a 50 yard TD against Lattimore in the first meeting against the Saints. Jackson had a 36 yard reception and a 58 yard TD as well in the same game. The 36 yard reception was against their other CB and the 58 yard TD was against that same CB and the Safety who was helping out. How's that for a guy who is going to be 66 on his next birthday?
  11. I have been saying that for awhile now. LOL You just reaffirmed it with the facts of the matter. I was doing it solely on memory! LOL That brings up another aspect of the first game in New Orleans. I can't remember Wentz throwing deep one time in that game. Maybe others can correct me if I am wrong. It leads me to believe that Wentz was unable to throw deep in that game and maybe others as well. Surely the Eagles coaches knew that the Saints just picked up Apple and also knew that Agholor burnt his butt in the past yet no deep passes thrown his way. I have to believe that Wentz was hurt for a lot longer than was let on.
  12. I might add Joe that Foles should go deep at least once a quarter. The Saints secondary is vulnerable to the deep pass.
  13. My oldest Grandson played high school football for the Manatee Hurricanes. One of his coaches (coach Kinnan) was friends with Tony Dungy and invited Tony to come down from Tampa to address our team who was going to play Dr. Phillips in a playoff game. We were not favored to win by anyone because Dr. Phillips was loaded that year and had 15 starters on their team committed to division 1 college football teams. My grandson doesn't remember everything that Tony said to the team that day but the one thing he remembers to this day is "Just remember, The people that say, your dreams are impossible have already quit on theirs". Yes the Hurricanes won that game! LOL Would you settle for Pedey suiting up?
  14. So you guys think that the defensive line still has enough gas left in the tank to put some pressure on Brees? They sure have played a lot of downs in the last few games.
  15. Lets be careful here! I think we are all in agreement that Maddox, Douglas and Sullivan have improved greatly since that last game with the Saints however none of them are going to the pro bowl yet. If I was Schwartz I would be figuring that Brees is going to have three TD's in this game throwing the ball. Okay, what can I do to keep it at only 3. I like the Bill Belichick philosophy here. I am going to take away your best receiver and make you beat me using someone else. Their best receiver is Thomas. I am going to use a 6ft 2 in CB Douglas to cover 6ft 3 Thomas and I am telling Douglas to jam him at the line of scrimmage. I don't care if the other guys are playing zone but I'm playing man to man with Douglas on Thomas.