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  1. @Swoopin, There is nothing stronger than self respect, and nothing as fragile as pride!
  2. LOL, I remember my oldest Grandson's high school football coach once saying to his offense when he was trying to get a point across "The next time you think you are indispensable to the team, put your finger into a bucket of water and look at the hole it makes when you pull it out"!
  3. MJK, US society as a whole is only a mental concept to most constituents. In their real worlds there are only individuals and individual needs. That explains why the football players are protesting and it also explains why a lot of middle class America voted for Trump. That is the way it will always be in a multiculturalistic society. Trying to get 320 million people from all walks of life on the same page is like trying to push a rope.
  4. Goodluck GB, hope that when your surgery is over you get another 61 years out of that eye.
  5. The world may have discovered Bradham after the Panthers game but us Eagles fans have known for a while what kind of player he is. He would definitely be one of the first free agents resigned if were up to me.
  6. Eagles News: Philadelphia has the NFL’s top graded cornerback Eagles CB Patrick Robinson off to hot start in 2017 - PFFPhiladelphia Eagles CB Patrick Robinson has quietly jumped out to a tremendous start to the 2017 season, and is currently the highest graded cornerback in the NFL with an overall PFF grade of 92.6. Making his performance even more surprising, is that his elite level of play this season is on the heels of his worst season as a pro in 2016, in which he finished with an overall grade of 45.1. The reason Robinson played poorly last year was because the Colts signed him to be their number two outside corner and because he was hurt. Look at his stats in 2015 for the Chargers playing on the inside. Robinson allowed 8.9 yards per catch in 2015. The least YPC of any NFL cornerback targeted at least 40 times. It certainly helps. when you are not playing out of position.
  7. I guess my biggest question is, "Do we have enough veterans on the club to keep all the youngsters from buying into all hype and accolades recently coming our way. " Does anyone know how many current players on the Eagles roster have ever played in a playoff game? Those are the guys that need to step up and keep the youngsters heads out of the air.
  8. rs, I think it is only human nature to wonder how Jones will be after his surgery. I know it is subjective but I had Jones rated as the number 1 CB in the draft. Especially for us since his strong suit is playing man to man coverage. The injury did not take anything away from his knowledge of the position so what you have to look for is whether his speed and cutting skills have suffered or have diminished because of his injury. He ran a 4.47 40 yard dash before his injury so I am interested in seeing whether he can replicate that 40 yard dash after the injury. To me, that is a good starting point.
  9. If the Eagles take the skins "Lightly" shame on them! They haven't exactly beat them on a consistent basis for awhile. Got to beat them twice in one year to get in their heads for the future.
  10. The 49er's have now lost six games by by a total of 13 points. That is when you are snake bit!
  11. What a difference a team makes. AD rushed for 134 yards and two TD's in his first game with the Cardinals.
  12. Tampa Bay is getting smoked by the Cardinals by some good play but Winston went down in the 1st quarter just like Rogers. He injured his shoulder as well. Don't know the extent of the injury though.
  13. mjk - The press is already lobbying for the Packers to sign Kaepernick. LOL
  14. Nice to see the Dolphins knocked off Atlanta as well MJK. Washington hung on to beat the 49er's but it was nice watching Pierre Garcon catching passes against his former team.
  15. Way to go Wiz! I just don't understand what took the coaches so long to figure out that you were a starter.