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  1. New style LB. Get on this guy Mr. Douglas
  2. Weren't the Eagles rumored last year before the trade deadline to be interested in the Cardinals RB David Johnson? Hey Howie, Could Johnson be your big surprise? LOL
  3. Looks like there hasn't been much interest thus far in Jernigan. Wondering if he could be brought back to the Eagles on a much cheaper contract. From what I read the defense likes the juice he brings to the team.
  4. LOL, he wasn't looking for value when he signed Darby for 8 mil. Another thing I can't quite figure out. Joe Douglas came from a team that puts a much higher value on their linebackers than the Eagles do. I figured the Eagles philosophy in that area would change after Douglas arrived but it hasn't. Hard to believe that Douglas could be satisfied with the patch work quilt we have at that position now.
  5. LOL He wasn't fine before the ACL injury. Darby has done nothing to earn 8.75 million this year in my opinion.
  6. I like ILB Germaine Pratt from N.C. State in the second round cook. There will probably be a few LB's go before him but they are the old style LB's. Pratt is the new style LB that can cover slot receivers and is also a good tackler. Have a look at him!
  7. I can always see taking an offensive linemen in the first round if you have one rated there. In my book, the number one priority is the QB but Offensive linemen is second on that list unless you have five young pro bowlers already on the line. If the Eagles want Daulton Risner they will have to cough up that pick 25 and hope he is still there. I still believe the Eagles could trade down and get the guy they like.
  8. I was sort of thinking that the Eagles and Jags may have a swap meet with players this year. So far it is one for one but I was expecting a couple more to happen.
  9. Ham, I never saw that contract until you just printed it. I assumed that the Eagles got Jackson in a trade and had him for one year at 10 million and then I saw 13 mil but nothing else.
  10. Or he could pull his hammy getting out of the stretch limo at the Nova Care Complex.
  11. My problem is not with the numbers for a 32 year old, its the money for those numbers I disagree with. But I'm not paying the bill!
  12. I think he has a hard enough time completing a 16 game schedule without doing returns. If like you say, he stretches the defense for the rest of the receivers to be more successful then he is more important in that capacity then adding the additional responsibilities at age 32.
  13. I am going to make a bet with you on where Love goes in the draft. "And I am not a betting man". LOL I say that Love goes somewhere in the second round of the draft even though he is recovering from and ACL. Lets see if I am right. Would you take a chance on Love if you had to take him with the Eagles second, second round pick to secure his services? I would!
  14. Still mad at Jackson for that crappy playoff game against the Saints during Foles first time around the horn. Actually, the next time you are bored, look up Jackson's career playoff stats. Sort of ironic that the Eagles didn't win a Super Bowl until after Jackson and McCoy left.
  15. I'm happy for me. I get to watch him on Sunday's. LOL