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  1. Simple Joe. Tennessee wants Phillip Rivers service but so do the Panthers. Which team will offer up enough cash out of their cap space to sign him? The Giants and Seahawks already have their QB's in place. Tennessee doesn't! I think the Patriots need a QB as well. Lets see where Conklin ends up.
  2. When I watch Henry I see an "either" "or" running back but the common denominator is he is a willing participant in the abuse he takes whether to get short yardage or to break one open. The Titans o-line has to do a better job for him but their right tackle Jack Conklin who made the pro bowl in his first year with the team is a free agent and expected to make up to 14 mil a year in free agency and probably won't be back. Tennessee also needs a QB and will need funds for that. Of course that is an assumption on my part but Tennessee has 50 mil to spend in free agency and if they want a Brady or a Phillip Rivers it will cost them. Rumor has it that the Giants and Seattle want Conklin and they have the cash to get him at 67 mil and 55 mil respectively. I personally believe Joe Douglas will be in on Conklin before he signs Big-V. Big V will be selected in the Conklin losers bracket IMO. The problem in Tennessee is the guards and center need upgraded and now they could also lose their Right Tackle to free agency. Consequently Henry has to take a pounding every game for the yards he gets . Tennessee seems interested in Louisville's RT Mekhi Becton 6ft 7in 369 pound monster but he is a top 16 pick along with Andrew Thomas from Georgia who I like better. Tennessee only has 5 picks this year with their first being the 29th pick so good luck with that. LOL. My hope is that these Offensive Tackles selected in the first round this year will help the Eagles get their wide receiver of choice in the first round.
  3. Apparently they need him to lose weight from what I read. Management thought he played too heavy last year. Still believe that Joe Douglas would get rid of him at the drop of a hat if he had a taker. Lets see, Bell for Jeffery even swap. Oh what am I thinking. Slap me in the face! I don't mean that.
  4. Can't you wait until a little later in the day before you give me a headache? Okay if you insist I will take Sanders and Cooper. There are risks either way. I think that Henry is a better RB at the moment but I also believe that he gets way too much abuse each week to have a longer shelf life than Sanders will have. The risk for me with Cooper is not his skill set but whether he will hold up health wise for an extended period of time. Honestly Joe, I would prefer two veteran WR's in free agency and two more in the draft. Lets go for it so the Eagles can get the position where it needs to be once and for all. I have to believe that Jeffery will be gone this year and Jackson next year. I believe even if Jackson would be willing to take a salary cut next year to stay with the club the Eagles will need his salary to replace another position.
  5. It has been a long time since I have watched a RB drag tacklers along with him for 5 years at a pop like Henry and I think he can continue to do that for a few more years however he makes me think of Earl Campbell with all the abuse he takes. I feel the same way about Fournette over in Jacksonville.
  6. The Jets have around 80 mil in cap space so if they want Anderson back they can afford him however does Anderson want to go back to the Jets?
  7. It is very likely the Titans will re sign Derrick Henry but are you interested in him if they don't? Haven't read anything on the Titans Cap space.
  8. I haven't spent enough time on it this year as a have in the past. I guess I know that the best ones probably won't come to the Eagles this year as they have higher priorities but they should be able to get a pretty good guard or center in the 4th round this year if they want. I still have time before the draft to get serious about it though.The board has me all wound up on receivers and defense this year drawing my attention away from the big uglies. One thing I do know. Rebuilding the Jets offensive line is the number one priority for Joe Douglas this year and with the great year for them he ought to be able to accomplish the task if he plays his cards right. The Jets have 8 picks and Douglas wants more picks. There is no need for him to stay at pick number 11 if the first two or three picks are going to be O-linemen. I understand why he would be looking for a trade partner. Joe was an Offensive linemen himself for Richmond in his college years so like former offensive linemen Andy Reid, he knows he has to keep his QB upright. The Jets fans better get used to seeing some unglamorous draft picks in New York until Douglas gets his line the way he wants it. LOL
  9. More of Roob, ALSHON VS. JAMES THRASH: Forget all the Carson stuff. Forget about the injuries and the terrible body language and the awful contract and the dropped passes that turned into Nick Foles interceptions in the Super Bowl and the playoff loss to the Saints. Let’s just focus on production, and Alshon Jeffery in three seasons in an Eagles uniform has 165 catches, 2,122 yards and 19 touchdowns. Let’s do a little comparison of three WRs. These are averages based on their years when they were regulars on the Eagles: Todd Pinkston: 44 catches, 659 yards, 15.0 ypc, 4.0 TDs James Thrash: 55 catches, 675 yards, 12.4 ypc, 5.0 TDs Alshon Jeffery: 55 catches, 707 yards, 12.9 ypc, 6 TDs Jeffery did have a big 2017 postseason, but for the most part he’s been a pedestrian receiver since he’s been here. He’s the 14th-highest-paid WR in the NFL, but since 2017 he’s 37th among WRs in yards per game (54). He’s an underachieving, overpaid, injury-prone 30-year-old James Thrash clone. Howie’s gotta find an exit strategy.
  10. My oh my Roob is at it again. You certainly can't accuse him of being a homer. 1-for-62: The Eagles have selected 62 defensive players in their last 14 drafts, and one has gone to the Pro Bowl. Fletcher Cox, naturally. The rest of the league has drafted 171 Pro Bowl defensive players over the last 14 years.
  11. LOL I forgot to say pick 21 , a 3rd rounder, a 4th rounder Rasul Douglas and Alshon Jeffery! Douglas loves Douglas! LMAO
  12. I read somewhere yesterday that the (experts) lol are now thinking Ruggs will be a top ten pick in the draft and they believe he could go before Jeudy. How does that change your draft GBFL? You want to move up in the draft to get your guy or wait to see if Jeudy drops to number 21? Jeudy is now a top 20 pick. Stay tuned for more. I personally believe that if anyone of the top three receivers drops to the Eagles at 21 it will be Lamb. LOL
  13. Rumor has it the Jets want to move back in the draft because Joe Douglas knows the rebuild will take more than one year and he needs more picks. What do you think about Eagles trading pick 21 plus a 3rd and 4th round this year for pick number 11? LOL
  14. Of course Andy Reid has Tyreke Hill but he didn't have him when Chip Kelly got rid of Jackson. Yes we do have Wentz and not Winston so using your same analogy, How do you know that Robby Anderson is a number two receiver with Wentz throwing to him instead of Sam Darnold? Yes I also agree with Pete Rose when he says, "Show me a good loser and I will show you a loser" however I demonstrated my unhappiness with losing a game in the locker room in private with my team mates.
  15. As far as I am concerned we need a good return specialist. Haven't had any for a while This guy is rated the best in the 2020 draft and projected to be a mid day three pick. https://steelersdepot.com/2020/01/2020-nfl-draft-player-profiles-virginia-wr-joe-reed/ NEXT: Two-round 2020 NFL mock draft