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  1. I thought he was your neighbor GB.
  2. Boston hasn't gotten any respect from the get go. He was projected to go in the second round and fell to the 4th. LOL https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1954282-tre-boston-nfl-draft-2014-highlights-scouting-report-more
  3. I believe I would as well. I just got out a comment page where people were running him down for his tackling ability so I looked up his career stats. Last year he had 79 tackles with 66 solo and 3 int's and 9 passes defended. In 2017 he had 79 tackles with 55 being solo and 5 int's and 8 passes defended. Nothing wrong with that in my book. Plus this may be McLeod's last year. Who knows! Still say that Mills and Douglas could be our next two safties.
  4. No problem here with 5 picks. I think what is more important is creating a team and atmosphere that free agents are attracted to. It wasn't always that way with the Eagles.
  5. Why is a 26 year old safety already been with three teams GB? I mean his numbers look good so I don't get it. Is it because he is considered a cover safety? I was reading that he would sign for somewhere in the 2.5 to 3 mil range.
  6. Interesting that Bradham and Brown are the same age 29. Bradham turns 30 in Sept. and Brown in Oct. Both these guys are tackling machines and should be playing at the top of their games for the next couple years. Bradham had 306 tackles in college which is hard to achieve. Bradham plays the outside well and still runs a 4.64 40 which is pretty quick for a LB. It will be interesting to see who plays where. I think our middle linebacker calls the defensive plays so that should be advantage Bradham as he has done it before. Brown is faster than Bradham.
  7. This article is a number of years old but was written about Brown the year he was drafted. By the way, he ran a 4.5 40 Brown might be one of the fastest straight-line linebackers to ever enter the NFL draft, therefore making him one the most intriguing prospects of this class. While speed is the most striking feature of Brown's game, there are many aspects that are question marks as he enters the NFL. It has been well-documented that he possesses track-type speed. He does show it on the field and stands out as a player who effortlessly is in position to be a high-tackle production linebacker. Brown could be effective in nearly any variation of linebacker in any defense but projects best as a 4-3 outside linebacker who can be active in pass defense. Well one thing is for sure, Both Bradham and Brown are excellent tacklers. Which one is the better candidate to play outside? We know that Bradham has played both inside and outside well however he has also demonstrated Bricks for hands in the interception department. Don't know much about Brown's hands in that category so it should be interesting. The Eagles need more interceptions going forward than they have had the last couple of years.
  8. Well, I have no idea who is in charge of the Patriots Cap space however you don't get much shrewder than Roseman. He would know for sure but you need two to tango either way!
  9. No two individuals are the same. I think both Brady and Wentz are both type A personalities however after that, I believe their make up is entirely different. Hard to say what kind of contract Wentz will want. Lurie could save Wentz some taxes by putting a few mil in his charitable organization. I'm sure there are some other ways to pay Carson and keep his cap numbers a little lower if everyone is agreeable. Same amount of salary but one goes against the cap and part of the other doesn't.
  10. So why can't the Eagles do the same thing?
  11. All Carson Needed before he got married was a couple hunting rifles and a few fishing rods and his dog. NOW, who knows!
  12. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/tom-brady-two-good-reasons-115215839.html
  13. Raiders resign Doug Martin to replace Isaiah Crowell. That didn't take long.
  14. Been watching Bryce Harper since the beginning of the season and had no idea he was such a sucker for a high and away fast ball until he came to the Phillies. Its hard for me to believe that this guy got as far as he has in his career without learning the valuable lesson about not being able to catch up to that pitch no matter what league you are playing in. The Phillies manager ought to put a shock collar on him and give him a jolt every time he swings at it.
  15. Well you guys have your opinions and I have mine. Isn't it nice that we aren't all the same? LMAO It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.
  16. Tired of hearing that. Sorry, but if the Eagles don't give Dillard a legitimate chance of beating out Peters this year, why did they invest a 1st, 4th, and 6th? There is a whole lot of romanticizing our left tackle going on at the moment by both the fans and management. You guys accusing me of jumping the gun with Conklin and we don't even know if the Eagles are going to give Dillard and honest chance to beat out his competition. Lets get real here! Don't blame me if the kid is sitting on his butt this year.
  17. He is getting a chance this year. If he can't beat out old man Peters by mid season then maybe the Eagles should look at Conklin in free agency.
  18. You guys crack me up. When Dillard goes to the pro bowl, then we have a conversation.
  19. I am probably one in ten thousand who gets excited over offensive linemen. LOL I would be the guy who noticed that Mariota wasn't sitting on his a$$ near as much after Conklin arrived.
  20. Anyone who makes the pro bowl in his rookie year is remotely good!
  21. I don't know what the Titans cap space is but its hard to believe they would let him hit free agency. He had a injury plagued year last year. Had to wait 3 games at the beginning of the season to get on the field from his acl surgery recovery from the year before sustained in their playoff game. Then he misses a game or two from a concussion. Then he finally gets back on the field only to sustain a leg strain that kept him out. So I guess they will see what they got this year and if they like what they see, maybe they resign him but if they wait to free agency to do so, I don't think he will be back.