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  1. So the Titans are not going to pick up All Pro Jack Conklins contract so he will be a free agent next year. I would love the Eagles to get in on that guy. https://sportsnaut.com/2019/05/titans-will-not-pick-up-option-on-all-pro-jack-conklins-contract/
  2. GB, Lang retired this year. At age 66, I could play as good as Warmack so if you want him back, I will be cheaper and play better. Don't know much about Siragusa and I am not a betting man but I would bet that Wiz is better than he is.
  3. Hi TD , Maybe Oakland would be interested in a swap but since their offensive line was offensive last year, (ranked 28) I sort of thought they might be interested in Big-V as well. At first I was thinking Agholor for Karl Joseph was the most logical trade for both teams. Both 25 years old and both 1st round draft picks that haven't lived up to their draft status. Both playing much better now than their first couple of years in the NFL. Both players probably playing their last year with the club. I just seemed like a logical trade. Now Oakland loses a RB and this guy is talking Smallwood for Joseph. I am wondering if that would be enough to get Joseph. Maybe Smallwood and Big-V for Joseph. This was an offensive line that was a top-5 unit as recently as two years ago. Kelechi Osemele inexplicably fell off a cliff though with a 53.8 overall grade this season, and the Raiders’ offensive tackles were a nightmare. Rookies Kolton Miller and Brandon Parker combined to allow 26 sacks and had 19 penalties between them
  4. So now that Jernigan was signed, is Wiz far behind? Wiz played good football last year so if they don't bring him back at a lesser salary, then there is another reason. Maybe he doesn't want to be a back up yet and thinks he may have an opportunity to start elsewhere. Maybe he angered the wrong person when he said he knew why he was replaced by Seumalo and it wasn't performance based. If you look at the stats from last year Suemalo was the better player in run blocking and Wiz was the better player in pass protection. Which one did the Eagles do the most last year. Anyway, name the free agent G/C out there this year that is better than Wiz! It is possible that they go with what they have and in normal circumstance I would say, good idea, but this year they don't know yet whether Brooks is going to be back in time to start the season. I certainly wouldn't want to risk getting off to a slow start because of a missing starter at the R/G position if I have all my other cards in place for a good run.
  5. This league is strange on how they look at player salaries. Jordan Matthews just signed a 1 year contract for 3 million with the 49er's and has better life time stats than Nelson Agholor who is being paid 9.3 million . Go figure!
  6. How about WR Nelson Agholor for SS Karl Joseph in a trade. Both 25 years old and both are first round draft picks that didn't quite live up to expectations with their present teams.
  7. Anyone interested in S Karl Joseph if he becomes available?
  8. When you think about the numbers of football players out there, there probably shouldn't be a bottom of the roster. 32 NFL teams with 63 players each for a total 2016 players. 130 Div 1 football teams alone with how many players on each team? You know that there is no way all these kids can get a fair look just by the volume of them out there. I would say that most teams concern themselves mainly with just the scholarship kids which is still a lot to cover.
  9. My dream is to beat Russell Wilson and Aaron Rogers for the first time. And of course Zeke Elliot.
  10. The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The meaning of life is to give your gift away. My gift is picking college players for NFL teams other than my own. How about you?
  11. The best running back is always subjective. Love was the best for me. I am hoping that Duce's fingerprints are all over this Sanders pick. If you are going to be judged on how good a cook you are, you should at least be able to buy the ingredients for your recipe.
  12. Interesting that they brought him back after is injury. He was a starter for Atlanta and the Lions before he came here. I sort of figured he and kamu would fight it out for a roster spot.
  13. Is Worrilow a thumper? We actually have 8 LB's on the roster at the moment without the guy they just signed from Stanford
  14. LOL He wasn't on the interview list
  15. I can't answer that GB. In the past it was more difficult to understand than now though. Now we only have two on the field for a majority of the time. Even though we haven't had any pro bowl linebackers in a while, it hasn't seemed to hurt us. Now CB's are a different story.
  16. Well the law of averages should be evening out for the Eagles soon in the injury department since they had plenty of them the last two years. We have some older guys on the roster but if it all comes together injury wise, they should have a pretty good year. You always need a little luck to go to the Super Bowl no matter how talented you are.
  17. The Eagles interviewed 15 linebackers this year before the draft and 10 of them had 7th round/ UDFA grades. Figure they would pick one of these guys up for the practice squad. I am curious about the LB they signed last year who tore his acl in practice. They brought him back plus got the kid from the Steelers. We probably have 6 on the roster don;t we? Sorry but I am having a senior moment with names.
  18. I thought the Eagles would make it unanimous with Penn State players and take QB Trace McSorley but I think he ended up in a good spot with the Ravens. He can run just like Lamar Jackson even though I think he is a little more accurate than Jackson on some passes they both have the same game and he should be able to fill in for Jackson if necessary without them altering the game plan. Goodbye RGIII
  19. So the Cardinals take Murray and through the first three rounds never touch an offensive linemen. I sure hope he has a good pair of sneakers or the Cardinals will be drafting a QB for the third time in three years.
  20. I hope so. I like that kid!
  21. Oh its going to happen. Love is a road runner!
  22. I guess we wouldn't have gotten Dillard. LOL
  23. Yeah but now I have to watch Love score TD's against us twice a year.
  24. Anyone know if Rutgers LT Tariq Cole was drafted? I didn't see his name. He would be an excellent choice for the practice squad. Remember he had the best stats against Bosa.
  25. My picks Jerry Tillery Rams, Dalton Risner Broncos, Germaine Pratt Bengals, Bryce Love Redskins, Hunter Renfrow Raiders. Now thats batting a thousand.