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  1. I am talking strictly talent wise ham and not maturity wise. I think there have also been numerous times that Johnson would have been better served to keep his mouth shut instead of sticking his foot in it. They say that those who travel the high road of humility aren't bothered by heavy traffic and I guess that is true. When I think of last years performance the game that stands out is the Texans game. He was awesome.
  2. Can't help but think that Lane Johnson was probably Howie Rosemen's best draft pick. How about it?
  3. I did things as well in my youth that I would never do now but none of those things required a jail sentence if I was caught.
  4. 2011 Clark arrested for felony second degree home invasion punishable by 10 years in prison. Pleaded guilty and got off under the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act with just probation. Dismissed from the Michigan team in 2014 for Domestic Violence. Think I would pass even if he played for free.
  5. This may be of interest to some of you cross over Philly fans. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/flyers-remove-kate-smith-statue-reviewing-racist-allegations-191639017.html
  6. LOL I wish the time was mine. LOL Maybe in another life! Anyway under your scenario I already know in my mind I am paying Wentz or I wouldn't have traded Foles so I really have more than ten seconds to decide. I just have a hunch that Carson is cut from a different mold and won't want to hold up the bank with his new contract. Why do I say that? I'm not sure, but Carson reminds me of the type of guy who would take less for the team if Jeffery Lurie makes a nice contribution to his AO1 foundation or something like that. By the way, I have already purchased 5 tee shirts from his charity for the grandkids and they wear them proudly.
  7. Yeah a lot of guys on the board seem to like Henderson. He is no longer a hidden gem and now that teams have discovered him, the draft pick may have to be higher than some originally thought. I would think he would have to be off the board in the second round now,
  8. Yeah its a gamble however he messed up his knee in December so he is only 4 months or so out from his surgery. At least he had one of the best Drs in James Andrews. Don't worry, no risk that the Eagles take him now that I selected him. LMAO
  9. Here are four of my picks. Dalton Risner OT, Bryce Love RB, Germain Pratt LB, Hunter Renfrow WR. Now I just put the kiss of death on these guys being Eagles.
  10. Parcells is a smart man. Let me just ask one question then. During Jeffery Lurie's ownership, which I guess is about 25 years now or so, Could the fans have done any worse job in their decision making on players than the powers that be if the criteria is winning Super Bowls? I mean, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while. LOL PS I know they are not listening to me because they very seldom take my draft picks. LOL The last two that they took were Barnett and Jones and I can't remember how long back it was before that. I almost fell out of my chair when they took those two guys.
  11. Well I respect you enough to care what you think. I enjoy this board almost as much as a football game.
  12. Well if the Eagles fans are the best fans in the NFL, which they are, then I say we should care and probably most of us do. Does that upset you DC? Any person capable of angering you becomes your master. - Epictetus
  13. OK DC! I thought you just said that teams after signing their QB to big contracts had to draft a number of players to outperform their rookie contracts. These guys you just brought up in your comment are FA not cheap draft picks outperforming their contracts. No I don't believe the Eagles have had a very good history of drafting players who get on the field right away and out perform their rookie contracts. As for Wentz, I believe he has the Potential to be as good as some of the guys you named but he still has to prove it. If you recall the regular season loss to the Saints, Sean Payton stated that the game plan going in was catered around running the ball at CB Jones just coming off his injury and forcing Wentz to have to beat them on offense.
  14. So you trust the Eagles front office to draft a number of players that will out perform their contracts then DC? I think your quote, "I get paying guys like say Keenum long term for top dollar could hamstring a team, "not all QB's are created equal" is the most important thing because it looks to me like no matter what type of QB you are, being named a starter automatically dictates a higher than justified salary whether you have proved to deserve it yet or not. In other words, there is an entitlement aspect to the whole thing after being named a starter. which in my opinion is not healthy.
  15. Agreed however.......... This week, the Seattle Seahawks agreed to pay Russell Wilson $35 million a year on a four-year deal. In contrast, the New England Patriots are set to pay Brady $15 million in the last year of his contract. Brady is underpaid, that much is not surprise given his penchant to not pursue record-setting contracts. Hard to argue with the Patriots results and their philosophy. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2019/1/2/18164980/nfl-playoffs-quarterbacks-salary-cap-kirk-cousins-patrick-mahomes
  16. I don't know Joe, IMO Cox got paid based on what he did in the past for the Eagles. They didn't want to let someone with his proven talent get away from them. I was never upset with the contract that Cox got. Maybe a QB's salary is based on a different value system than the rest of the positions.
  17. Joe I am just relaying what I have heard from so called experts on TV and the press as far as the money they are throwing out there is going to be comparable to Rogers and Wilson. Not necessarily posters on here. But no where has anyone been able to justify why the man deserves the kind of contract Rogers and Wilson got based on accomplishments of any kind. He just deserves it in their view. So I will be interested in seeing what he eventually ends up with. My boss never doubled or tripled my salary based on what I could possibly do for him in the future, it was always based on what I did for him in the past.
  18. Of course I am in on Carson as well however no one seems to be able to explain to me why he is worth Wilson or Rogers money at this moment. If Carson is honest, even he would not think he is worth Rogers or Wilson money at this moment in time. Wilson started for the Seahawks in 2012 and took them to the playoffs every year he has been a starter. Rogers began starting for the Packers in 2008 and has taken them to the playoffs 8 times in 11 years. I mean lets get real here.
  19. Someone please explain to me when you go from a "Potential" franchise QB to a franchise QB and when Wentz made the hypothetical leap? I mean, do you have to actually win something first whether it be a playoff game or an MVP or at least set a record in some category? Or is a franchise QB crowned a franchise QB because of where he was picked in the draft? My inquiring mind would like to know the answer to that question since everyone is throwing around the kind of salary for Carson that guys like Wilson and Rogers are making.
  20. Those are the numbers for Howie and Jeffery. Schwartz is just the latest Defensive Coordinator to attempt to change those lifetime numbers. LOL
  21. We are 0-4 against Rogers.
  22. After looking at the schedule there are 4 games I'm interested in. The Eagles never beat Rogers or Wilson as starters so those two games for sure and the Eagles haven't beaten the Cowboys with Elliot starting either. Lets see what Schwartz has in store for these guys.
  23. Speaking of making a change, The Panthers new WR Chris Hogan made the change from 3 years of Lacrosse on a scholarship at Penn State to one year of college football at Monmouth as a QB/WR/CB all in the same year. Signed as UDFA by the 49er's - cut. Signed by the Giants- cut. Signed by the Dolphins - cut. Signed by the Bills and made their roster for one year and then was signed by the Patriots. Now he is with Carolina. A lot of folks aren't aware of the nickname Hogan was given in New England. "7-Eleven" because he's always open.
  24. When was the last time the Eagles beat him??????????