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  1. Knowledge is central to mission success. A person who views the world at age 66 the same way he did at age 36 has probably wasted 30 years of his life!
  2. If you recall, Bayless had a lot of negative comments about Foles as well. In a different time an era Bayless wouldn't have ever made it on TV but times have changed and people have changed to the degree that they love their shock and in your face Sports people or they wouldn't watch him.
  3. LOL Vicks birthday is the same as mine only he is 39 and I am 66. The years between at 35 and 45 were probably the best years of my life although these retirement years aren't bad either!
  4. Okay fans, most of you who know me well know that I usually don't get political on this web site HOWEVER my question at least has something to do with Philadelphia Sports. I am wondering if one of you enlightened souls could explain to me why Kate Smith's career was posthumously ruined by the Flyers taking her statue down and others calling her a racist for singing Pickaninny Heaven in 1933 but Mick Jagger can sing Brown Sugar in Soldier Field a couple nights ago and have 60,000 fans stand and cheer after he was finished singing the song?
  5. IMO Bryce Love is going to be another Brian Westbrook only faster. It might take him a while to get on the field due to his recover but I see Westbrook every time I watch his highlights.
  6. practice, practice, practice.
  7. Well make some news up! That is what the sports writers do. Make it real exciting too. Howie Roseman trades Jeffery Lurie to the Patriots for Robert Kraft.
  8. I am not going to waste a lot of time posting baseball stuff on the football web site but just this once I will say I never saw so many hitters out of sinc at one time in my life. They are all trying to pull outside pitches instead of going to the opposite field. Over half of them are using an upper cut swing where they are cheating themselves out of a level swing where you can get more opportunity to much more bat on the ball. They are all swinging at very high strikes in the zone which most people can't do anything with (hello Harper) and many others. I have seen three starting players change their batting stance already from the beginning of the season, Realmuto, Segura, and Hernandez. I hate looking at Realmuto's new upright stance. How can you hit a ball when your head isn't over the plate? The manager doesn't play hit and run or bunt when it is dictated and I don't think half the players on the club could bunt if their lives depended on it. Other than that everything is swell with the club. I will tackle the pitching at another time. This comment gave me a headache.
  9. Don't know how many Phillie fans are on this board however I just finished watching these guys for the third time in a row and can see so many things they are doing wrong it is amazing. Some one is going to have to be made an example of pretty soon if they want to get back in the race at all.
  10. You may find this interesting GB. It is the league blitzing numbers and categories for 2017, the year the Eagles won the Super Bowl. Apparently the Eagles didn't blitz 78.9 percent of the time. 19 percent of the time they blitzed with one guy. 2.1 percent of the time they had a 3 man line and 9.5 percent of the time they blitzed with a DB. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2018/pressure-number-pass-rushers-2017
  11. Besides Height, Douglas's strong suit is his route recognition which is why he can take a chance every once in a while and go for the pick. That is part of the reason he should be on the field on a regular basis. However, he is no faster than Mills speed wise. I like him being the first guy off the bench to give everyone else a blow. That could turn into a lot of reps during a game.
  12. Rooting for a Eagles/Jacksonville Super Bowl.
  13. IMO the best case scenario for the Eagles would be if Jones and Maddox would win the outside CB positions outright. Everyone knows how I have felt about Douglas since he was drafted but I think he would be best suited to be trained in the Jack of all trades CB positions. I would like him to be able to fill in at "any" CB position. Sometimes your greater value to the team shows up better in a jack of all trades kind of capacity rather than just one position.
  14. The Jets need CB's and back up offensive linemen Joe. The Jets pick third from the wavier wire so I am assuming they will have a pretty good opportunity to bring in a number of the Eagles cast offs if Douglas wants them. Sure , maybe a trade as well.
  15. I think we already know that Hill and Gerry can run or they wouldn't be playing special teams. Neither one of these guys is breaking the bank Gerry 2019 624,000 2020 735,000 and Hill is getting 720,000 this last year of his contract. I have said before that the linebacker position is in an evolution from what is was in the past to what it will eventually become with the passing game increasing more and more every year. I think the team actually needs both types of linebackers at the moment but the problem is satisfying players desires to get enough plays per game to stay in a rhythm. Plus everyone knows that the large contracts are given to those linebackers who play a majority of snaps not to the guys who fill in. It should be interesting.
  16. Wasn't Graham already in the pro bowl?
  17. TD, I have nothing against Hill or Gerry but why bring in Brown if you are satisfied that either one of these guys will be your starter? I know I can be old school football at times because I am old school myself. LOL I like the size and weight of Brown 6ft 1in 242 and Bradham 6ft 2in 240 as long as one of them can run and defend the pass against the TE or RB. I like the weight for holding up for an entire season. Our defensive line is designed to get up the field and channel the opposing teams running game to the inside where the linebackers make the play so they don't get as much help from the defensive line in making tackles due to their rush to get the QB. Nate Gerry gained weight to play the linebacker position but I think that he is still only 209 pounds which is too lite. Malcolm Jenkins is 6ft and 204. Gerry was a safety at Nebraska. Why not switch him back to his best position. Jenkins isn't getting any younger and Gerry is only 24. I really feel that Gerry, Mills and Douglas could be our safeties going forward. Schwartz would not be in favor of Douglas playing that position from what he has said so that is that but both Mills and Gerry were safties in college. I think Hill should be kept as a passing down linebacker due to his speed.
  18. Who knows Ham, probably someone off the radar right now. It would probably be best for the Eagles if it was Barnett because that would mean the defensive line is getting the job done and success or failure for the Eagles D is predicated on the D-line getting the job done.
  19. I don't have to remember. It is written on this page and all we have to do is retrieve it. By the way, how long are we going to let this novel of 750 pages go on before we start a new one for this football season?
  20. So I have to remind people that only a couple weeks ago when we were talking about NFL contract negotiations I stated that the NFL owners are some really greedy people and that they would do anything to make an extra buck. Voila! One Training camp practice you can attend for 10.00 so Jeffery Lurie doesn't have to reach into his own wallet to support his favorite charity. Works for him! You pay to watch the team practice and he gets the credit for the money he gives to Autism Challenge. How about if I just skip the practice and give my 10 dollars to the charity of my choice? Yep, Jeffery says that Eagles fans are the best fans in the world, all the way to the bank!
  21. Maybe a better question would be, Which two of our corner backs and which one safety will be playing for the Jets this year?
  22. Okay everyone, Lets have a contest. Musical chairs with our secondary. Who starts at safety and CB this year and who is first off the bench at safety and CB? Winner gets a tastycake.
  23. I missed that. Nice to know that someone who is actually going to play the games this year thinks so as well.
  24. You are close. Two PB's, Yeah, I liked Mathis as well due to his personality and keeping the rest of the guys on the line loose. Some were upset when he left like homers can be however I think the Eagles called it right letting him go. First of all, he only played 7 games his last year due to injuries with the Eagles and was going to be payed 5.5 million the next year. He was 33 which was the oldest Guard in the league at the time when he went to the Broncos for 2.5 million with a chance to make 4 mil with incentives. Doubt that he made the 4 million because he only played 12 games that season. He started at the beginning of the year and was then beaten out for the starting job for 4 games and then went back in for the rest of the year after the guy who beat him out got hurt. He did get a Super Bowl ring though and the fact that he started 12 games that year plus the playoff games was probably worth the cut in pay because he certainly wouldn't have won a Super Bowl with the Eagles before he was finished playing. Sometimes you just have to be happy for a former Eagles player you like whether he still plays for your team or not. I'm glad Mathis got his Super Bowl win. Wiz got his as well and Peters is still trying. Sure he got one but I'll bet he isn't bragging about it.
  25. Hi stine, I think its funny that the only person who said the Eagles have more talent on this football team man for man then they did on the Super Bowl team of 2017 was Joe Douglas.