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  1. The Straight Jacket The straight jacket is someone who wants to control everything and everyone around them. They want to be in charge of what you say and even what you think. You know the kind of person I am talking about. They can't stand when you disagree with them and won't stop trying to convince you that they are right and you are wrong. These types of people will nag you until they get the last word no matter how long it takes. You know anyone like that Joe?
  2. LOL I would think for the 10.3 million he is getting this year we could ask just a little bit more!
  3. I'm sorry Joe but you and I see things entirely different. I think Jackson still has plenty to prove. Like, can he finally tie his shoes without pulling a hamstring? Will he run believable receiving patterns when he isn't the receiver getting the ball? Will he actually try to block this second time around? Will he finally show up in a playoff game? Like I said, I am easy when it comes to players. Don't talk, Produce. Let your play do your talking.
  4. Yet Joe Douglas wasn't out the door two days before Howie added a GM beside his name.Executive vice President of football operations was a good enough title to win the Super Bowl but not good enough after Joe Douglas got a GM beside his name. Now that is EGO!
  5. Its been my experience that a Leopard can't change his spots. Oh he may be able to role around in the mud and cover them up for awhile but as soon as the mud wears off those spots are back again. Those spots are what he is just like Howie's ego is part of what got him where he is at. He can abandon it for short periods of time but it will always rise to the surface. If I want the company line Joe I will read Dave Spardaro.
  6. You talk like you having been sitting in the board room. Lol Please lecture someone else.
  7. LOL Just read an article that Joe Douglas could try and pry away Rasul Douglas from the Eagles because he was one of his picks in the draft. Don't think that will happen but you never know about Schwartz. It took multiple injuries on the squad before Douglas got his opportunity and that was ridiculous. Hey the Jets need CB's and back up offensive linemen. Think Douglas will be watching the waver wire.
  8. I never read anything on protocol with hiring scouts and managers so I don't no how a team stops another team from poaching people in that capacity. Does it work like the coaches where you have to be offering a promotion and not a lateral transfer before you can poach a scout or manager from another team? I'm assuming Weidl was promoted to keep him out of Douglas's hands but I am not sure!
  9. That is the best thing that Roseman could have done in my opinion however I didn't think his ego would let him do it. He has a habit of getting rid of other peoples talent or picks when they leave. I figured he would put the guy he hired from Cleveland (Andrew Berry) in Douglas's capacity. Of course their could have been an ulterior motive. Maybe that is how they could protect Weidl from being poached by Douglas since Douglas wanted him for the same job title in New York.
  10. On May 3rd while discussing Wentz's upcoming contract, I stated that I didn't believe Wentz would hold up the bank due to one particular Bible verse he uses frequently with his AO1 foundation. I based my opinion on this favorite verse of Carson's Here it is again! I just found this biblical quote from Philippines 4: 12 and 13 under Carson Wentz's AO1 foundation. I don’t have a sense of needing anything personally. I’ve learned by now to be quite content whatever my circumstances. I’m just as happy with little as with much, with much as with little. I’ve found the recipe for being happy whether full or hungry, hands full or hands empty. Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am.
  11. https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2019/06/11/new-york-jets-gm-joe-douglas-front-office-philadelphia-eagles-recruiting/?utm_source=smg&utm_m
  12. My objective is winning Super Bowls. One of the contributing factors in winning a Super Bowl is the players and coaches having confidence in themselves being able to beat any team they match up with in the playoffs. The regular season schedule is usually what builds that confidence to where the fans and the players know they can handle any team that comes their way. The Eagles have never beaten Aaron Rogers. The Eagles have never beaten Russel Wilson and the Eagles have never beaten Zeke Elliot. They have a chance to prove to themselves once again this year that they can handle these teams in the playoffs. If they lose to them again it gets in your head come playoff time. That is why it is important to me to at least beat a couple of these teams this year. There is no right or wrong about this Joe. It is just my opinion. Okay?
  13. Of course you don't Joe. You and I are complete opposites. Why would you agree with anything I said? LMAO
  14. Now now now GB. The homers aren't going to like that comment!
  15. Brown was expendable to the Skins as soon as they signed Ruben Foster who tore up his knee and will now miss the entire season. If you remember, Foster was also hurt when he played for the 49er's and missed a lot of time. IMO The Redskins jumped the gun getting rid of Brown before they knew if Foster could make it a whole season but that is their problem. Some folks say karma is catching up to Mr. Foster. Two times being accused of beating up his girl friend and two times with injuries keeping his seasons short or non existent.
  16. IMO Brown is with the Eagles for the same reason D. Jackson went to the Skins. Revenge.
  17. Well guys, I have to go, Nice talking to you again. A friend of mine lost his 32 year old son to a motorcyle accident in York Pa yesterday and I have to make some unpleasant telephone calls to a number of people. Audious
  18. But we know Howie will still be here. I give Howie all the credit in the world in his area of expertise and we all know what that is. Do I want him picking the talent on my franchise? Nope As a coach, Do I want to have to convince him that the guy I want on the club is better than the guy he wants? Nope That would be demeaning to any good coach or guy who played the game. Sorry but we will just have to disagree.
  19. You mean it is just one man that makes or breaks the season? The whole season boils down to one person. How can that be?
  20. I sure can be happy with Robinson and still think Darby stunk in that game and still does.
  21. Oh I'm sure there will be people on this board that hope that Douglas and his side kicks fail however I am hoping he brings good things to the Jets. Getting tired of seeing the Patriots at the top of that division. IMO being a fan since 1965, these are the type of moves that have happened through the years that have kept the Eagles from being on top more frequently. A good talent evaluator is worth their weight in gold. Jeffery Lurie constantly talks about the gold standard but he just let the Jets rob his gold.
  22. These homers are stuck on the draft picks and don't even consider the free agents Douglas signed in 2017 that were instrumental in helping to win the Super Bowl . Guys like Long who had a great playoff (too old for Howie to have signed) same with Patrick Robinson who was the number one rated nickel back in 2017. Wis had a career year in 2017 that helped them get over the hump on the offensive line with injuries and WR Smith who had a great playoffs. I will give Pederson the credit for the Jeffery and Foles signings however it wouldn't surprise me if Douglas was instrumental in bringing Jeffery in. The other thing Douglas was responsible for was teaching the rest of management the importance of compensatory draft picks. Something that the Eagles paid very little attention to before Douglas arrived.
  23. Same with Aaron Rogers! And we haven't beaten the Cowboys either as long as Elliot has been in the line up. LOL Those are my four games this year.
  24. The Philadelphia Eagles have lost Executive Vice President of Player Personnel Joe Douglas to the New York Jets, but Douglas wouldn't be the only member to leave the Eagles front office. When Douglas was hired in 2016, he spent the last three years bringing in his own guys from his time with the Baltimore Ravens to positions in the Eagles front office. Those front office members could leave with Douglas to the Jets, which is typical as a new boss wants to bring in guys he trusts when taking over a new venture. Who are the front office members that could leave with Douglas? Here are a view candidates: Andy Weidl (Director of Player Personnel) Prior to arriving in Philadelphia, Weidl and Douglas worked together in the Baltimore Ravens front office from 2005 to 2015, so the pair have a close working relationship. "Andy comes from the [Ravens general manager] Ozzie Newsome tree of talent evaluators in Baltimore," said Eagles Executive Vice President of Football Operations Howie Roseman (via the Eagles website). "You can sense his drive for scouting right off the bat and he has spent his entire career working for an opportunity like this." Prior to his stint with the Ravens, Weidl was a Northeast area scout (2003-04) and a national combine scout (2000-02) for the New Orleans Saints. Weidl began his scouting career with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1998, where he evaluated college and professional players for two seasons as a player personnel assistant. Weidl has spent the majority of his career with Douglas, so it wouldn't be shocking to see him leave for a promotion. Ian Cunningham (Director Of College Scouting) Cunningham was hired as the Eagles director of college scouting during the 2017 offseason after spending his first nine years in the NFL with the Ravens, working with Douglas and Weidl. He joined the Ravens as a player personal assistant in 2008 and was promoted to southeast area scout in 2013. Cunningham could be in line for a promotion if he follows Douglas to the Jets. He's been with Douglas for years so a move may be necessary. T.J. McCreight (Player Personnel Executive) McCreight began his NFL career with the Ravens and went on to worked there with Douglas. During his time in Baltimore, McCreight served as a player personnel assistant (2000-02) and a northeast area scout (2003-07) for the Ravens. McCreight's previous role was the Director of College Scouting for the Indianapolis Colts, a position he held forom 2012 to 2016 until he was relieved of his duties. His firing was culminated with the Colts cleaning house in the college scouting department under new general manager Chris Ballard. Prior to McCreight's stint in Indianapolis, he was the Director of Pro Personnel with the Arizona Cardinals from 2009 to 2011. He also assisted in pro scouting, advance scouting of opponents, and unrestricted free agency. Perhaps a promotion is possible for McCreight, who Douglas brought in two years ago. If McCreight has offered the same position, perhaps he stays with the Eagles. Casey Weidl (Player Personnel Coordinator) Weidli was brought to the Eagles in 2016 by Andy Weidl (his brother). Weidl could move on with his brother and Douglas and get a promotion to boot.