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  1. In 2017, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said Douglas’s hiring was "the pivotal moment of the last year.” But as it became apparent that Douglas was destined to move on, with his path to full control blocked by executive vice president Howie Roseman, Lurie became less effusive. Loyal to a fault Jeffery. At this moment in time Howie is high up the food chain and it shouldn't matter in the least to him if Douglas has control of the roster but ego's get in the way don't they?
  2. The Eagles seemingly have been preparing to lose Douglas ever since they won Super Bowl LII. This offseason, they hired Andrew Berry, formerly of the Browns, as vice president of football operations. He could slide into Douglas’s role as could director of player personnel Andy Weidl if Weidl doesn’t go with Douglas. Why would the Eagles have been preparing to lose Douglas ever since they won Super Bowl LII? Was it because everyone in the league knew he was responsible for putting the Eagles over the hump and not Howie? Of course it was!
  3. Thanks for agreeing. I get tired of arguing with homers.
  4. LOL. I am much more simplistic DWD because I am a simple person. Very little complication in my life. All you have to do to get my respect is show me with your actions. I am not impressed with talk. So this simple person has noted that without Joe Douglas No Super Bowl victories, with Joe Douglas, one Super bowl victory. I guess I should be living in the show me state. Howie Roseman in charge of the show since 2010 and no Super Bowls without Joe Douglas. After this year, Howie can still prove to me that it is his skill set in judging athletes that wins Super Bowls. Until it happens, it was Joe Douglas's skill set.
  5. Looks like we better win another Super Bowl this year cause all bets are off after that.
  6. The only thing better than this signing would be to know that Joe Douglas will be with Wentz during the next 4 years to keep the pipeline supplied with talent.
  7. https://www.theringer.com/nfl-playoffs/2018/1/29/16943670/new-england-patriots-penalties-edge
  8. Anyone see the KEY stat in that game?
  9. Matchup 1st Downs 22 22 Passing 1st downs 16 16 Rushing 1st downs 6 3 1st downs from penalties 0 3 3rd down efficiency 6-15 3-12 4th down efficiency 0-1 1-1 Total Plays 71 61 Total Yards 374 344 Total Drives 12 12 Yards per Play 5.3 5.6 Passing 273 298 Comp-Att 23-36 27-39 Yards per pass 7.0 7.1 Interceptions thrown 0 0 Sacks-Yards Lost 3-20 3-12 Rushing 101 46 Rushing Attempts 32 19 Yards per rush 3.2 2.4 Red Zone (Made-Att) 2-2 3-4 Penalties 6-98 1-10 Turnovers 0 1 Fumbles lost 0 1 Interceptions thrown 0 0 Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0 Possession 35:08 24:52 You never know about this game of football. I like Jacksonville's passing defense better than the Eagles and they lost and the Eagles won. LOL
  10. Looking forward to watching the Bucs this year as well. One of my favorite Head coaches is down there now. Old school Bruce Arians. He graduated high school at William Penn in York, Pa. I watched him play some QB for York Catholic. I graduated in York Pa as well. We are the same age. LOL Tampa Bay has too much talent to be playing as poorly as they have been playing. Arians will either light a fire under Winston's a** or he will be gone after this year.
  11. I wanted to go last year but they changed the game to London so I lost out. Already been to Miami and Tampa but haven't been to Jacksonville yet.
  12. They should be on every Sunday down here in Florida. LOL
  13. Its really not my habit to intrude Futhermore, I hope my meaning won't be lost or misconstrued But I'll repeat myself at the risk of being crude, There must be fifty ways to beat your cover Fifty ways to beat your cover. You just slip behind the back, De Jack Make a new plan Ertz man You don't need to coy Jeffery Boy, Just get yourself free Oh you hop on the Carson bus Gus No need to discuss much Just drop off the Tee Lee Cause Elliots kicking three.
  14. Ajayi isn't signed yet either. He says that he will be ready for the first game of the season but I wouldn't be too sure about that. At least not in the same form he was before the injury. He could be waiting in the wings though later in the season if the Eagles have an injury. Rumored to the Raiders but he is still unsigned. Probably anyone who would sign him would only sign him for this year to see if he makes it all the way back.
  15. I am going to assume its number 3 mjk. So just for kicks are there any Jets players you would like to have on the team? LOL Maybe what is taking so long is Douglas and Roseman working out a couple trades between the Jets and Eagles.
  16. Is that all you got Joe?
  17. Essentially, without stating why, the State has been consistently losing its citizens since 2010 to other states but filling in the numbers gap with International immigrants.
  18. Interesting! https://www.masslive.com/news/2018/12/massachusetts-population-growing-at-twice-the-rate-of-previous-10-years-fastest-in-northeast.html
  19. https://nflmocks.com/2018/10/18/2019-nfl-draft-clayton-thorson-is-blake-bortles-2-0/
  20. https://draftwire.usatoday.com/2016/04/08/2016-nfl-draft-scouting-report-indiana-qb-nate-sudfeld/
  21. Sorry ham its been a busy day for this old guy. Of course this is just my opinion but if you recall I have mentioned numerous times that the linebacker position is in an evaluation between what it was and what it is becoming. Some teams are stuck in the past and some teams are moving on with the new style linebackers so consequently different styles will be more or less important to different teams. For that same reason guys like LB Devin White old style, LB Devin Bush old style went in the first round and also LB Brian Burns blitzing specialist also went in the first round and my guy LB Germaine Pratt new style fell to the second round. Depends on what type of defense you want to run. Brown graded out equally high by PFF against the run and the pass. New Style LB. So we essentially have two guys in Bradham and Brown that graded higher than most existing linebackers against the pass but Brown even graded out higher than Bradham stopping the run. If the Eagles are going to play with two linebackers on the field 60 percent of the time and very seldom blitz, we couldn't ask for two better linebackers so why not pay Brown for a couple years to get some continuity in a position that we really haven't had. I personally don't believe that Joe Douglas had anything to do with the length of Browns contract. I believe he had everything to do with bringing him in.
  22. I tend to disagree ham. Bradham wasn't a leader when he arrived either. In fact he was rather stupid in getting into trouble with the law twice. Seems like I read somewhere where Schwartz told him that if he keeps doing stupid things, after awhile people are going to start calling you stupid and they will have an legitimate argument. Okay he was forced to call the plays after Hicks when down with an injury and he had an opportunity to prove that he wasn't stupid after all. In Bradham's overall PPF grade, his highest score was defending the pass so maybe he doesn't belong on the inside even though he can call the plays. I just think that when you have an opportunity to sign the third best linebacker in the league for 2018 you get more than one year out of him. This is probably just one more example of not everyone in management being on the same page with the value of the linebacker position. When a guy has been in the league for 8 years and the last year he played he was still rated third best in the league. he has nothing to prove on a one year proof it deal. His career was not on the down swing like a guy like Paul Worrilow who lost his starting job on two teams before he arrived here.
  23. Goedert is already a better blocker than Ertz was at the beginning of his career.
  24. mjk, IMO Howie missed an opportunity when it came time to sign LB Zack Brown. In 2018 PFF graded Brown overall 89.2 which graded out as the third best linebacker in the league among qualified linebackers. His grade was higher than Hicks who was graded at 80.7 or the 10th best linebacker and Nigel Bradham who graded at 80.6. Hicks signed for 36 million and 20 mil guaranteed and Bradham's contract was for 5 years 40 mil with 14 mil guarantee. Along comes the opportunity to sign Zack Brown and Howie offers a one year deal for 2.5 mil. Should have jumped on a two or three year deal at those prices or even if they had to be a little higher for him to sign a multiple year contract. LB has been a revolving door of players for the Eagles.