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  1. I have to laugh at how far my Norwegian National Health care has come. If you go back to where I originally posted my comment, it was prompted by the comment from another person doing some out loud thinking about maybe the players should try to negotiate some life time Health care benefits during the next contract. Since I have seen so many people advocating some kind of National Health Care recently without stating how they would actually pay for it, I posted how the country of Norway pays for theirs. Actually, Norway, Denmark and Sweden are pretty much the same way although the tax structure may be a little different. Norway's minimum tax rate is 39 percent. Denmark 40 percent and Sweden is 41 percent. I don't have any idea how Canada or England handles their tax structure to pay for National Health Care but I do get to speak to Canadians on a regular basis down here in Florida as they are snow birds as well. What Canadians seem to hate the most about their National Health Care is the wait to have non life threatening surgery. They also have a shortage of doctors caused by baby boomers in their country as well. My point in all this was to show in some way that you can have anything that you want if you are willing to pay the price for it. I know Norway's plan so it was the logical choice for me to use as an example.
  2. I couldn't agree unless I had all the information. I will never get all the inside information so I have to decide on the info I have at my disposal. Joe Banner hired Howie and Don Smolenski at the same time and then left shortly after. Howie was initially hired as a personnel executive in charge of managing the cap and negotiating contracts. He has done an excellent job in that capacity. Howie was promoted to GM in 2010 has had no Super Bowl wins to his name until Douglas came along. That is the info I have at my disposal.
  3. I never met you in person GB but I know by your comments that you are not a type A personality. Just like a football player strives for the pro bowl for the prestige a talent evaluator strives for the GM position for the same reason. There are only 32 of them just like the head coach. JMO. I am not a type A personality either. When I was a manager I believed in a managing style by consensus. If we couldn't decide by consensus, I made the decision but it didn't happen real often. IMO that is the only way for subordinates to take ownership in their jobs. So it is hard for me as well to understand being somewhat of a dictator in management although I have worked with a couple of them. LOL
  4. The whole thing is subjective anyway. My point was that Douglas had thirteen years as an understudy with Ozzie Newsome. If none of that rubbed off on him, he must be dumb as a brick and I don't think he is. This whole situation of him wanting final control of the roster is understandable if he is going to be judged as a failure or success by his roster. Howie is further up the food chain than Douglas anyway even if he was given an official title of GM with final control of the roster. This whole things boils down to ego like always and not so much the money. There are a whole lot of large ego's on our team. Maybe that's good and maybe it's not. Like I said, no Super Bowls were won until Douglas arrived. Is he perfect? I can't say however after rooting for the Eagles since 1965, he certainly is a breath of fresh air.
  5. Here you go GB https://nflmocks.com/2016/05/06/nfl-top-10-general-managers-of-all-time/
  6. Let me see if I can find the article for you to read on why Belichick is not yet in the top ten GB. I think was because he is not generally recognized as a great talent evaluator.
  7. All time Top Ten Gm's in the NFL 1. Al Davis 2. George Halas 3. Tex Schramm 4. Bill Walsh 5. Bobby Beathard 6. D Haley 7. George Young 8. OZZIE NEWSOME 9. Jim Finks 10. Ron Wolf Honorable Mention Ernie Accorsi, Bill Belichick, Paul Brown Joe Douglas studied under Ozzie Newsome for 13 years. Who did Roseman study under? During his time in Baltimore, Douglas was instrumental in acquiring a number of key performers for the Ravens, both through the draft and during the undrafted free agent signing period. Some of the players that he had a hand in obtaining included QB Joe Flacco, G Ben Grubbs, LB Pernell McPhee, LB C.J. Mosley, K Justin Tucker, CB Lardarius Webb and G Marshal Yanda. Grubbs, Mosley, Yanda and Tucker have combined for 10 Pro Bowls with the Ravens. Something tells me that the Eagles will miss Joe more than just a little bit! LOL
  8. Hey ASG, Down here in Florida we have more and more doctors that English isn't there first language. In fact there is a doctor shortage in the US as well. All of us baby boomers have put a strain on the system to the degree that doctors have had to be brought in from other countries to handle all of us. I just read that 10,000 US citizens each day are turning age 65 and it will continue for the next 14 years.
  9. No, you put him in charge of the roster as an official GM if you think he was more instrumental in winning that last Super Bowl than Roseman. Now if you believe that Roseman was more instrumental in winning that Super Bowl than Douglas was, then you let Douglas leave. We all know that Roseman is the best Capologist in the league but we have no idea if he is better than Douglas at judging football talent yet he is getting the credit for it so I guess you have to assume that he is or that Lurie is loyal to a fault. What we do know for sure is that the Eagles never won a Super Bowl until Douglas arrived so without really knowing I will say that Douglas is the common denominator until they win one without him. Even if he would happen to leave this year 50/50, I would give him the credit if the Eagles went on to win the Super Bowl. After the 2019 season its back to Howie and the boys.
  10. LOL Yeah, lets hope that a couple years from now Lurie doesn't have to change that biggest mistake to letting Joe Douglas go! Oregon didn't even give Kelly total control of the roster. I read that he was overruled a lot of times on recruits he wanted in favor of others.
  11. Here is something to consider if you want a National Healthcare for everyone. I am not saying yeah or nay on it but I know a little bit about the process. My wife and I hosted foreign exchange students from Norway when my girls still lived at home and this is what went on over there to get a National Health care and free college education. First of all a minimum 39 percent Federal income tax for everyone and the higher incomes pay more. A 25 percent value added tax (National Sales Tax) on every thing except what the government deems a necessity. Not many Necessities over there. A 12 percent tax on groceries. I guess they aren't a necessity. A 50 percent tax on any automobile purchase less than 30 years old. You buy a car for 30 thousand, it is taxed 15 grand for a 45 thousand out the door price. Plus gas is 9 dollars a gallon. Lots of folks riding bikes and motorcycles over there. Most families only own one car. Since you only have to pay for your books when you go to college a lot of students have to wait 3 to 4 years to get into the college of their choice so they work at something they don't really like until they get accepted into college. There are a lot of ways to skin a cat but this is how Norway does it.
  12. Be careful what you tolerate, you are teaching people how to treat you.
  13. LOL Of course they could put pressure on NIKE to do the right thing or they could remain the hypocrites that they are now. Same with the players. I personally haven't had any NIKE product in my house in over 20 years. Lets all roll over because it is impossible to change something that isn't right. The NFL can give their yearly pittance to the charity of their choice and give their middle finger to the employees of NIKE.
  14. Interesting that Ozzie Newsome probably had a chance to bring back Douglas and offer him the GM reigns to the roster when he moved up in the organization and instead chose Eric DeCosta as his new GM. Of course Newsome might not have wanted to give up control of the roster either even though he moved up.
  15. How about John Dorsey for openers?
  16. In the 1600's English Poet John Milton wrote in his epic poem Pasadise Lost that it was better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.
  17. He could go or he could stay. I have been saying for a long time that any competent talent evaluator would want to hold the reigns on the roster. He will never get that opportunity with the Eagles unless Howie would leave. Howie and Lurie are joined at the hip. This interview with the Jets may just be an opportunity to let the rest of the league know what it will take to pry him away from the Eagles. Offers get out because the press is relentless in finding sources to get them out.
  18. I just happen to believe that the owners are greedy. JMO Whenever you are dealing with greedy people and offer them a way to be even greedier they usually jump on it. If there is a way for owners to make a lot of extra money by having a 17 game regular season with all the extra revenue by it and all they have to do is go back to Sunday and Monday night games, I say greed takes offer.
  19. The owners want an extra regular season game. What are they willing to give up for it? I won't pretend that I am in their inter circle like you but I have been involved in some negotiations in my working career.
  20. Hey GB, I remember you getting angry with the NFL teams playing in London and hurting venders and etc financially. Maybe the players can rectify that in the next agreement. The players don't like Thursday night football either. Another opportunity to change that with negotiations. Something else most fans never consider. I think last year the NFL signed another 8 year agreement with NIKE to supply NFL uniforms. Yes, the same NIKE that has an international workforce made up of 80 percent women who they pay an average salary of 150.00 a month. The same NIKE that pays its women in their Viet Nam plant 34.00 dollars a week for a 65 hour work week to make sneakers that they sell for 140.00 dollars a pair. The same NIKE that is paying athletes who are kneeling for human rights millions in endorsements at the expense of other workers. Yep, I would say that there is plenty to get resolved going forward.
  21. Adam Schefter ✔@AdamSchefter Jaguars’ QB Nick Foles isn’t at OTAs today for personal reasons. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Nick and his family,” said Jaguars’ HC Doug Marrone. 2,177 11:02 AM - May 28, 2019
  22. DWD, All I was stating was that in my opinion Agholor, Big-V, Mills and Darby were expendable if the Texans were interested in making a trade. I also believe a high round draft pick would be involved as well but a couple of these players couldn't possibly soften the blow. Who knows if the Eagles are interested
  23. My fathers favorite QB!
  24. My father was in the Marine Corp during World War 2. He never told me how to live my life. He lived his and let me watch him do it. Always faithful to the end of his life. Semper Fi Dad.