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  1. Well now that its official about Peters and Hicks we might as well win the Super Bowl this year for Peters. I find it hard to believe that he will be back again at his age with these injuries. The Eagles rallying cry for the rest of the year is win it for Jason!
  2. So I guess we will have to wait until next weeks game for Jeffery to have his first big game. LOL
  3. Yeah he has 3 TD's so far in 6 games but he has only been thrown to 18 times with 11 receptions for 205 yards. He has been averaging 18 yards per catch. I watch them a lot down here in Florida and they are not using his talents enough. Maybe it will pick up though.
  4. Yeah rs, you can't have it all in one draft. Barnett, Foster and O.J. Howard were my top three picks in the draft after Jones got hurt. Barnett is doing fine, Foster just came off an injury and started last week and Tampa Bay is not using Howard as frequently as they should. Tampa Bay has to be the biggest disappointment of any team thus far this year.
  5. Tackle Michael Oher is still a free agent. Just don't know if he has cleared concussion protocol. He started 8 years for the Ravens before he started having problems with concussions. 1 year contract to be a backup anyone?
  6. Just doing some wondering about free agent Linebacker DeAndre Levy. He had surgery for a meniscus tear in his right knee in April. How long does it take to recover from that surgery? No team has signed him yet. He was one of the best 4/3 linebackers in the league a couple years ago. Think he had 150 tackles in one year. The guy is 30 years old.
  7. Well on Sunday we get a chance to look at Rueben Foster at middle linebacker. Understand that he is just back from an injury now. Curious to watch how the sledgehammer does against our Mack Truck in the running game.
  8. Wentz likes to roll out of the pocket and he is good at it. They can roll him to the right a little more frequently if they have to until they see that Big-V can handle the position.
  9. The tackle position has changed through the years. Of course the left tackle still has to protect the QB's blind side however a lot of teams are now using their best pass rusher against the right tackle so you really need two great tackles. It appears to me with Lane Johnson's short sample size at the left tackle position that he is better playing on the right side. I believe he can play the left tackle position but he won't be as good of a left tackle as he is a right tackle. JMO He is getting paid either way so it really shouldn't matter to him. The way that injuries have been occuring this year I am more concerned with who do we go to if Big-V gets hurt?
  10. I read somewhere today that the better pass rushers the Eagles will be going up against in the next 3 weeks will be coming from Lane Johnson's side.
  11. At the present time here are the choices to fill in for Hicks. Nathan Gerry, Najee Goode, Kamu Grugier - Hill and Joe Walker. I would imagine that the Eagles start Big V at left tackle and bring up Dillion Gordon from the practice squad. Maybe they also bring back Taylor Hart to the practice squad unless he is ineligible for it.
  12. Bradham comes off the field. Checking him for a concussion
  13. Yeah but he isn't getting paid like Jeffery is!
  14. Jeffery, one catch for 13 yards so far. I keep waiting for this guy to show up.
  15. Hey, Jeffery's future replacement catches a TD.
  16. On Radio, Mick Quick is asking , Where are the Eagles wide receivers?
  17. Possible season ending injury for Hicks
  18. I have a feeling that Jay Gruden will have a few new plays up his sleeve on offense and some new defensive blitzes to try and confuse our quarterback to get ahead quickly in this game. I think the coaching staff and players will have to adapt on the fly during this game to counteract. Also believe that this game will be the biggest challenge of the year for our cornerbacks.
  19. Just keep thinking about the Giant/Broncos game if you feel yourself getting too over confident. LOL
  20. Welcome back! Hope all is well.
  21. 49er's get their first win tomorrow!
  22. @Swoopin, There is nothing stronger than self respect, and nothing as fragile as pride!
  23. LOL, I remember my oldest Grandson's high school football coach once saying to his offense when he was trying to get a point across "The next time you think you are indispensable to the team, put your finger into a bucket of water and look at the hole it makes when you pull it out"!
  24. MJK, US society as a whole is only a mental concept to most constituents. In their real worlds there are only individuals and individual needs. That explains why the football players are protesting and it also explains why a lot of middle class America voted for Trump. That is the way it will always be in a multiculturalistic society. Trying to get 320 million people from all walks of life on the same page is like trying to push a rope.
  25. Goodluck GB, hope that when your surgery is over you get another 61 years out of that eye.