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  1. Of course I could be wrong, apparently Schwartz was wrong about Douglas last year and he is running the defense. I say we will lose Mills after this this because he wasn't switched to safety earlier. Maybe the Eagles don't care if he leaves but they sure have a lot of time invested in the kid. The same could happen to Douglas if they don't make the switch early enough. All bets are off now with injuries on the team but I eventually see Darby and Jones at outside with Maddox backing up. I see LeBlanc, Mills and Scandrick fighting out the nickel position with one of them backing up and Douglas where? Don't get me wrong, I like this guy tremendously and want to see him start somewhere but Douglas 4.6 40, Darby 4.3 40 , Jones 4.4 40 , Maddox 4.3 40. if you see what I mean. Mills is 4.6 40, and LeBlanc runs a 4.67 40. Scandrick was fast in college at 4.32 however a lot of water has gone over the dam since then. Of course I want the best guys where they need to be to be successful but I still think that Douglas could end up at safety before it is all said and done. Now I am not saying another thing about it. How dare I question Jim Schwartz to all the homers.
  2. That is the orginal article that opened my eyes to the possibility of him getting moved. It made sense at the time and could still make sense in the future if for some reason Darby and Jones end up on the outside. In all probability Mills is gone after this year. I don't necessarily think that it is beyond the realm of possibilities that he could eventually end up at safety no matter what Schwartz says now. There are a lot of injuries now so of course he is going to play on the outside with 4.6 40 speed to see if he can handle it better than Mills. Why I don't trust Schwartz opinion or evaluation is because he evaluated Douglas last year and he wasn't good enough to get on the field until injuries forced the situation and now, low and behold, he is good enough to start. Wow what a revelation Jim. Lets just say that if Douglas was forced to play safety due to an injury, after a couple growing pain games he could handle it.
  3. https://insidetheiggles.com/2017/09/12/rasul-douglas-eagles-future-safety/
  4. Joe, Some people create happiness wherever they go, others, whenever they go! People will notice the change in your attitude towards them. But won't notice their behavior that made you change
  5. No one can persuade another to change. Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be opened from the inside. We cannot open the gate of another, either by argument or emotional appeal. Have a nice day DC
  6. LOL So are you ready to trade Zach Ertz and a 2020 first rounder for Ramsey like the sports writer hinted at? Then why did you bring it up in the first place? LMAO
  7. LOL Schwartz didn't see him as a CB a while back, let alone a starting CB.
  8. LOL Probably a number of them playing for the Jets.
  9. Who is projected to come back first between Mills or Leblanc?
  10. Two interesting things about Jeff Stoutland. He doesn't think any college player is ready to start in the NFL right away no matter where they are drafted and he wasn't initially on board with drafting Dillard. Read for yourself this interesting article on the man. https://www.inquirer.com/eagles/eagles-training-camp-andre-dillard-jeff-stoutland-jason-peters-offensive-line-20190724.html
  11. Are you fans familiar with the author from section 215? He is enthusiastically wild over wanting the Eagles to sign Robert Nkemdiche.
  12. LOL The last cornerback the Eagles had that made the pro bowl (2008, 2009, 2010) was Asante Samuel and he had to be one of the worst tacklers I have ever seen. Just goes to show you that the pro bowl voters aren't looking for hard at that category when choosing pro bowl CB's. Interceptions and pass breakup's must be the deciding factored. As I recall, Dieon Sanders was a lousy tackler as well.
  13. Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does! https://www.yahoo.com/news/little-eagles-fan-shares-emotional-162446242.html
  14. I say he gets paid although I don't know the cap space remaining. Schwartz said in his news conference that Jenkins played 7 different positions in one game last year. I still believe he has lost a step but that versatility counts for something. Plus he is a leader as well.
  15. I read somewhere in the last two weeks that Joe Douglas likes Ostemon and would like to trade the Eagles for him. Not sure who the Jets have that the Eagles would want though. LOL Offensive linemen and CB's are the big need for the Jets.
  16. Whenever I read something like this I guess the human nature in me tries to figure out the motivation to keep playing since it is always tougher to stay in shape or get into shape with each passing year. Jason is financially set even if he doesn't make another dollar the rest of his life. He is a lock to be in the Hall of Fame so I would think that neither of those two things play into his wanting to continue playing. I guess it could be the core players on this team seem like family and walking away from family is always hard to do. The only other thing I can think of is being a major part of another Super Bowl. He technically has a Super Bowl win however I would have to believe that a guy like Peters wants to make a major contribution to the next one. Any other reasons????
  17. I don't know how many of you watched much of Barnett at Tennessee however, the reason he broke all of Reggie White's sack records is because he was rotated across the defensive line a lot. What caught my eye was how effective he was coming from the DT position. Of course this is the NFL and that was college but the kid really had the stamina to play the whole game. He was just as fresh in the 4th quarter as he was in the first. Cox has more plays then some and I believe Barnett can be the same way in the DE position. Of course he has to stay healthy to prove it.
  18. Yep! Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.
  19. I must be getting old and not paying attention as much because I didn't know that Bradham had surgery after the season. Will he be ready to go or not? It could get interesting if he isn't.
  20. I am not going to argue about it but both Mills and Douglas run the same identical 40 times. Of course Douglas is taller and has a different skill set with "route recognition" being his best asset. He dropped in the draft due to his 40 time (4.60) I believe. You know the route recognition is there due to his knack for picks during his small sample size of starting. I always thought that Mills was the better tackler of the two in the open field however Douglas seems to be getting much better in the category with more playing time. Although I believe that Mills is a safety, I don't think we will find out due to this being the last year of his contract. As a player, I wouldn't want to move to safety in my last year and then go into free agency being considered as a tweener. You don't get paid that way. LOL I say he either gets traded late (Maybe to the Jets) or stays with the club for his final year here and then moves on.
  21. Stine, We may never know if Mills would have been a great safety in our lineup. I have been saying since he got here that safety is his position. He is a good tackler and plays well in a crowd like down in the red zone. Obviously I am not a talent scout but I see things differently than others at times.
  22. The amazing part to me is that a couple of those guys were attained by accident and Schwartz had no involvement in acquiring them them at all. I will give him credit for admitting that. A man has to know his limitations. JMO but I have always said that Schwartz projects arrogance to me. A quality that I do not like. Nothing wrong with deferring to someone else for talent selection if your "pride" lets you do it. Maybe we started a trend here last year with CB evaluation by a lower level talent scout on the team who should be getting some more recognition.
  23. LOL Patience is a virtue. Something that is acquired most the time through age and maturity. We all get impatient at times with players. My biggest miss most recently was Agholor. I would have traded him for a box of butterscotch krimpets a couple years ago. Do I still think the Eagles missed on him with a number one pick? Yes, but they got a valuable player once he found his position.
  24. C'mon now! LOL If you remember, only a couple of us had confidence in Douglas as well until this past year. Now everyone likes him. No doubt about it, You can't help your team if you are not on the field but if Jones fails to live up to expectations I want it to be blamed on his skill set and not his injuries. We have not seen enough of his skill set to make a good judgment. Until I see him get beat like a drum on a regular basis like Mills, I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt. It was only a small sample size but Jones was ranked number 1 in the nickel back position last year before his injury. It was also the only position that Schwartz would let him play man coverage as well which is his strong suit. Jones never missed any time in college due to injuries so this is a recent phenomena. He has taken it upon himself to train differently this past year. https://www.inquirer.com/eagles/sidney-jones-eagles-cornerback-training-washington-cougars-achilles-20190531.html
  25. Your story made me think of the World Trade Center attack. I was working at the time for Pennsylvania Power and Light and we sent electrical linemen workers up to help restore the mess in New York City. When our guys finally got back to work, they told stories of companies from the south who came up to help and were all sent away one right after another because they weren't union companies, That is why it took so long to restore things. That is also why some of these people from New York never got any breaks from the terrible environment they were working in and now have had to lobby Congress for more money to help them with their cancerous diseases from being overexposed to that environment.