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  1. [Spadaro] The Rise Of CB Patrick Robinson

    Stine, its been a long time since I tasted a good smoked Turkey. Have a happy Thanksgiving!
  2. [Spadaro] The Rise Of CB Patrick Robinson

    GB, If the Eagles draft 1st round pick 32, McGlinchey won't be there. At the present time he is projected to be the first LT taken. The kid I was telling you about the other day (Mitch Hyatt) from Clemson may still be there at pick 32 or the high second round. That is where he is projected if he comes out this year after his junior season. If the kid stays for his senior season he will probably be the first LT taken in the draft in 2019. He is leaning towards coming out this year. He is the first left tackle that has started for Clemson since the first game of his freshman year since 1980. He has already played in a National Championship game against Alabama. He has also had great games against both Alabama and Ohio State in the playoffs. The cream rises to the top in their toughest competition. I wouldn't steer you wrong with an offensive linemen. LOL
  3. [Spadaro] The Rise Of CB Patrick Robinson

    The Eagles have one first round pick in 2018, (2) 4th round picks, (2) 5th round picks and (1) 6th rounder. Still see the Eagles trading that first rounder away for a second and third rounder. Some team will be desperate enough to make that kind of swap.
  4. [Spadaro] The Rise Of CB Patrick Robinson

    Yes I do. I will join the 21st century one of these days.
  5. [Spadaro] The Rise Of CB Patrick Robinson

    Sproles made 4 mil this year and Blount made 1.25 mil. Might be easier to bring Blount back than Sproles
  6. [Spadaro] The Rise Of CB Patrick Robinson

    Darby is making 800,000 this year and in 2018 (the last of his contract) he will make 1,008,139.
  7. [Spadaro] The Rise Of CB Patrick Robinson

    I changed my mind GB. I am going to stick my neck out a little and say the guy they resign is Beau Allen. Just remembered that they tried in March to get he resigned and decided to put it on the back burner for awhile. Allen is making 690,000 on the last year of his contract and I think they can get it done with the cap space left this year.
  8. [Spadaro] The Rise Of CB Patrick Robinson

    It will be interesting to see how much cap space Howie will create next year to sign the players he wants back
  9. [Spadaro] The Rise Of CB Patrick Robinson

    Apparently the Eagles have the least amount of cap space to carry over to next year at about 2.5 mil. Hard to see that they could sign Bradham or Burton with that kind of money
  10. [Spadaro] The Rise Of CB Patrick Robinson

    Apparently the Eagles want to sign one more player to a new contract before the season is over. You do you think they have enough cap space to sign? How about Bradham or Burton?
  11. [Spadaro] The Rise Of CB Patrick Robinson

    https://horseshoeheroes.com/2016/07/02/colts-patrick-robinson-rated-as-nfls-2nd-best-slot-cornerback/ Sorry about the last post. This is the one I wanted. My computer skills are not the best!
  12. [Spadaro] The Rise Of CB Patrick Robinson

  13. [Spadaro] The Rise Of CB Patrick Robinson

    Interesting that some folks are attributing the Rams loss to the Vikings to LB's Robert Quinn and Connor Barwin not getting enough pressure on Casey Keenum. Apparently the Vikings decided to double team the Rams best pass rusher and make both these linebackers try to get the pressure on their QB and they couldn't get close to him. I looked up both their PFF grades for 2017 and Quinn's is 49.5 and Barwin's is 43.8. Well I guess we will get a chance to see our old friend in action pretty soon.
  14. [Spadaro] The Rise Of CB Patrick Robinson

    The Eagles had him out of position in camp. They mostly played him on the outside. When he covered the slot while playing for the Chargers he was rated the second best CB in the league that year. The Eagles initially tried to put a square peg in a round hole until they eventually woke up.
  15. [News] The 9-1 Eagles: What The Numbers Mean

    Tennessee Titans[edit] Poutasi was selected with the 66th overall pick in the third round of the 2015 NFL Draft by the Tennessee Titans. On September 2, 2016, he was released by the Titans as part of final roster cuts.[8] Jacksonville Jaguars[edit] On September 5, 2016, Poutasi was signed to the Jacksonville Jaguars' practice squad.[9] He was promoted to the active roster on November 18, 2016.[10] He was placed on injured reserve on December 20, 2016 after suffering an ankle injury in Week 15.[11] On September 3, 2017, Poutasi was waived by the Jaguars and was re-signed to the practice squad.[12] He was released on September 20, 2017.[13] Los Angeles Rams[edit] On November 15, 2017, Poutasi was signed to the Los Angeles Rams' practice squad, but was released six days later.[14]
  16. [News] The 9-1 Eagles: What The Numbers Mean

    Depends on what his outside interests are. He has made enough money to last him a lifetime so if he chooses to coach at the NFL level its due to his love of the game.
  17. [News] The 9-1 Eagles: What The Numbers Mean

    Torrey Smith 6ft Oin 205 pounds 40 yard dash 4.36 Sheldon Gibson 5ft 11 in 191 pounds 40 yard dash 4.39 Alshon Jeffery 6ft 3in 218 pounds 40 yard dash 4.48 Mack Hollins 6ft 4in 221 pounds 40 yard dash 4.50
  18. [News] The 9-1 Eagles: What The Numbers Mean

    I know that everyone is going to laugh at this statement but Gibson is the receiver that is suppose to replace Smith. Hollins is here to replace Jeffery if needed.
  19. [News] The 9-1 Eagles: What The Numbers Mean

    Probably not if a Super Bowl is won. Some of these old timers are just hanging on to win a Super Bowl. Can't say that I blame them.
  20. [News] The 9-1 Eagles: What The Numbers Mean

    One thing we are forgetting. Father time! Peters may not be able to make it back with both an MCL and ACL.
  21. [News] The 9-1 Eagles: What The Numbers Mean

    I know that it is just speculation but if a Super Bowl is won I don't see Peters coming back. If the Eagles are comfortable enough with Hollins by the end of the season then you let Smith go. Saving Peters salary plus Smith salary signs Jeffery
  22. [News] The 9-1 Eagles: What The Numbers Mean

    I believe different decisions will be made on some of these players depending on whether a Super Bowl is won or not.
  23. [News] The 9-1 Eagles: What The Numbers Mean

    I was one of those folks that did a lot of criticizing of Kelce in the past for a number of reasons but he has shown that he had the ability "with help" to reinvent himself. Kelce came into the league only weighing 282 pounds. Very lite for a center. He weighs 295 now but still has trouble keeping the weight on from the start of the season to the end. He has always been great at getting out from his initial block and getting down field to help. Of course as everyone knows, he has difficulty against giant sized nose tackles and the last two years prior to this year he was also having his troubles hiking the ball in the shotgun. He has worked very hard on correcting his hiking problems in the shotgun and I can't remember him having a bad one this year as of yet. As far as his problems with giant sized nose tackles, I can't remember him facing one yet this year but when he does, RG Brandon Brooks new assignment will be to slant block to help Kelce out. That is something new! The last thing I had against Kelce and the most important thing, in my mind was that in years past when things were not always going well with the team, I felt that he through some of his fellow players under the bus to cover his own behind. Hey, I call them how I see them. So far everything is going good this year and the Eagles are all playing as a team so I haven't noticed any back biting or innuendo out of him. Maybe he has matured now! Whatever anyone thinks about him, in all fairness you have to say that he has been an asset to the team.
  24. [News] The 9-1 Eagles: What The Numbers Mean

    The thing I have against activating Sturgis is that we have to cut someone from the 53 man roster to activate him. You can bet that player will be scooped up by another team and his brain picked for all our plays. Don't want a potential playoff team signing the guy we have to cut. I'm superstitious! LOL
  25. [News] The 9-1 Eagles: What The Numbers Mean

    I noticed that V got to the second level of his blocking assignments 3 times versus Dallas. Of course I watch them a lot during the game. I've always had an affection for the big uglies.