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  1. Stine, this is for you! This Green Bay fan is now a Packer. Ryan Holtan-Murphy grew up in Wisconsin as a die-hard Packers fan and it just so happens the woman he chose to marry, Marie Packer, has the same last name as his beloved football team. After promising to take his wife's last name, Ryan followed through when the two became Mr. and Mrs. Packer on June 17. The newlyweds celebrated their marriage with several Packers-themed wedding decorations, complete with a Packers banner, mailbox and Ryan even surprised his wife with a Packers suit after the ceremony. "I ordered it three months ago and have been hiding it under the bed in our guest room. She was a lot harder to find on the dance floor once I showed up in the suit," Ryan told ABC News. "She's a great sport. She's a lot of fun."
  2. Has everyone seen that the Supreme Court has unanimously voted in the Washington Redskins favor regarding keeping their name? I took a chance today and turned on Espn for the first time in 3 weeks and they were bawling about the decision on Outside the lines.
  3. A FEW GOOD MEN - The men's thesaurus for women on Father's day' Men don't always say what they mean ladies, please allow me to translate for your future benefit: 1. When a man says "IT WOULD TAKE TOO LONG TO EXPLAIN" He means: I have no idea how it works" 2.When a man says "THAT'S INTERESTING DEAR." , He means: Are you still talking?" 3. When a man says: "IT'S A GUY THING" He means "There is no rational thought pattern connected with this, and you have no chance at all of making it logical" 4. When a man says "UH HUH, SURE HONEY," , or "YES DEAR" He means: Absolutely nothing - It's a conditioned response. 5. When a man says "YOU LOOK TERRIFIC" He means: Oh please don't try on one more outfit, we're late and I'm starving." 6. When a man says, "THAT"S NOT WHAT I MEANT." He means: "If something I said can be interpreted two ways, and one of the ways makes you sad or angry, I meant the other one. 7. If your husband says, "Honey, WHAT COLOR IS THIS?" He means: All men see in only 16 colors, like Windows default settings. Peach, for example, is a fruit, not a color. Pumpkin is also a fruit. I have no idea what "taupe" is. Hope all you guys have a great "Fathers" Day!
  4. LOL. I was so bored last night that I actually watched the Congressional baseball game. Now that is bored!
  5. That was Cox, not Peters... At this point a strain we can live with. Well it's minor concern here at present,but we have not even had contact drills,so I hope this isn't a sign for him.I know about getting older(ugh) Cox is 26? That's older? Guess that makes me prehistoric. LMAO
  6. We definitely need defensive linemen with non stop motors for Schwartz's defense to work properly. That is why I wanted Derek Barnett in the first round. These guys don't get much help from the blitz to get to the QB so they are doing the equivalent of blitzing on every down. Hard to do for a 275 pound man on every down without running out of gas. It will be interesting to see just how much gas Long has in the tank this year and also whether Jernigan's motor can withstand non stop blitzing without getting tired. I have no concerns at all with Barnett. I have watched him numerous times last year and he is the energizer bunny from first quarter through the fourth. Guys like that are hard to find.
  7. Now that the Ravens signed Maclin don't be surprised if they sign Eric Decker as well! They were up against it this year in the receiving department but miraculously two proven receivers were thrown in their laps if they have the space to sign them. What was projected as a down year for them due to injuries and etc. can now be salvaged.
  8. Must be nice being the Patriots and having the perfect storm to compete in every year. A division that has not given them any competition in 10 years. Every year they can pencil in 6 wins before they even play a down. What are the odds of having a QB like Brady at the same time you have 3 incompetent teams to compete against for what seems like forever?
  9. Okay Joe, don't keep me hanging on a string. You got to tell me why the Cowboys are only going to win 9 games. Is it because of the sophomore jinx of their QB or defenses being ready now to defend Elliot? Down year for a couple of their players? The teams in our division being better this year? Their overall schedule? Lets have it!
  10. 2 year contract worth 11 million. Bout the same thing we are paying Smith. LOL
  11. You are correct Joe. Ertz is not a problem but having a third down money receiver along with a money receiver in the end zone has been a problem. We will see if those two problems get resolved this year whether by Ertz or another player or two.
  12. Nice stats! However, Charli Young spelled differently. And my favorite all time player of ANY position, Pete Retzlaff, played halfback his first year - and remember he only played 12 games per year. I didn't include Keith Byars because he played both FB and Tight End plus he lined up in the slot but if blocking is what you want, Byars used to decleat tacklers with some of the greatest blocks in NFL history. LOL Man could that guy block.
  13. Wrang, He has great stats and will go down as best offensive TE ever in Eagles history. But until he can block, he will never replace the top two on the list... Hi Stine. Not many guys on this board have criticized Ertz for his poor blocking skills more than I have. Maybe just you! LOL I will definitely be paying attention to his blocking and TD receptions in the future. I am harder to please than a lot of fans and sports writers. If you want to be the best in my book, you have to be willing to do the dirty work well and blocking is the dirty work.
  14. Currently here is a list of the Eagles all time best 5 Tight Ends in order of their ranking. 1. Pete Retzlaff 2. Keith Jackson 3. Brent Celek 4. Charlie Young 5. Chad Lewis I looked up all 5 of these guys stats during their first four years in the league to compare them with Zac Ertz's stats through his first four years. No one knows how the rest of Ertz's career will go but his stats thus far compare to this group of guys through four seasons. He is ahead of Retzlaff in all stats. He is ahead of Jackson in all stats except TD's where he trails Jackson 20 TD's to 13. The only stat he is behind Celek is TD's 14 to 13. He is ahead of Lewis and Young in all categories. IMO the only thing keeping Ertz from becoming the Eagles best TE is TD's. If he improves that area of his game he should be a no brainer for best Eagles TE. Big if I know but it is still possible.
  15. The goal is to be much more than "decent” this season, to increase the bond with Wentz, and to score more touchdowns. The two have clicked throughout the spring. Great things appear to be very much ahead for the combination of Wentz to Ertz. What this team needs is a money guy on third downs and a money guy in the end zone. I don't care if it is the same guy for both or different guys. I also don't care if it is a receiver or a TE. That is the need for success.
  16. Hi Senhor. Lets wait to see if Jon Runyan makes the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I think he has been eligible since 2015. He has my vote.
  17. Well there we have it. No Maclin. I was sitting on the fence regarding him but now that the decision was made I have to say that I've always lived my life in the present and very seldom in the past. Time for this club to play football the same way. Good luck to Jeremy in any future endeavors but it is time for the Eagles to move on.
  18. http://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2017/6/7/15728632/jordan-matthews-stats-eagles-philadelphia-garbage-time-inflated-contract-nfl-wide-receiver-slot
  19. Adam Schefter ✔ @AdamSchefter Former Chiefs' WR Jeremy Maclin is leaving Buffalo and heading to visit Baltimore, per source.
  20. Question for you fans: Can Jon Runyan still make the NFL Hall of Fame? I think he is deserving! Something tells me he was eligible starting in 2015. Is that correct?
  21. He definitely has my vote!
  22. Not sure how he is doing thus far but starting OTA's the pecking order for the slot receiver position was 1st string JMatt 2nd string Treggs and 3rd string Turner.
  23. Bill Belichick's philosophy - I don't think you move a defensive lineman to the offensive line unless you're plans are to move him to left tackle.
  24. OK cool... So maybe they believe Mathews could be a nice piece on that offense? And they wouldn't need to load him up as they do have other options. Wanted to ask you a question earlier but forgot. How far away from Salisbury do you live? I have a friend who used to live there before she immigrated to the US
  25. Go get um Taylor.