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  1. So when they point out how much Wentz fumbles or hasn't had a signature game/comeback yet? Cowboys fans sure live in their own little world. And this is from the live FOX broadcast and the halftime/end of game crews. What more are you talking about, national? A Dallas newspaper? You hear what you want to hear. But then again, I'm sure we are all like that, to some degree!
  2. Lol you guys
  3. You folks are way too hard on Eli Manning. He gives everyone hope.
  4. LOL
  5. Now you know how it feels for a young qb to play without a supporting running game. Wentz has over a year of experience in that setting. Dak has had one game and you see the result. Lucky for Dak, he doesn't have to burden the load every game like Wentz does. He'll have his running game cushion back in no time.
  6. There's more on Wentz's shoulders, of course he'll make more mistakes than Dak. Dak has the huge luxury of an elite rushing attack. Apples and oranges comparing their games.
  7. I was not impressed with the giants defense either, but their offense was the most unproductive 60 minutes I've seen in quite some time. Horrid. Thought their coach was offensive minded?
  8. The Redskins Oline is not terrible.
  9. That has nothing to do with the pressure the Eagles front applied. I guess football doesn't work like that.
  10. OBJ wouldn't have helped: Most Consecutive Games Scoring Fewer Than 20 Points Active Streaks, Including Playoffs: #NYG: 7 #CHI: 2 #HOU: 2 #MIA: 2 #WAS: 2
  11. A Texas court, shocker they ruled in his favor.
  12. Zeke and the OL didn't play in the games that he went "head to head with the best qbs"? You don't think that affects his play? Wow
  13. This, even Kaep had a good year when things were going well. This comparison is a 5-10 year out deal.
  14. Hahaha, gift wrap ending