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  1. is reporting the police are suspending the investigation into this because of conflicting reports. Sounds like Jerruh paid someone to make it go away.
  2. this is 100 correct.....and it's 100 percent the reason I despise the move..... 1960........2017... that's 57 years.....they keep trying to push that agenda and the they keep failing...
  3. Ya know the Chargers moving to LA has zero bearing on my life. But ya know what I've always wished the big one would hit LA and kinda push that and Hollywood out into the Pacific. Hope that team never wins another football game as long as Spanos is in charge.
  4. Well the difference between Atlanta and Pittsburgh is at the time Pittsburgh had a battered aging DeAngelo Williams. He had a heavy workload the previous two weeks including I think 30 some the game before , Leveon Bell is more of a handful for us with Williams sprinkled in. Atlanta has a backfield duo that's a little younger and more difficult to deal with. Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. Because Julio Jones = Antonio Brown.
  5. Hue Jackson is a horrible excuse for an NFL coach that fake punt was the worst thing i've ever saw. I mean **** they didn't even have a punter out on the field. That said even I thought RG3 would resurrect his career in Cleveland. I wasn't thinking he'd make the team a winner but I figured he'd play well enough to hold the job for a few seasons. Now even that appears to be very doubtful. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  6. A couple of takes from this game I noticed Cam must have nightmares about Von Miller. That's not so good news for Carson Wentz either folks or any other big athletic QB. Superman found his kryptonite last night and in super bowl 50. The impact the fullback has. Devastating on middle linebackers who key on the fullback and watch helplessly as the tailback one cuts right past them. So refreshing to watch two teams use the position unlike the spread formations that run so rampant all over all levels of the game. John Elway and Gary Kubiak have an eye for picking their QB. I was impressed with the way Siemien handled himself after a bit of a shaky start. One play that sticks in my head was a 3rd and 10 or 11. He had Sanders or Thomas running a slant over the middle for what looked like an easy first down. Instead he tucked the ball and ran for the first down. The two goobers in the booth were calling it a designed run but I saw different. He wanted that slant route but he saw one of the Carolina backers breaking fast on the route and it surely would have been a pick six from the looks of it.
  7. Memo to Kaepernick get over yourself..
  8. Yes and no. I honestly do recall seeing a falcons fan wearing one once and laughed my a** off. I tried to order a custom Eagles one from the NFL shop and it won't allow you to use that. So either the Falcons fan knew someone that can do some shirt printing or number/name stitching or he ordered it from before they banned it.
  9. Running neck and neck with some other team I know of.
  10. Well I guess this means we'll be force fed for the next two weeks how Cleveland will now trade #2 to Philly because ya know Cleveland's had such great history with QB's and are set for the next decade with RGknee. Aaaaaalllllll aboard!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if makes no sense at all we'll just say it anyways in the name of ratings!!!!!!! Chipper's going to ship the Golden Gate Bridge to Cleveland for that pick if anything.
  11. Looking at the teams with longest streaks since winning a playoff game lets say the top 10 only the Bengals have been relevant in the past 10 years or so AND THEY HAVENT WONT A PLAYOFF GAME SINCE 1991. Here's the last year for every NFL team (date is calender year not season year) 2016 Panthers, Chiefs, Seahawks, Broncos, Packers, Pats, Cards, Steelers 2015 Colts, Cowboys, Ravens 2014 49ers, Chargers, Saints, 2012 Falcons, Texans, Giants, 2011 Bears, Jets, 2010 Vikings, 2009 Eagles 2008 Jags 2006 Skins 2005 Rams 2004 Titans 2003 Bucs, Raiders 2000 Dolphins 1995 Bills, Browns 1992 Lions 1991 Bengals so what im saying is it really could be a lot worse. Sure the Dolphins have won super bowls but geeze when's the last time the Dolphins were relevant? I'm thinking the 80s. How about the Browns? the 80's with Bernie Kosar. The Bills haven't done crap since losing 4 super bowls in the 90s, The Lions? Have they ever been relevant? Sure they were fun to watch with Barry Sanders but um..,,
  12. headline reads "Wilson works magic in playoff win". What part of Wilsons game was the reason the Seahawks won?
  13. That's the impression I got when i read the article. Koetter is getting the credit for steering the offense in the right direction but Lovie's defense was pretty bad save for when they played the Eagles. Either way sounds like Lovie got a raw deal especially two years into the rebuild and when most of the teams picks have gone towards rebuilding the offense the past two seasons. Who knows maybe they were upset he let Revis and Mark Barron go.
  14. He'll get another year from Lurie for sure that is if he doesn't bolt back to college first. I can see this thing imploding in the same fashion dream team 1.0 did. When that happens look for Chip to resign and take the money from Texas or some other former college powerhouse that's fallen on so-so times.
  15. Have to agree with this here. I noticed this during the game and thought the same thing. Probably why there was a no call. The seattle defender easily could have grabbed that ball and just fell down with it. That said the sport is just becoming more and more of a joke. So lets get this straight. A fumble cannot be caused by the ground unless its the QB and he dives instead of slides. But if he slides he's down by contact. A fumble is a touchback and is awarded to the defending team if it goes out of bounds in the end zone but if it goes out of bounds anywhere else on the field the offensive team retains possession. And lastly a fumble is not a fumble even if the offensive player clearly fumbles the ball before he's down by contact as long as the tip of the ball crosses the plane of the goalline.