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  1. Baynit

    And now Michael Bennett...

    What you are saying kinda has some merit to it. When Curry left the first time after super bowl LII it wasn't on bad terms with the players but the front office didn't want to pay him.. Right move.... But it seemed widely accepted he wasn't going to be resigned and the media didn't really bat an eye about it.. When Bennett left after last season, I don't really think it was on "bad" terms. I mean there was no drama with any of the players or coaches as far I know but he wanted more money and the front office didn't see it that way.. Vinny Curry was out of a contract and the front office didn't want to pay him. Bennett was already under contract and wanted a reworked deal. All this being said..... There's one more huge piece of this puzzle. MeSean!!!! Did the same exact crap Bennett did last season, several seasons prior MeSean was doing the same thing.... Wanted a reworked deal with more money.... So while Howie was busy bringing everyone back for a reunion tour he jettisoned a productive player in favor of MeSean!
  2. Baynit

    And now Michael Bennett...

    yeah that gets expensive after a while... Been there lol
  3. Baynit

    And now Michael Bennett...

    For all the success Belechick and Tom Brady have had together everyone seems to forget Belechick was a defensive Coordinator on two New York Giants super bowl teams in the 80s. Super Bowls 21 and 25. It's a large reason for the Patriots success under him. One of the best defensive coaches to ever coach in the NFL. Certainly the best "head coach". One of the many things Belichick has done well is getting rid of players at the right time.. With the current state of our locker room, what in the world makes you think adding a player that the team already sent packing once would be a good idea. What on earth makes you think Michael Bennett would arrive back in Philly and think ya know what.....(please note the sarcasm in the following) This is a great locker room, I love being here, and ya know what I really want to work my butt off for these guys because I'm really stoked they were going to cut me before the Patriots came with the right offer.. You people need to realize this is the real NFL not Madden.... Real people have personalities. AI controlled digital likenesses on Madden do not...
  4. Baynit

    Week 6: Lions @ Packers

    I am so sick of seeing Aaron Rogers and the Packers getting calls in prime time games. If the NFL can pay a dude to sit there and say hey so and so needs to be brought in the blue tent. The NFL can pay a dude to sit there and say hey New York take a look at that quick...
  5. Baynit

    Bowling Green, KY

    based on these posts you should be good as long as you can find Scottsville road. lol
  6. Baynit

    Bowling Green, KY

    I'm sure there's a Buffalo Wild Wings somewhere in Kentucky.... You'll be hard pressed to find an Eagle themed bar in Kentucky... as a matter of fact here you go a Buffalo Wild Wings Bowling Green, KY. 270-842-9464. 1760 Scottsville Rd. Bowling Green, KY. A Map Pin View Map. Order Pickup. Hours. Dine-In Hours. Sunday: 11am - 12am the website also listed this number for the Bowling Green location in addition to the one above Phone: (270) 746-9123
  7. Baynit

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    yeah I dunno man I read an article a week or so ago that had all of the talking heads from and Carr has The Raiders and Falcons playing in the super bowl this year. Maurice Jones Drew had the Jags winning it all..... lol Gil Brandt the Cowboys, Charlie Casserly the Texans and so on.... Basically all these dudes picked their own teams or teams that they had ties to... The media are a huge joke to me anymore...
  8. well if it's conspiracy theories you want Chiefs- there's no denying the NFL is looking for a new hero... A sort of anti Colin Kaepernick. Enter the mixed race Patrick Mahomes. See the Tyreek Hill suspension or lack there of as my argument on this conspiracy. The NFL needs this guy to win MVPs and throw for lots of yards because well that's good for the NFL's pockets.. Just look around the country or a list of top selling jerseys.... A lot of kids walking around sporting this guys frohawk perm and #15 Chiefs jersey.... Seahawks - About 10 years ago Seattle was listed as one of the most rapidly growing cities in the US. The NFL desperate to capitalize on this market created the "Legion of Boom" and made millions off that moniker... The Legion of boom clearly was playing by a different set of rules than any other NFL defense... Rams - once again another case of the NFL making sure it cashes in on a certain market.. This time it's L.A. and the 20 million people living there... L.A. doesn't give an ish about the NFL. The Rams twice, the Raiders... It's all about the Lakers and the Dodgers in L.A. The NFL had to pay fans to fill the stadium at Rams home games because it got tired of seeing fans from other NFL teams in the seats.. Fast forward to the end of the glorious 2017-2018 NFL season and Sean McVay is named coach of the year.. Not second year coach Doug Pederson who won his teams first ever super bowl... The media have done nothing but shove Jared Goff and Sean McVay down our throats ever since... The NFL is clearly trying to generate hype in hopes that a team sticks in LA this time... Ask the Saints fans how they feel about this... Saints - hurricane Katrina. It may have taken the NFL a couple of years but they made it work... That playoff game against the Saints the year following Katrina was the worst ever officiated game I've ever seen... On a side note I could watch Sheldon Brown clean Reggie Bush's clock all day long...
  9. Baynit

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Curious if David Carr is still picking baby brother to win the super bowl this year...
  10. Dudes been planning this since he was traded to the Raiders....
  11. IYes T.O. was an eccentric dude but the media often portrayed him to be the bad guy in any situation when he wasn't.. I think T.O.'s antics were often scripted for the camera such as the push ups in the drive way thing... McSoup was a bigger dope! Yet McNabb the family man was often portrayed as the good guy... Several reports have come out since both of these guys have retired...Former Eagles have come out and spoken about this since then.... T.O. wasn't completely the bad guy the media needed him to be... To answer your question.. I think both dudes are eccentric but Owens doesn't even compare to the level of Antonio Browns childishness... McNabb was just a straight up D...
  12. well now all we need to complete this circus is for the cavalcade of rumors or reports on how Howie tried to restructure Alshon in time to make an offer for AB... Followed by the legions of dumbfounded dipshits cursing Howie for not offering AB the contract quick enough...
  13. Baynit

    Tyreek Hill 3 year, $54M extension

    I agree man it sounds like some tin foil hat crap... But I can't come up with any other explanation. I mean unless i'm missing some key info in this case.. But to my knowledge what I mentioned above is where the case is at.. She's filing for custody and the police have classified the case as "not active" which means they aren't going to charge either because it's a he said she said thing and they can't take the testimony of a 3 year old into account.. Unless new evidence comes to light.
  14. Baynit

    Tyreek Hill 3 year, $54M extension

    Hill not being suspended has a lot to do with the fact that his QB is Patrick Mahomes and the NFL is desperate to make sure it's newest cash cow stays on top.;.. Taking away his top receiver could result in negative consequences for Mahomes on the field and consequently the NFL's pockets... That or its some type of make up for the Zeke suspension fiasco a few seasons ago... Either way it's complete b.s. In all honesty I can't believe people aren't making a bigger deal about this... But then again.. If the shoe were on the other foot and Hill was suspended under the same cloud of suspicion every news outlet in the country would be all over it... Goodell needs to go plain and simple... I have no idea weather Hill did this or not... But to simply just act like Goodell does without waiting for the legal process to sort itself out is just crazy... As of July which is the most recent article on the topic the mother was still filing for full custody and child support from Hill... She refused to talk to Goodell which in my opinion is probably under the legal advice of her lawyer. This is literally the sole reason Goodell is not suspending Hill.... This is his argument anyways.