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  1. Baynit

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    Well yes by default. Go Big Red. I can't stand the Rams. Still bitter with the Saints and well F Tom Brady he's won enough... If the Pats beat the Chiefs I won't even watch the bowl that's pretty much sums up how I feel about it...
  2. Baynit

    Predict week 17 flex game

    Initially I was replying to a post about the Eagles/Texans being flexed to 430... This is what I think is confusing you. So in this hypothetical discussion if the Eagles and Texans are flexed to 430 and the Steelers/Saints kept at 430 we'd be seeing Pittsburgh. No matter what the deal is with the Ravens game. They could play that game whenever they wanted we'd still be seeing Pittsburgh...Unless of course one of the games got cross flexed to fox... If both the Pittsburgh and Philly games were 430 CBS games we'd get Pitt.
  3. Baynit

    Predict week 17 flex game

    I think you missed my point. The Steelers and Ravens always take priority over the Eagles on cbs in the Harrisburg market. If for some reason the NFL decided to flex the Eagles/Texans, only way the game is being shown here in my home is if somehow the Steelers/Saints game is flexed out of the 430 spot. No matter what the deal is with the Ravens/Chargers game. CBS views the Harrisburg area in the Primary Ravens market and views Harrisburg as a secodary Pittsburgh market. Even if the Eagles/Texans were the national game on CBS that week. If Pittsburgh or Baltimore had a CBS game at the same time my home would get one of those two teams. All this despite the fact that Pittsburgh is twice as far as Philadelphia and Baltimore is in another state... Fortunately it's a moot point most of the time with the majority of the Eagles games being fox games. Conversely if ever there's a conflict on FOX with the above teams. Fox shows the Eagles.
  4. Baynit

    Predict week 17 flex game

    That would have upset me... Only way I get this game in my home Sunday is by keeping the Ravens/Chargers Saturday night, the Eagles/Texans Sunday at 1 and the Steelers/Saints Sunday at 430. All would be CBS games.
  5. Well yeah I agree... I'm under the impression Zimmer leaves the entire offense up to Flip... Here he had Doug, Frank, and Duce also putting their iron in the fire...
  6. Yeah I don't think the entire thing can be placed on DeFellipo. Like I mentioned in my original post there's more than just the offense losing the T.O.P. game. The Rams caught them in poor coverage's over and over again.. That's Zimmer... I'm sure injuries have played a part, FA, Everson Griffen had a meltdown earlier this year and so on...
  7. I think the concern here for them is that they are just either scoring or punting too quickly. They aren't sustaining many drives.. So while yeah I'm sure the numbers you mention are accurate the attempts last season helped keep their defense fresh...According to the talking heads they try to tell you that DeFellipo is designing an offense that is making him look like a "big time" play designer.. In hopes of getting him into the A list of coaching names this offseason.... Even Zimmer has called him out on multiple occasions this season. Most recently this past weekend after they lost to the Pats. Just my two cents here from my couch in central PA.. lol
  8. DeFellipo's offense is clearly having an adverse effect on the Vikings defense.... Cousins is having a fine season so are Theilen and Diggs... But the run game is non existent....In theory this would leave you to believe the offense is just putting the defense back on the field too often... The Vikings defense looks nothing like what it did last season. However I don't think all the blame can be put on Defellipo's quick strike offense... One thing that stands out is the Rams game where the Rams caught them over and over again in poor coverages with these bunch formations.. That's Zimmer... so ......But the stats do back him up.. Last season they finished 7th in rushing offense. This year they sit 30th..
  9. My buddy is a Vikings fan... He's been pretty critical of Cousins all season. I have watched the Vikings a few times this season and it looks to me like Cousins is lightyears better than Keenam was last season.. The stats back that up... My buddy's just wrong.. That just goes to show how narrow minded we can be as fans when things aren't going our way... My two cents here are this.. The problem with the Vikings this year is the defense.. I will say several times in the Rams game they caught the Vikings in poor mismatches with linebackers trying to cover wr's down field...That's all really beside the point. I think the Rams just caught them with some packages the Vikings weren't expecting. My theory is this, It's clear to me that DeFellipo is a passing guy... Diggs and Theilen are looking like one of the better one/two duo's in the NFL. However the Vikings run game has been non existent. They don't even have 1000 yards as a team yet. They are ranked at the bottom or near the bottom in the NFL in rushing... DeFellipo's offense had led to great numbers for the receivers and Cousins. The run games been forgotten about. They are scoring too quickly and putting their defense out on the field too often... But Cousins no he's far from the problem in Minnesota... It's the offensive scheme that's causing problems for their very own defense...
  10. I'm not trying to say what he did was morally right but let's wait until we hear everything first... There clearly are some he said she said things that need to get sorted out....There's a reason the NFL has sat on this and did nothing....That's all I'm saying....
  11. That's all I'm getting as it's clearly one of those he said she said things. There's clearly some stuff that went down that wasn't recorded on video...I'm on the fence I'm not trying to pass judgement one way or the other.... Until all the facts get sorted out...
  12. Supposedly there's a different report out there about this female. The second report says the female who it's also being said is a white supremacist and was the initial aggressor despite what the video shows..
  13. Hill was arrested on complaints of assault of his 20-year-old pregnant girlfriend, Crystal Espinal. The police report states that Espinal said the two got into an argument and he threw her around like a ragdoll, punched her in the face, sat on her and repeatedly punched her in the stomach, and choked her.[ Oklahoma State dismissed him from the football team after the charges.. Hill eventually pleaded guilty to domestic assault and battery by strangulation and was sentenced to three years of probation, an anger-management course, a year-long batterer's program, and was required to undergo a domestic-abuse evaluation." Andy of course overlooked all of this, drafted him. He is now one of the top WR and people just have forgotten about the terrible things he did...and she ended up getting engaged to him in September 2018
  14. It's posted here in the thread.. Something he did pre-draft. Think he beat up his gf or something. He's still with the girl and they've since married..
  15. About 10 months late but yeah... Now the balls in your court Goodell..