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  1. Christian McCaffrey = Chris Thompson

    well played.. lol Yeah McCaffrey isn't going to be a very good runner in the NFL. Although of all the Carolina backs to run the ball last night he's the only one that had any positive yards. Although I do believe he's still going to be an asset to the Panthers going forward in their future. He's clearly at least competent enough at running the ball so you just don't sit on the screen or wheel route when you see him in there. It's obvious his biggest value is going to come in the passing game.
  2. Christian McCaffrey = Chris Thompson

    why is this in TATE?
  3. Zac sucks blocking

    I blame myself for even clicking on the title. We agree blocking isn't his strong suit. Let me ask you this op, don't you find it a little bothersome about your personality that on the heels of a big 28-23 win in a prime time game over a good Panthers team the thing you are talking about it a missed block by Ertz. DP you are not so go punch your time clock, get through your day and enjoy the win..
  4. Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    The way is spinning it is Elliot still could potentially not miss a game this season. They can refile his case. Which will put his suspension on hold, again....
  5. Dak Prescott cannot possibly be this mature

    No but what's stupid is visiting a rivals MB to stroke your ego.
  6. Villanueva catches heat?!

    As I've said numerous times in this thread the problem in this country is a social thing not a racial thing, the media just wants to push the race agenda because that keeps us all occupied so Washington can do as it pleases. But i'll entertain you and give you a few examples me as a white man has faced... Here's one example I remember happening to me about 10 years ago at a multiplex with my wife while she was still alive. Two black males followed us out of the movie theater on our way out my wife had to stop to pee. I noticed the two black males right away because they walked out right beside us in the theater. As she went into the bathroom they waited casually nearby and I could overhear them talking. The only part of the conversation I could make out was "we can take her from him". As my wife came out of the bathroom another movie was letting out so the lobby was crowded with people. The two black males did follow us out but they got lost in the commotion of the crowd and nothing further happened. Now most likely these two black males had no intention of "taking her from me". They knew I could hear them talking they knew exactly what they were doing...It was all being done to F with us as if we were supposed to be scared of them or something. In the car afterwords my wife and I talked about this and she claimed she heard them talking to each other on the way out of the theater also. She said she wasn't sure what they were saying but became terrified when she saw them still standing there waiting when she came out of the bathroom... My guess is these two guys stereotyped my wife and I as a couple of snotty white people because we didn't talk to them on our way out of the theater. Possibly they tried talking to us and I just didn't hear them and if you were reading carefully you would have read my wife said she heard them saying something on the way out.....Also if my memory is serving me correctly my wife and I were bickering during the movie so talking to a couple of strangers on the way out was the last thing on my mind. Second story about 20 years ago I worked at this place that was probably 50/50 white and black. Took this one guy home one day he lived in a not so nice section of Harrisburg known as Allison Hill. The guy had me drop him off several blocks away.....You don't need to be a detective to figure out why... Now you say blacks and other minorities deal with racism on a daily basis. So what do white folk just drive by the busload to black neighborhoods and shout out racist slurs? How about those 175 year old statues of dead civil war officers? I'm just now remembering an incident one time at a mall I worked at....Kid stole a pair of shoes and got caught. Mall security and police chased the kid and he jumped off the escalator and broke his legs....Cops then pinned him to the ground which i'm sure made things all that much worse for the kid. He was screaming in pain.... National News would have spun it that the cops somehow were to blame for him jumping off the escalator. Here's a tip don't steal the shoes in the first place and when you get caught give up..... Please explain to me or maybe someone with the right skin color can explain to me what it is that makes African American or Hispanics feel so threatened by whites on a daily basis. I'm sure blacks and Hispanics experience forms of racism I know I've heard whites say some not so nice things in my years directed at blacks so yeah it's there...But it's not the real problem right now... . I'm sure the exact stories I told you can be repeated with accuracy if the skin color were reversed. However the main problem with all forms of racism typically is stereotyping.... The white person or the black person assumes something about the other....Just like those two men that followed my wife and I out of the theater. All started by what most likely was a simple misunderstanding followed by what most likely was the two men stereotyping my wife and I. The moral here is. We as a society need to stop feeding the racism crap. It's quite obvious Washington needs to keep this country divided and if you have to ask why well then I feel sorry for you. The real problem in this country is the social and economic divide, the media, as well as WASHINGTON. It benefits Washington to fill the heads of the sheep with racist crap to keep us divided. We currently are the laughing stock of the free world if you read what Euro's are saying on facebook and other places on the web. We are all arguing over a war of words between millionaire pro athletes and that orange man in D.C. who also happens to be a millionaire. Meanwhile there's some pretty serious crap going on over in Korea as well as a series of Hurricanes that hit Houston, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Yet all the media is talking about is racism and kneeling for the anthem.. I'm ashamed of my country.
  7. Villanueva catches heat?!

    I did initially have a much longer response typed but i'll just simplify it by saying once again it's a social problem it really is. I could delve into a story about a white woman snickering about another white younger woman walking nearby that I saw this morning at a gas station. Look Kaep had me until he wore his pig socks and turned it into a racial thing as well. Washington needs to change that's the simplified message here... Look there were riots all over the country last season spurned by national media inspired talk of the shootings. Look I could show you a long list of white guys that were shot by white or black cops that go unreported by national media. This was done to distract us.... Once again I want to say I really loved what our team did Sunday. Arm in arm with the military, fire, and police reps. I fully support Malcolm Jenkins and Chris Long. Malcolm has stood during his entire protest and so has anyone that has stood with him. I have a newfound respect for our owner Mr. Lurie after Sunday also. Even if he is a Hillary Supporter... lol Of note they said Kendricks was sulky and standing off on his own Sunday but I assume it's most because of his unhappiness here in general.
  8. Villanueva catches heat?!

    what on earth do you possibly mean whites don't live with it? I am so Fing sick of hearing that....
  9. Villanueva catches heat?!

    I can get that I do. The protest has clearly morphed into something larger and I can get the social/economic issue is tied to race I just wish we wouldn't make it about race. There are white people that are week to week or day to day when it comes to money... I get it.... ____ fill in the blank looks up into seats at any professional sporting event and see's a crowd that's 75% white. I just wish more people would see it as a social issue and not an issue of race...
  10. Villanueva catches heat?!

    Just something to keep in mind while your reading all those links and watching your news shows while informing yourself on this issue. The TV personalities and authors of those articles/blogs ect are part of the have's in this country!!!!
  11. Villanueva catches heat?!

    This craps just everywhere. I think they are trying to distract us from something. Kinda funny how nobody is worried about statues anymore. Washington is up to something shady. Media distraction....... So Kaep says his protest isn't about the military or police or other public service personnel. Says his protest is about a racial gap.. Okay...Yet wears Pig socks to pre-game warm up. To me there's clearly a social gap in this country the have's and the have not's. I don't know about black and white.... The NFL is clearly a place to get yourself heard. The sport is watched by millions from all races and all social classes but yet only a few can afford to attend these games. Enter Colin Kaepernick and his protest. The timing of his initial protest was close to the Baltimore and Ferguson riots. I understand I get it. I'm poor and tired of being oppressed especially by corporate america which keeps raising your monthly bills like your electric and cable for example. I could never afford to go to an NFL game. Well yeah okay I could I work but it's the simple fact that a trip to a game for me probably means not paying a bill or three. But i'm white. These initial protests were supposedly about unarmed criminals being shot for not obeying officers. Fast forward to this weekend. So now were supposed to believe almost all of the NFL is butthurt because of a twitter feud between Trump and Curry? This is just why i'm not buying this race agenda. I simply am not. Not one Fing bit. It's being forced on you to hide the real issue. The social and economic divide between the have's and have not's.
  12. Villanueva catches heat?!

    I feared our team may get caught up in all this when I first heard about the Steph Curry/Trump twitter battle Sunday morning. Given that Lurie donated to Hillary's campaign fund. Was quite pleased with the teams gesture pre-game and rather proud were not Steelers, Ravens, or Raiders fans at the moment. So for that I want to say thank you to Jeffrie Lurie and players like Malcolm Jenkins for keeping the teams nose clean so to speak. I reserved any judgement on what Pittsburgh did until I heard some sort of explanation. Now that I'm hearing Tomlin is calling Villenueva out on this saying it made Tomlin and the rest of the team look bad. I think I've heard all I need to hear.. I certainly am not the most patriotic person out there. I was never in the military I don't stand at attention in front of my TV on Sunday's. But see that's the thing me attending an NFL game is never a real possibility without tickets being handed to me. For me to go to an Eagles game say at the Linc. Tickets, parking, food, gas, tolls ect I'm looking at what bills will I not pay to make this happen? I'm a single father and there's literally no way I could ever afford to go to an Eagles game. Ever.... So why should I care what some overpaid rich assed mother Fer talking about racial inequality in this country... I'm white, i'm poor, I work for a living and pay my bills. Why do we need to make this a racial thing? You'll never see this face in the stands on a Sunday, BECAUSE I COULD NEVER AFFORD IT WITHOUT DROPPING THE BALL ON MY RESPONSIBILITY AS A FATHER. But that's okay you go make your millions playing a kids game then get all bent out of shape when the masses of people in this country don't support you after you act like this!!! With all this said I have no problems with players like Malcolm Jenkins who have handled his thing like a man. But Ftards like Kaepernick and his pig socks or that Skiittles Fer in Oakland, or Tomlin I have no respect for. None! F you F them. F the rest of the NFL F pro athletes and Hollywood in general. But Go Eagles!!!
  13. Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    The whole things been a scam. From Goodell initially suspending Zeke to the NFLPA filing it's appeal to all these accusations about the NFL withholding bla bla bla. Goodell needed to appear tough after the AP and Ray Rice incidents. So he appeared to hand down Zeke a 6 game suspension. He knew all along the NFLPA would file it's appeal with smoke and mirrors to confuse the masses into thinking that the NFL had somehow wronged Zeke by withholding information. The Cowboys mean too much to the NFL and it's safe to say this team doesn't make the playoffs or contend for the playoffs without this guy. Cowboys in the playoffs = more money for the NFL. Zeke will be the starting running back for the Cowboys in week 1. Doesn't it seem a little funny how the NFL pushes the Lane Johnson appeal back over and over again last season then when the time was right upheld his suspension and finishes his season. No coincidence this teams chances go down the crapper at that point. Now flash forward to this season when somehow miraculously the Zeke hearing is pushed forward to August 29. Coincidentally before the season even starts. You can spin the rest of this however you want but there's no denying the suspicious nature of the timing of the appeal in both cases. One gets pushed back and one gets pushed forward.
  14. Maybe we should just hang Chip from the wind turbines at the Linc. Maybe that will make the masses feel vindicated. I'm a Harrisburg guy I like Shady but c'mon this is stupid.. This team should consider itself lucky to finish 10-6 if we had Shady this season. This isn't a super bowl team it's a borderline playoff team with or without him... I mean if Dougie's still smashing Sproles and Pumphrey up the middle and sending Blount wide come the regular season maybe it's time we find a new coach rather than overpaying for a soon to be 30 year old running back.... I mean maybe I'm alone here but I'm not worried one bit about the run game. Now is the time for Doug to try some new things out....See how these guys react to various situations....The few times Blount ran up the middle the yards were there. The defenses are always ahead of the offenses at this point. Same thing every Fing year. Defenses always dominate the early part of the preseason until the offense gets it's timing down....Every year... year in year out...same crap folks While I haven't seen anything this stupid in TATE (although I haven't read every post in this thread) I saw two comments on facebook yesterday on a CSN article. One suggested we trade them Mychal Kendricks straight up for Shady and the other suggested we trade them Blount and Smallwood for Shady.... After seeing comments like that I may need a safe place just like the rest of the snowflakes living in this country....
  15. Chip trading him away pissed me off and still does. It made no sense but trading to bring him back at this point would probably make much less sense. Unless on some off the wall chance they could get him on the cheap then he'd rework his contract to be a little more team friendly.