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  1. greenpassion

    Andrew Luck

    People always talk about his ints but you gotta take into account the kid had pretty much nothing around him most the time, yet the pressure was on him to make plays. A lot of times that means taking chances hoping you're wr can win the 1 on 1 battles or at the very least knock the ball down. But as we have seen here playing with subpar wrs can screw up an entire offense. We saw it with Donnie mac, thing with Donnie though at least early on was he could make things happen with his legs so l don't really fault luck for the picks he has to chuck it or just go 3 and out all day. Thinking back besides Hilton the guy has nobody
  2. greenpassion

    Which Team Can Go From Worst To First In 2018?

    the giants are starting to look really scary. i think they could be a problem for us. the addition of barkley to go along with the offensive weapons they already have in place, not to mention thier defense has some good pieces and were really good in 16 i guess thier biggest issues are qb and the oline . if they could squeeze one more good year out of eli things could get interesing
  3. greenpassion

    Which Team Can Go From Worst To First In 2018?

    i really hope the texans can stay healthy this season mainly watson because that kid looked like the real deal, really fun to watch and as we know a good qb can transform an entire team
  4. greenpassion

    Which Team Can Go From Worst To First In 2018?

    Texans can make it happen. Their biggest issue is injuries to their best players. I know all teams go through I injuries but they get them to their best players and obviously they don't have good Dept so yeah if they can stay healthy I see them making a playoff run
  5. greenpassion

    Dak Prescott caught smoking a blunt

    Being completely honest, Dak has actually shown to be a pretty good qb but the fact he wears a cowboys uniform makes it impossible to like him. But if you can somehow m as name to put that aside you would have to admit he's done pretty well for only his first 2years in the league Wentz has however shown to be much better if that's the argument. Both shoot for Dak to show up and immediately push Romo into retirement says something
  6. Here we go again with this crap. People let me say this again... Dallas is not our rival and hasn't been for over 20. Only reason they stay somewhat relevant is because we keep them there with this sick obsession most eagles fans have with everything Dallas. Aside from maybe 3 seasons where the cowboys would pop up and win a few games, other than that they stink and im not gonna bring them up by continuously talking about them.
  7. greenpassion

    Pats reportedly sign JMatt

    Yeah I see this becoming very good for Brady and the patsies. JMatt is a big target and Brady is gonna love him
  8. greenpassion

    Pats reportedly sign JMatt

    This signing is sorta under the radar but believe me this is gonna turn out to be big for the patsies. jMatt is a really good wr and has a great work ethic. He and Brady are gonna be a great tandem. He's had these injuries otherwise no way he becomes a 3rd tier FA. After a year with Brady if he stays injury free he will get a nice pay day because he will rack up some big stats
  9. greenpassion

    Isn't Brandin Cooks the dude..

    Going all in for this year. Gonna be interesting to see how it all works out. This is the NFL not the NBA or mlb and traditionally history says you can't buy a supe. But dammit they are certainly trying.
  10. greenpassion

    Andy Reid in Kansas City

    Andy is a great coach from Monday to Saturday but on Sundays he's lost, well not really lost if his game plan is a good one and works out. Roblem comes when he doesn't really have a good plan because he's not able to change or adjust. Andy would be great for Cleveland. I bet he would turn that program completely around and have them in the playoffs. Just don't expect much after that
  11. greenpassion

    Andy Reid in Kansas City

    After 20 years of coaching in the NFL it's pretty apparent what Andy is and depending on your expectations of your team will determine whether you are Kool with Andy coaching your team. If you just wanna win 8 to 11 games with maybe a breif playoff appearance than Andy is your guy forever. That's what Andy is and he's not ever gonna change. If any was serious about getting over the hump he would hire a good offensive coordinator and give him play calling duties. Than he would hire a guy for clock management. He would have to get honest about his own shortcomings and deviate them to somebody else. It's funny how he cannot give up the playcalling he just cannot let it go and the funny part is he's terrible at it.
  12. greenpassion

    Rams gonna be tough...

    Man I remember that game against Miami where Suh just manhandled kelce all day. It wasn't pretty. In all fairness though Jason has seemed to regain his mojo because for a few seasons there he looked really bad. Props to the team for sticking with him for whatever reason because me along with most of the fanbase was past done with him and ready to move on.
  13. greenpassion

    TB12 : The decline of the GoAT?

    Every time we think Brady might be on the decline he shows otherwise and honestly im about tired of the whole Brady era can't wait to see it end. Im ready for the next generation of qbs to get going
  14. greenpassion

    Still hope- 7 backup QBs have won Superbowls

    haha i still remember seeingh D vermiel crying his heart out when green went down. all werner did was come in and light up the league
  15. greenpassion

    Black Monday: Who's on the hot seat in 2017? Who gets fired?

    I feel bad for the people of cincy to be stuck with lewis for this long. bowls in new York never really had a chance, some jobs in the nfl just aren't worth the trouble.