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  1. bruce smith with the redskins, along with dieon sanders
  2. again, i dont get why they seem to be so infatuated with garropolo. there is just no way they can make that trade, basically letting the pats take them to the bank i mean im hearing not just one but multiple early rd picks. this for a guy with a total of 2 starts under the great coaching and team of the pats so we basically have no clue what this guy will be away from NE. desean watson is a guy they absolutely HAVE to draft, i dont see how they can pass on him. factor in the boatload of early picks they have the risk is minimal. they could draft him and build a very nice spporting cast around him with not just draft picks but they have money to basically bring any veteran they so choose and like somebody else mentioned that fact that your gonna have all these young guys running around with new found fortunes they will absolutely need some type of veteran presence
  3. yeah not like they would make it public but there is definitely a real sense of urgency going on here. not for nothing but it just seems very unnatural for a player even a qb to be playing so well this late into his career. im sure somebody is gonna start poking around into toms personal life. we already know he and coach will go to any extant to win. i think tom may be looking to get out sooner rather that later
  4. well, cleveland has been absolutely terrible for years upon years but they now have a very good opportunity to turn things around with a ton a early draft picks. i dont know exactly what they have but i think they have like two 1st, two 2nds just this year with 3 2nds next year in total i think its 22 picks over the next two drafts with most the extra picks coming in the early rounds. most fans seem to think they will just screw this up and i gotta say imo they are off to a terrible start if they pull the trigger on the deal with the pats for garropolo. i really dont understand why they want to do this with a guy that has a total of 2 starts and rumors are that NE is asking for a kings ransom
  5. definitely against the grain of the way the pats normally go about thier bis. this tells me that brady is definitely on his way out and pretty soon like maybe 2 years from now and they wanna be sure they get as much out of this era as possible. i could see a scenerio in which belichick and brady retire together and i will say i will be damn happy to have seen the last of brady im so sick of him. cant deny bradys greatness but im just tired of him by now
  6. agreed. reid lives and dies by his weekly gameplans he has no chance of being able to make adjustments on the sidelines as the game unfolds into critical situations. imo reid will always be able to win lots of regular season games with so many bad teams around. now if kc comes out and somehow gets blowouts where reids coaching wont come into play then they can win that way
  7. Andy was done here. Not like he's won a super bowl since leaving its been the same ole story close but no cigars. That clock gaffe would have been super frustrating if it happened here AGAIN
  8. Im more impressed with the kid wearing number 25. Kid has some jets, who's he?
  9. Vicks comeback against the giants and 44-6. Not for nothing but the Seattle beat down of manning was my favorite super bowl in the last few years. I loved seeing that
  10. The signing of Norman won't hurt the skins cap situation one bit. How long have you all been waiting or hating for them to reach cap purgatory? The cap goes up routinely along with players salaries and in a year or two Normans salary will be just average Im hate the skins as much as anybody but I must admit they still have my favorite son desean so until he's gone Iwill root for them. Yeah maybe imi still bitter about the team sinking so low trying to smear desean for no reason all the kid wanted was to play here and win for us. Him standing back there waving his hands come on on big punt returns is still awesome
  11. I agree. Actually any decent girl or women is gonna push you to take advantage of an opportunity like that especially if she's pregnant which the girl Bryce was with was said to be. Then again some guys just don't have the desire to play pro sports. Shawn Andrews had all the talent but he didn't have the personality to exist in a nfl locker room which is a completely different animal in itself Once these kind of guys get a good bankroll thier done. Obviously harvin doesn't fall into this category his issues seems to be injuries and like I said he's already won championships in college and the nfl so he should be very content with what he was able to do with his talents
  12. Bro how long have you been following the nfl? We have seen tons of guy with rediculously talent that just didn't have the desire. Check with every fanbase around the league and they have thier own Shawn Andrews, Bernard Williams even a guy like Bryce Brown was the top rated football player coming out of school and left school to go be with his girlfriend. These guys obviously like the nfl pay checks but didn't have the desire to be great
  13. Really seem like he stop trying. Just seemed odd I don't know what really happened between he and Howie but just seem like he started pouting and basically quite. All the plays and gameplan looked the same to me week after week. Fans and media alike saw that sweep with Murray just wasn't happening yet we got it all the way to week 16, we all saw the defense wearing down and with a terrible offense we atleast needed to slow it down. No adjustments all year. First two seasons we saw adjustments and innovative schemes. Chips whole trademark at Oregon was that he was constantly changing and shaping things to fit his players strengths. He got a great job, got paid and had a little bit of success and went nuts. He completely lost focus and it was all about his ego so much more than I've ever seen in pro sports I maintain chip is a very good coach I just don't know what happened to him. I was truly saddened when he was fired because I believe we lost a great coach I wouldn't be shocked if he does great in san Fran
  14. I was doing backflips when chipper was hired and he actually proved to be a good coach when he had the talent. As good as our skill position guys were they all had thier best years under coach Kelly. We didn't hear this crap about his 5 play playbook until he got rid of the talent. Up until then those 5 plays worked just fine. Ironically it was his own ego that did him in here while hepassive aggressively pointed the finger at desean and Howie. It seemed like one day we were 7-1 in his second season before the bottom fell out
  15. Growing trend of get your money and get out. Realistically most these guys just wanna cash in on thier god given talent. They couldn't care less about bringing super bowl titles to whatever city they are playing in. Obviously not all but a lot