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  1. DoYouBelieve#20

    MNF: Patriots @ Bills.

    One thing I didn't like was the call on Benjamin for pushing off....if your gonna call that then call the Hogan one too.....not fair IMO.
  2. DoYouBelieve#20

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    Keep sending Pats here...Butler etc we take em lol
  3. DoYouBelieve#20

    Kenny Britt

    I'm surprised....I guess Butler got screwed too lol....who cares you're right give me your pay pal for a beer on me lol SB CHAMPIONS BABY !!!!
  4. DoYouBelieve#20

    Kenny Britt

    So the knee injury was a lie lol
  5. DoYouBelieve#20

    Kenny Britt

    So you know better than Bill from what it sounds like. We will see how much the Pats use him and see how good he could have been. Slow Qb too so it won't be much different if he was here too and Foles had a big target on both sides.
  6. DoYouBelieve#20

    Kenny Britt

    I remember him killing our team he played with a winless team that sux this season and was hurt last few weeks. Watch this dude these next few weeks and tell me what you said.
  7. DoYouBelieve#20

    Kenny Britt

    Did we miss out? Big dude over the middle for Foles, like the pass Jefferey caught. I see our guys getting hit more now, and more passes in tight situations due to less time. If the Pats signed him I see why. Might have been a good option and can block too.
  8. Seasons almost over....sux, no playoffs again either smh...sad Eagles fan.