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  1. The draft should be interesting.
  2. Dude definitely has CTE.
  3. Hi there... I'm very sensitive.

  4. B3

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Yeah... pinning a thread like this is a nice idea and all, but not nearly as effective as flooding the boards with our displeasure, one thread at a time.
  5. B3

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Dave, the boards are ruined. Pass the message on to Invision. They suck.
  6. NorCal... you're nuts man.

  7. Dizzle sent me here for some therapy. Is there a therapist here?

  8. MR-CYN

    5 stars buddy!

  9. Ever notice that these 'problem' players have one thing in common? Owens Ocho-Cinco Haynesworth
  10. Mama

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  11. My avatar is freaking me out.

  12. If I could post a bunch of emoticons on your page, I would! :P