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  1. Well, off to Mississippi for my granddaughters wedding. See you fine Eagles fans in a few days
  2. Exactly. Predicting wins/losses pre season is a pointless exercise.
  3. You can forgive being knocked back by a double team. Its the one on one battles we are losing that is troubling Glad to see Mostert is fumbling for the Niners and not us.
  4. He was a good FB for the Packers but it appears DP doesn't hold that position in ANY regard
  5. No one is in my crosshairs. People should be afforded opportunity based solely on their abilities not their skin color, religion, or even their sexual orientation. Unfortunately minorities have for too long been told they are incapable of competing in the marketplace unless they have the government give them an edge. But then I've been told i'm a racist because of this belief.
  6. So if they want "social justice" I guess they're OK with getting rid of all affirmative action quotas too?
  7. The day the NFL agrees to go political will be the beginning of the end for these players that have no skills off of the football field,.
  8. If this O line doesn't get it together we're gonna wind up with an Andrew Luck on our hands.
  9. There is absolutely no reason the Eagles should come out flat for this game. Home opener against a divisional opponent. Just the kind of game we've all seen them blow in the past.
  10. Well he cant do any worse than Seu did on Sunday. If he does they'll be carting Carson off.
  11. So let me see, who am I going to believe, an pencil neck sports writer or real player who have played against him. Hmmmm
  12. You can run a TV through your generator but you really need to plug it into a GOOD UPS as generators tend to have power fluctuations.
  13. Some years ago we had an ice storm come through here. People were out of power for 13 days. We didn't have to worry about our food spoiling though.
  14. Yeah, the worse part has got to be no AC
  15. Oddly enough I have a Hurricane Charley generator. After Charlie went through Punta Gorda FEMA was passing them out like candy. Of course there was no place to buy gas for them.