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  1. Does it give anyone the creeps (besides me) that we could have 2 former Lions HCs as our OC and DC?
  2. Personally I hope any pro bowl Eagles find an excuse not to play. We don't need any ACLs in a meaningless game.
  3. Wiz plays LG for the birds SB Gets cut, goes to the Chiefs and plays for them in the SB Congrats to AR
  4. Well if there's any bright spot for the games today back in the NFL / AFL days The Chiefs were my AFL team. Now we hope an AR team doesn't hold form and lose in the AFC championship
  5. I just want someone in the FO who realizes speed kills. There has to be someone out there who's fast, can catch, and isn't dumber than a post
  6. YOu have to wonder if KC, with AR as a really experienced coach has a vision of what they want to do while our Eagles don't have such a clear vision. Not knocking Doug but you can't substitute for experience.
  7. Garafolo reports McCown tore his hamstring OFF THE BONE! Holy crap. I want to keep that guy on my staff somehow.
  8. Read that McCown is having surgery to repair a torn hamstring. Apparently he played on it the whole second half. Old folks are pretty tough.
  9. Hehe. Who haven't you had in a mock draft?
  10. Was Lurie throwing Peterson some shade? It's not like him to get involved with the operations of the team. Childress? Is he available or interested. Birds O was pretty darn good when he was here.
  11. No Unless you've made a trade agreement with someone before the pick.
  12. You guys are acting like Schwartz to the Browns is a done deal. How does anyone know if he would even want the job? It IS the Browns
  13. The NFL fine system is a joke. At most Clowney will get fined $50,000 He is making millions His fine will be like paying a $2.00 parking ticket.