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  1. When I see "anonymous source" I figure the story is either embellished or just plain made up.
  2. Jones had a 1st rnd grade by MANY teams when he was drafted and only fell to the 2nd because of injury. Was everyone wrong or is there something else in play here?
  3. We are talking about the poor play of the secondary being due to injuries How much better was it when the starters were playing? Not really much better i'd say We can start with the DB coach.
  4. Is it just me or does the officiating get worse every year. That hands to the face call against the Lions last night was really sorry.
  5. I often wonder if professional athletes are embarrassed by a performance like this or do they just go buy another $100,000 toy to drown their sorrows.
  6. if the birds go 3-3 over the next 6 games it wouldn't be a complete surprise
  7. On the deep ball to Ags where he was held up but couldn't be reviewed because the ball was still in Wentz's hand. That has got to be the dumbest rule ever. If you do a replay, do the replay, otherwise get rid of the replay rule for interference rule altogether
  8. Saints and Packers with the key to beating the Cowpies. Make Dak beat you
  9. Cowpies run into a couple of good teams and they don't look so invincible.
  10. So the eternal optimist in me has to ask if the D was really fired up today or are the Jets just that bad. Their D had pretty good stats.
  11. Grandson had his first HS touchdown tonight He's a 6'4" 235 lb sophomore TE
  12. If we lose we're ALL blaming you!
  13. "The fans want you to trade for Jalen Ramsey" If the team had done what the fans wanted Sudfield would have started the playoffs in 2017 and we'd STILL be waiting for our SB win.
  14. 1000 pages on this thread How long can it go?