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  1. RGIII the second. He'll get crunched and that will be that.
  2. I noticed Shazier was the #1 rated FA LB. I really hope he doesn't try to play again.
  3. I wonder how long this article can stay up before the computer takes a dump.
  4. Congratulations. I'm 64 and have never been asked to participate in a poll. IMHO most polls are designed to shape public opinion not reflect it anyway
  5. I get the feeling this song and dance has been choreographed between Howie and Foles for some time. The only question remains is where Foles goes.
  6. I''m glad I didn't watch that dog.
  7. Are you really Howie? Or maybe his older brother. I don't see how any normal fan could figure out these league rules.
  8. I'd wager that Brady has argued with every OC he's had since he came to the Patsies. It's how you resolve the argument that is important
  9. Looks like ham fell for fake news and so did I.
  10. Now wait a couple of years and get Trout.
  11. As long as you're prepared to wait a year for him to be a major contributor. That's pretty typical
  12. Looks like Beasley not going back to the Cowpies. I'd say have a look but he serves the same function as Ags and Tate
  13. If he has anything left, yes. IMHO it was a mistake to let him go.
  14. We aren't gonna hear anything about the Eagles plans until after the SB Like any other fan I have my wish list for the offense. 1. A big RB that can get us a yard or 2 then needed. 2. The FO needs to have an honest look at the strength and conditioning coaches. There were far too many soft tissue injuries. 3. JP comes back for 1 more season BUT to play at guard especially since Brooks won't be available until mid season. The second part of this is for Mailata to progress far enough to take over the LT position. It also gives them the opportunity to move Seumalo to center if Kelce decides to retire I still have to give some thought to the wish list for the D
  15. So who was the source(s) for this article? There are 3 possibilities 1. It was just made up, there's a lot of that going around lately 2. There actually is a source but they're too gutless to let their name be known 3. The author took comments out of context to try to stir up crap. Also a lot of that going on lately.