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  1. Pumps has had to prove himself at every step. The fact that he has put on 15 lbs of muscle tells me he isn't afraid to do the work.
  2. You have to wonder if Ajyai was always gonna be a 2 year signing until his current contract is over. I've read some reports that kis knees are pretty bad. The Eagles may not want to take a chance on a big contract and he cant perform up to expectations. Also could be the reason he split time with Blount and Clement as much as he did. Even if this is the case he was worth a 4th to get us to the SB IMO
  3. Prayers for your family. Doctors can perform miracles these days but I think we instinctively know where all miracles begin.
  4. Considering the results so far, far be it from me to criticize any new ideas coming out of the Eagles FO
  5. After the SB Doug did say he wanted to sit down with Nick to see what he wanted to do.
  6. Thought we got that in the Bradford trade.
  7. Maybe we can get another 1st out of the Vikes for Foles.
  8. Howie didn't take any time off after the SB did he.
  9. Well it could be worse. You don't see anyone poaching from the Browns staff do you?
  10. Well that sucks. Too bad Reich didn't interview first.
  11. I'd like to know how they know they're over the cap since the cap numbers haven't come out yet. For 2018 I mean
  12. Here is a big reason the Eagles brought Blount and Long in. SB experience and they could still lead by example on and off the field.
  13. When you have players with character that police their own you can do this. Just think of the chaos that would ensue in Dallas with their "all convict" team.
  14. No on Joe Thomas. He's or 34 yrs old. And didn't we already extend Alshon?
  15. As said many time s the NFL is a copycat league. I expect coaches to mimic things DP did this year, All the better for us because we have the talent to pull it off.