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  1. Medical staff? Why is there so much hubbub about the medical staff. Seriously? You need to read some of the reports. Incidents that were completely independent of each other.
  2. Exactly why i'm advocating playing Suds. We already know what Foles is capable of.
  3. My question is when did Doug and Howie find out. If they were hiding this from Wentz ( I really hope that's not the case) then they have to go.
  4. Isnt this the same bunch of quacks that are the Sixers medical team?
  5. How many 3rd and 10s or greater have they given up this year?
  6. Since they're throwing in the towel i'd rather see if Sudfeld is worth keeping around.
  7. According to Rappaport Wentz may be shut down for the year. Dealing with a back problem. That would explain a few things.
  8. Douglass makes plays when given the opportunity.
  9. 7 carries 5.1 YPC I wonder what Dougs excuse will be this week.
  10. It wasn't only the fumble recovery call. I seldom watch the games in real time. I prefer to watch so I can watch replays. Cox was being held all night. I remember one play where there were 2 hands grabbing his jersey and no Cowboy lineman bodies even in the picture. The Goedert OPI was questionable but not as obvious as many of the calls and non calls
  11. After watching the replay of that fumble you'll never convince me that the NFL can't have "the most valuable team in the league" continue to lose. In plain English some of these games are fixed
  12. I read an article that said he had a pretty serious medical condition.
  13. If you watch the Wentz interception in slow motion it looks like the MLB tipped the pass down to Norman.