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  1. Watch him become their #1 receiver.
  2. OC Feature back for the Niners, Mostert. That name sure is familiar
  3. I think what annoys me most is we have military, firemen , and police risking their lives for crap wages and we have these heartless gutless clowns on a football field making millions. See you guys later maybe
  4. Birds are in the drivers seat. If they don't take care of business they only have themselves to blame.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving fellow Birdbrains.
  6. hehe, Lucky guesses will only get you so far.
  7. My guess it was triggered by not having Lane next to him. But then i'm no doctor.
  8. I wish someone would compile statistics on soft tissue injuries league wide. Then we could see where the team stands.
  9. Offense is obviously a HUGE disappointment BUT: All the pressure on Wentz was coming from the right side He is working with receivers that haven't been on the field with him all year. On another note if Ward goes back to the bench when Ags is healthy Pedy deserves to be kicked directly in the nuts.
  10. I read several articles that said he couldn't learn the offense. One I believe was from Cosell AKA dumber than a fencepost.
  11. I'd extend Jenkins but it would have to be at the right price IMO he's not a liability...…..yet
  12. So we have to look at who's not gonna be here next year Sproles retire JP retire Aghalor who cares at this point Kelce could retire That would be bad That leaves quite a few holes to fill. Hopefully the scouts and FO figure out that speed kills
  13. Take a rest on Lane. That was a lifetime ago.