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  1. Skip Brainless has made my short list of people i'd like to slap.
  2. How many posters wanted to get rid of Kelce before the season started.
  3. The ball has to hit the ground before it is kicked. It's called a drop kick for you young guys. That is unless they have taken it out of the rule book.
  4. Eags have a history of doing just that. Duce, and Harold C to name a few.
  5. My kid told me he read that JP texts Lane during the game and he reads them at halftime and makes O line adjustments based on the texts. Now that's what i'd call teamwork.
  6. A few years i'd have liked to choke Howie, and the rest of the FO for that matter. It looks to me like the depth of this team is putting us in the position we need to be. Give the FO credit where it is due. I just hope they make a deep playoff run because I don't see all the asst coaches and DCs being here next year.
  7. Cowpie trolls said we haven't played anyone yet. I guess we still haven't.
  8. You just made me wish I was good at photoshop.
  9. Cowpies gonna get their Dak whacked
  10. FB is the reason I don't go to the EYE anymore.
  11. Sproles was a big part of the O. Not in the same way as Elliot but a huge piece just the same.
  12. Eagles and Cowpies have a pretty similar situation coming into this game. Both have lost all pro LTs Both have lost great LBs Both have lost starting RBs And yet the Eagles are 8-1 and the Cowpies ....aren't. Shows what searching for depth over high priced FAs will do for you.
  13. Don't underestimate a cornered animal.