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  1. Maybe if the EAgles would focus on winning instead of dancing around and playing the fool they'd have a better chance of finishing games.
  2. I just watched Dougs presser. I came away thinking his mindset is I got a SB, i'm not worried about this year This team just doesn't want it bad enough now.
  3. THESE look like the Eagles us old timers have come to know
  4. Franklin needs to go. Some of the boneheaded decisions he's made over the past few weeks including passing 3 times today toward the end of the game and calling a last second time out on the onside kick. PSU is never going to get better with him in charge.
  5. If the Eags could keep Mills on the bench until the opposition gets into the RZ we'd be better off He's great in the RZ
  6. One in a long list of reasons i'll NEVER have a FB account.
  7. I've said that for 2 years.
  8. WHEW I wasn't comfortable until the stop at the goal line wit about 6 min left. Now we get 10 days to heal.
  9. I'll be surprised if they postpone it being a Thursday night game.
  10. Johnson questionable with a high ankle sprain.
  11. As a fan I can deal with losing to a superior team. What I can't deal with is the lack of focus and discipline we've seen from this team all year.
  12. I don't want the Eagles giving up much to get an RB. If they don't fix the O line problems it would be a waste.
  13. I see a lot of speculation regarding the RB situation of those considered Shady, pretty much at the end of his career but might be worth it if the price was right Bell- Too expensive. David Johnson though could be interesting. If the O line doesn't remove their cranium form their anal orifice it really doesn't matter though does it?
  14. The thing is everytime he gets on the field he plays pretty well