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  1. The way Zeke is headed he'll be snuffed before he gets on the field. Unless Jerruh bribes the league to keep him off the suspension list that is.
  2. It's been a long summer. Glad to see we're finally gonna have something to talk about.
  3. I think the FO addressed CB as well as they could. We'll just have to see if it works out.
  4. All expense trip to Tahiti for the next 6 months?
  5. I read some articles that several NFL owners have approached Goodell to make sure Zeke Elliot doesn't get off with a slap on the wrist.
  6. Williams needs back surgery and Davis is not signed yet. Looks like Howie did OK
  7. The way free agency is set up the future is now.
  8. I'd change the sometimes to usually at this time of the year.
  9. I'm going with cautiously optimistic. Those of us who've been Eagles fans for a looooong time have seen this too many times.
  10. Dave, I don't know if you read these comments and I don't know if your IT staff is contract or Eagles employees but to say this website has become second rate is being charitable.
  11. Going to have to completely disagree on this one.....Turner has good hands think he might be a solid 4th option but nothing else.....Preseason he never played against 1s and D are vanilla anyway..... As for regular season did nothing to impress me seen a player that struggled to get open along with most of our other WRs.....Think fans want to over hype him maybe he is better this year and proves me wrong but until then I'd pass.....Again my money is on Marcus Johnson think he has way more upside and if he is healthy will show he can help this team Turner has good hands. That says it. No one on this team did last year.
  12. Think Paul deserves his chance like the rest of the guy just not all that impressed from what I see last season from him but our entire WR group was unimpressive last season......If the Eagles keep 6 WRs he would be in my top 6 guys on roster right now Alshon/Torrey/Jmatt/Hollins/Johnson/ Turner being my top 6 so far don't think Gibson deserves a spot but still a ton of off-season to go so likely to change Welker, Amendola, Edelman, Turner. Give him a chance. It's all in how he is used.
  13. I truly think Dak did not feel he was doing anything wrong there. I am sure he was never in his situation before last year. I normally do not stick up for anyone, but he is one of the few Dallas Cowboys that seems genuine. The other being a certain TE.... You may be right. Strange, with all the money invested in these players you'd the teams would make more of an effort to keep them from doing stupid stuff. And you're right about that TE. The fact that he's a great player and by all accounts the same as a person makes it hard to hate him. Even if he is a Cowpie.
  14. Dak being accused of using a machine to sigh autographs. If true that's fraud. He fits right in with the culture in Dallas
  15. Chris, i'd rather look at the women but to each his own