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  1. He looks good but then everyone is a superstar on film. Equally important to me is he sounds like he has a bit between the ears
  2. Just another website of eagles fans. A bit rougher than this one. Not sure it even exists anymore
  3. They might be at the EYE. I haven't been there since they went to the Facebook thing.
  4. Obviously. A team has to do due diligence. Another reason I have doubts about the birds medical staff.
  5. If you're gonna stop taking players who have had injuries your pool of vet players is gonna be darn small. A knee injury isn't the show stopper it was once was when we were young
  6. Their Left tackle. I think he's the centers brother. Matt Kalil
  7. Anyone see the Panthers released LT Kalil.
  8. Honestly, with the way the rules are set up almost ALL CBs stink
  9. NFL suspends Kareem Hunt 8 games. Looks like the Browns gamble paid off.
  10. The rumor mill has Long and Bradham restructuring their contracts Second rumor is the birds resigning Darby to a 1 yr deal in the 8 mil range
  11. Every time I feel a bit down I watch the 4th qtr of that game on youtube.
  12. PFF had him graded 19th of 96 LBs last season
  13. If the discussion is do we need a RB or a LB the most. I'm going with LB
  14. Way too many soft tissue injuries for me
  15. Just noticed Cole Beasley to the Bills Another guy i'm glad we don't have to deal with.
  16. Saw some chatter that he was coming back but nothing official
  17. I'd rather do that than sign a stupidly expensive contract. We should be able to get a RB in the talent range of Blount for a reasonable price
  18. Too many teams overpaying. I'm good to sit back and watch
  19. good thing we also have Godert then.
  20. Yeah that worked out well for us in 2010 didn't it?
  21. says Giants get a 1st, 3rd, and Jabril peppers.
  22. Mills id good in the deep RZ where you don't have to worry about the double move. Someone needs to kick him in the shin every time he bites on that I think we're in pretty good shape at CB even without Darby
  23. Seems that Howies MO is to sign a deal for 1 year longer then he intends to keep a player. He backloads the contract to the biggest cap hit is in the last year. Then he reworks the deal or the team just cuts the player. Seems to work for the most part.
  24. Does letting Wiz go mean that Pryor is progressing as they had hoped. Especially since Brooks is a question mark to start the season.