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  1. Tornadoes all around us the last couple of days. Closest about 15 miles. If you don't hear from me again you can assume I've been taken to Oz
  2. With that defense Bradshaw just had to not LOSE the game.
  3. Don't know if anyone saw this Lane Johnson donates $500k to Killgore College for a new athletic facility
  4. Reuben Foster, Skins LB, torn ACL
  5. Great to hear Wentz is a full go. Time to get to work.
  6. Hell, I remember Joe must go Kuharich.
  7. If we keep retiring numbers we'll have #, ? and ! on the field.
  8. I've seen a couple of articles lately complaining about the fact that the Eagles have only had 5 picks for the last 2 years. Using a low pick to move up and get a top talent seems like a good deal to me. Is losing a 6th or 7th normally that big a deal?
  9. I saw a lot of whining from Sal Pal regarding the Eagles draft. Maybe he should take Howies job since he has all the answers.
  10. Probably the right pick. The only disappointment is this means they don't think that Mailata will be close to the answer next year. To be expected though
  11. Just found out I got tix for Eagles at Packers Whohoo
  12. ABC broadcasting the draft with Robin Roberts as the host. Robin freaking Roberts? Does she even know a football isn't round and orange
  13. To me this is a schedule that gets us a good seed in the playoffs Hard to tell though with the turnover every year.
  14. Under the current CBA. who knows how much the new CBA will change things
  15. I have no problem with the Schwartz D except for that silly 3rd and long formation which either gives up a 1st or puts the other team in position to go for it on 4th. ho many times did that happen last year?
  16. Correct me if i'm wrong but our current cap position is irrelevant depending on what the new CBA does
  17. Since you want to get philosophical what if God IS an alien or a being from another dimension
  18. I guess that makes you smarter than me. But TBT the bar is set pretty low there
  19. After reading this article it occurs to me that the people who came up with this formula must also write the laws in congress.
  20. You can't count on comp picks because as I understand it there are only 32 awarded per year. If someone has the formula of how they are picked we'd all like to know.
  21. I for one can't wait to see how much he has progressed. I read an article that he was working with JP Nice to have a HOF mentor.
  22. I'd me amazed if Lock falls that far but honestly at this point I wouldn't pot anything past Howie. We know they're gonna pick up another QB somewhere I suppose it really depends on how confident they are that Sudfeld could lead the team if need be. You still working at Lowes? Haven't seen you there for a while.
  23. But everyones an All Pro on a highlight tape