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  1. You must not have heard his comment that we might be seeing the main SB contender when he mentioned the Eagles then....
  2. Love the moment when Gruger-Hill is practicing FG's on the sideline. He misses the net and hits a cowboy fan! Priceless!!
  3. Really happy fane here... Except for a few dropped passes, I have nothing but praise for the Offense and Defense. St's did not do great this week. When I heard Elliott was not going to be able to kick I was really worried. I cannot believe that LB kicked the ball to the end zone! Unreal.... Great day all. Enjoy this one..... Really places a stamp on the division. Win 2 of the next 3 and I believe we will get that bye in the play-offs......
  4. Because LT are a premium and always go in the top of the first round. Now, you could draft a RT in late round 1 perhaps. We do have Johnson who is supposed to switch at some point. Our weakest position is LB. We have two who are always injured, so are constantly searching the market for a back up. This position needs to be address as much if not more so than the tackle spot. We need depth at 2 spots. We may be able to trade down and grab another pick. Maybe take care of both issues. I think it would be easier to grab a RT in FA though...
  5. With Darby back, I see us doing allot of Man on Man. That should free up someone to take care of dak should he choose to roll out. If he does, you can bet he goes to his Right. That is Graham and Cox's side. Will be interesting to see if they decide to spy at all. I could see them not doing so at the beginning and adjusting if they deem necessary.
  6. In case you have not noticed, I felt Gibson had Zero to offer. If Groh cannot get him ready I doubt he will ever be. Of course I am not sold on Pumphrey either. It is easy to say he is going tu "Bulk Up", but until I see it, I will not believe it. He has a small frame so not too many pounds can be added. The Eagles will give him another training camp to see if he is worth keeping or not. Meanwhile, we had added Ajayi who may take care of all issues at that position....
  7. We most likely will address tackle in FA next year. I doubt we will grab a starter that late in round 1, so may either grab best LB available or trade down for more picks. Thinking we could get a starting guard or Center if we do trade down and also grab a LB or a WR with the extra pick. We just need to keep adding depth with the hope of hitting 1-2 starters on each draft from now on. I do not think HR will dive into FA too much moving forward. It hurts our cap space and ability to resign players we already have... As far as this game goes, I feel we should do OK, but any divisional game can turn into an upset. I have been around a long time and seen many already. I have seen us beat a solid team in our division where we sucked and I have seen it the other way around. Fortunately not too impressed with Garret so we should be OK....
  8. Look Up Essiac Tea. Make your own conclusions. I drink it, although not every day as I should....
  9. Well, yesterday a long time co-worker and avid Philly fan passed away, mere months after his retirement. Stuff like this just brings me down to earth. Really letting you know that there are more important things than football. Walt will never see the Eagles win a SB now. God bless you my friend. Really loss for words right now. Dude had cancer and I asked him to try the Tea my wife makes as he had nothing to lose. But his son was a doctor and said it was worthless, so he is now gone and we will never know. I know hate is a bad word, but it comes real close to how I am feeling right now about this who ordeal. Seems a real waste to me..... Anyway, sorry if I ruined your day my friends. I certainly hope the Eagles win it all this year so we can say we saw it. Makes me wonder about DDD and Woody. Are they still with us? Wish I knew.
  10. win this week, and clinch the division. then we work on home field....
  11. Exactly Swoop! I could care less who they suit up. Whatever helps us earn a W is fine by me. We are not in this for Style points! They are not going to look back 20 years from now saying - "Well the only reason the Eagles won the SB was because Elliott did not play!" Screw 'em. How many times did we lose a player that hurt our chances? This is all part of the game. Just ask GB....
  12. The above article displays allot of what the media is ignoring. Elliott is a thug. He should not be playing in the NFL. However, as long as there are owners like JJ, these people will get their chance. Terrible waste of talent. Wrangler, I am happy we are not facing him. Why would anyone be? Sure they will have to come up with new plays because his replacements are not close as far as talent goes. Atlanta has a legit chance of beating Dallas. Not only is Elliott out but so is their LT. So, Atlanta beats them and then we beat them. They sit at 5-5 with 6 games to go. You have to like that picture no matter how it is painted.....
  13. Dallas is going to be hard pressed to make the Play-Offs now. If Elliott only misses 4 games they could end up with a 7-5 record with 4 to go. If he misses all 6 I doubt they will get more than 9 wins, most likely 8. Would like to say I feel bad....... NOT
  14. I get all football games free Ham, but to go live once a year is well worth it for me. Face value is $100, but the people who own season tickets sell for double. Always been that way. Hey, You have to pay it unless you know someone. I do have a friend who has season tickets in the upper level, but my wife would not fair well as she does not like heights.... The Tail Gate alone is worth the trip..... We would drop $300 if we went to a bar to watch a game, so what does it matter?
  15. We bought tickets in section 129. $200 each but well worth it for one game....