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  1. Welp, maybe I am the only one who comes right to this section from the site. So, if there are new articles, I would miss most of them. To be honest, there is not much going on anyway. But when the PS starts, I would hope they get this thing running....
  2. Has anyone else noticed that the new articles are not being posted on the boards here? Why does IT feel it has to keep upgrading something that is working fine? I am to the point why even come here anymore. I have been coming less and less as have others.
  3. Joemas, Here is an article that you might find interesting. See what Douglas says about last year and what he feels..... I got this from CETS whom you may know. He also feels Douglas would be a good fit at S down the road. Probably once Jenkins retires.....
  4. Here is an article that might make you smile...
  5. Last Football player I wanted to witness enter the HOF was Reggie White. Of course I did not go in person, but I have not really cared too much about it since to be honest.... Joemas is right for the most part. Only thing about Owens was he made such a big thing about not getting in and now does not even go... Anyway, not a huge issue so we can all move on to more important matters.... Like Fantasy FootBAll rankings!!! I mean Eagles!!!!
  6. OK, who of the new faces are doing well so far? I heard abut Bausby and Dallas, but not much else. Jones I knew would be fine.... Anyone hear anything new?
  7. TO was slighted last year and made a big deal about it. So now he is voted in and chooses to not attend the ceremony? He finally has a podium to speak for his behalf and takes the childish way out. "you did not vote for me last year so I will show you!" Whatever, he is a non story now....
  8. Well, there are others we have not even mentioned Joe. Not sure if any are good or not. But if 1-2 of them show real promise, You never know what Howie does lol... Avonte Maddox? We do agree on one thing tho. We want Douglas staying put! I don't really care where they play him as long as he makes the team to be honest. However, I do feel he could eventually take over for Jenkins. Not sure about his IQ, but he has time....
  9. Jenkins also could be used as a tool to send a blitzer from an unknown location and successfully cover that person's assignment. That stuff really stresses out a QB and Schwartz doesn't really do it. But a player like Jenkins allows you too.
  10. Bausby is being used in the slot. I doubt he will play outside ahead of either Jones or Darby.... He is fast enough to play the slot so....
  11. So Joe, right now I see the Eagles strength as CB. We have probably 5-6 starting caliber CB's. We probably will trade one of them for another player needed elsewhere. So who goes? Darby or Mills? We are in agreement that we want to keep Douglas and Jones is not going anywhere. They would probably get nothing for Bausby.....
  12. Joe, Jenkins does so many things well. His Football IQ is probably highest on the defense. Swartz tends to misuse him. I will say that part of the issue was Hicks being out all year and not having a LB that can cover, but he was covering TE's that anyone could cover at times. Yes, if the situation called for it, I can see him covering a Stud RB or TE. but he did it way too much in my opinion. You get a LB that can cover and allow him to do his job and you will not only see better run support, but the CB's will also be better as he could help when needed on specific plays. He makes everyone else better..... I hope you are right about Douglas. I like the dude and want him to stay.....
  13. Didn't Woods have that Spinal Fusion done? Look at him! She has this Bro!! Keep the faith!!
  14. He is stuffing the run or blitzing or whatever else he sees... That is his strength...
  15. Exactly! He is probably the smartest player on the defensive side of the ball and you want him covering a TE? That is my point! When he is not covering a TE and free to read and react he is a STUD!! You just made my point Joe!