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  1. signing Darby to a 1 year prove it deal helps take off the pressure to draft a CB this year. Not saying we do not do that, but this helps the BPA theory. I think we go for CJ Anderson as soon as someone signs one of our players..... Just a hunch.
  2. Someone that I wouldn't mind getting and is not really talked about is CJ Anderson. He is still available and appears to have allot left in the tank. If he can be had on a 1 year deal for the cheap I say sing the dude. If nothing else, it makes the draft board wide open for the Eagles. They would not have to "Reach" for anyone. They could even trade back to grab more 2nd and 3rd round picks. Volume is always a good thing at the draft in the first 3 rounds....
  3. In case you did not see it....
  4. Well, you hope they have people in the wings ready to take over. The Aussie better be ready by 202 at the latest....
  5. I like Fort signing. He is a solid LB who stays healthy. Also gives us more room in the draft to get BPA for the most part.... Still say S, RB and CB are main concerns as far as depth goes... 3 LB sets are not used much anymore.....
  6. If they want to take on more salary then go and sign Crowell. He fits in with our RBBC
  7. Sure, There are trade possibilities but do you really want to trade away our draft picks? I am not so sure we want to take on more salary at this point so I doubt we trade for a RB, but I am rarely right. Also, not an obsession but that is what the message boards are for. To throw out ideas.... Maybe I am here in error?
  8. I have no clue DWD. CBS has him ranked 4th?
  9. Well, I just took a gander at CBS Sports rankings. S - Delonte Thompson, Nasir Adderly CB - Byron Murphy OL - Jawaan Taylor, Cody Ford, Greg Little LB - Devin bush WR - Marquise Brown, A J Brown RB Jacobs DE - Brian Burns A bunch of DL .... So where do we go at 25? Anyone like a special player?
  10. Any S available round 1 where we pick. I could see them going that route also
  11. Sometimes a RB does much better in the NFL than in college. We drafted McCoy in the second and he turned out to be the best one I think. Steve Smith says that Henderson from Memphis has the best hands in the draft and runs pro routes. He ran for almost 2000 yards last year. Sanders from PSU is another they might be looking at. One of them may be placed in round 2 on their board. I am good with that as long as they do not reach like they did with Pumphrey. Singletary is another I wouldn't mind grabbing if they have him ranked as a 2nd round tier player. But I do agree that Jacobs will be gone by the time we pick in round 1 so LB or CB is most likely pick there. Maybe safety...?
  12. GBFL, We sign Hyde for 3-4 mil. Howard becomes available, so we sign him for a 1 year 8 mil deal. We now have no issues at RB. I see no problem there...
  13. I doubt we release Him. We either Trade him or keep him... Sure, but Hyde will service us until we find that "Guy"
  14. Howard is better but Hyde is free...
  15. HYDE WAS released. Dear Howie, please sign him. He will address allot of our RB woes..... Signed, Concerned Eagles Fan!