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  1. I want to know where John Reaves went..... Now that Wentz is playing great he has nothing to complain about. We all kept saying he was a rookie and he needed time, but all he kept saying was Wentz played poorly.... Here is what he said back in May.... We've made a ton of upgrades, particularly on offense, but the Blunt truth is the biggest concern remains the QB position. Even with our lousy WRs and instability on the line with LJ's suspension and lost games by two other starters (forcing two rookies to play before they were really ready), we had six losses that were there for the taking at end but our rookie QB just couldn't make a play in any of them, except the Ravens game perhaps (which he made with his legs, not his arm). He was unable even in the one close win vs the Giants to secure what should've been an easy win. It took Eli and our defense, especially Jenkins, to put that one in the win column. What a contending team needs is a QB who's at his best at the end of close games. That's when Wentz was at his worst. He was only a rookie, but that needs to change more than upgrades anywhere else. Hopefully it will.
  2. Here is one person that puts his money where his mouth is! Extremely overwhelmed with Long's generosity! Do not think I have ever heard of any athlete donating their entire season's pay for any cause!! Impressed does not come close to how I feel....
  3. I would hope so! He is arguably our best O-Lineman lol..... Smallwood should help with picking up the blitz though....
  4. Joe, we are beating a dead horse. You feel it means nothing. I disagree. How else can teams formulate their roster? They sure as heck cannot go by paper! You say we make predictions based on players added. You made your prediction before Darby, Blount and others were even added. Anyone can put a number on the teams win total before PS starts, but you cannot do so in reality until the final roster is in place. That happens after the last PS game.....
  5. Well, I just hope all figure out the best way to end all of this so we can start talking football again. The one thing that I loved most about sports, in general, was that there was no color barriers. We all went to games and partied as one. I enjoyed this more than anything else. Maybe the owners can get the local government to start monitoring their own, reprimand those who step over the line. Maybe doing this small thing will send a message to the local PD's, that you need to treat all as you would expect you to be treated. Not a hard concept to grasp...
  6. Welp, if Darby can go, we will have most of our starters playing for the first time in awhile
  7. More good news....
  8. But Wentz keeps getting better and better...... I wish I had taken him for my FF team. I do have Brees, but Winston has been doing little for me... lol getting greedy
  9. Jeffrey is primed to have a big day soon. It may as well be Monday, with Norman Out and many injuries in the back 7 of the Washington Defense. Their offense is fairly healthy though, so we will need to get to Cousins. He is erratic when pressured. Win this game and put a huge distance between the other teams. 3-0 Division and 5-0 conference would be nice....
  10. Just looking at the Injury list: Redskins have 6 safeties, 3 CB's and 4 LB's on it. Granted, they are probably not all starters, but it lends to the thought that we should be able to pass on them...
  11. I expect to see us pass the ball more. I know that the Skins will be blitzing, but short slants can off set that and I think Jeffrey can get decent YAC this week. In fact I expect for him to get over 100 yards Monday....
  12. Agree 100% Swoop! As I have mentioned, Doug did not appear to be the answer for me. He has done a great job so far this year. His assistants have also done great..... When I am wron I admit it. No big deal. I would not be writing here If I was right more often lol. I would be making cash betting games! Speaking of which, Indy really screwed me last Monday! Had 1K won at halftime, only to see it slip away.........
  13. Well, the only reason I say PS means anything, is you get to watch the new players. Pumphrey sucked when allot thought he would be the next Sproles. Injuries happen which would change anyone's win total. Not just to the Eagles, but other Divisional teams. The Starters play little, which does not come into play. Other than those reasons I can see your point.
  14. Some of us predicted 10 wins. Others even went to 11. But that was all they were; predictions. I was at 9-7. Reason was I had my doubts about Doug. I was unsure about our CB's and needed to see how much Wentz improved. All logical reasons to predict 9 wins. I have to admit Doug has my apology. I did not feel he was going to handle the coaching job nearly as well as he has. Heck, who out there can honestly say Doug was a very solid coach before the year started? NO ONE here has said it, but we all are on the band wagon now. We are not predicting 10 or 11 wins. More like 12 or more now..... Heck 13-3 is a definite possibility!