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  1. Guess I am wrong, dumb and blind too Ham! Still need to see him prove it a bit longer though. Washington WR's are not exactly awesome....
  2. Sorry Ham, I just read the rest of your post. Release time is the total time he takes to release the ball. not just his wind up. That is not even recorded as far as I know.....
  3. there IS A GRAPH THAT shows an average of 2.7 seconds release time for over 300 drop backs.... That was back in 2013. As I said, he should be quicker now.
  4. Here is one article about Foles Release time. it was back in 2013. He may have actually improved since then. This is from an article written before the last SB. One of Foles strengths was his quick release per Doug Pederson..... How did they adjust? Eagles coach Doug Pederson put in place plans that sought to leverage Foles strengths as a player rather than focusing on what Foles would need to improve. He changed the offense to incorporate more short passes--one of Foles's core strengths--and to capitalize on Foles's quick release. He also built in more run-pass option plays to take advantage of Foles's keen ability to read defenses.
  5. Yes it was mentioned on the NFL network. I had to do a double take myself. His release is faster than Wentz. In fact it is faster than many QB's in the NFL.... Look it up.
  6. If you like deep dish, I agree. But for a normal crust thickness, I disagree. My wife hates deep dish pizza so no need to go to Chicago to have some....
  7. On a brighter note, Eagles travel to Green Bay next season. Our family will make that the annual road trip they make there each year, so will be an exciting time. Green Bay is a great place to go watch a game, even if you are not their fan.
  8. Morning All! This may be correct Ham, but consider that Foles has a quicker release and also has faster reads. Foles has been around longer, so he does do a quicker job getting rid of the ball. But as far as mobility, I highly doubt he is quicker on his feet. Wentz will improve in this area in time.
  9. You may be right, but I still need to see Wentz do something. He has not performed to his capabilities in my mind. Whether it is the Coach or assistants or him, I do not know. He is smart enough to figure out what the defenses are doing so should have an idea where the ball has to go, yet I have seen him force things for no reason. This worries me. I feel he has the tools to carry a team, no matter who is playing WR. Rogers and Brady can do it. Brees and Rivers can do it. No reason Wentz cannot.....
  10. All teams have injuries. I have not seen anything offensively to date, that I would consider a positive. Sure We had Adams running last week. What about the passing attack? We have Tate, Jeffrey, Ertz and Dallas, but have no passing attack? Forget about the Defense for a minute and just look at the other side of the ball. We are 13th in Passing, 24th in rushing and 24th in scoring. Did we really lose that much on this side of the ball? I understand we have had a bunch of injuries on the defensive side. But other than Ajayi, who is missing on the offense? We did not have Sproles last year so really cannot count him.
  11. This team is depleted of CB talent and the Safety's are not strong either. Jenkins is older and not as effective. D-Line is not deep, so can be worn down. Wentz is not having a great season. Maybe it was losing our assistants, but he does not seem right. Put this all together and this season is lost. Sure, we may win the division. Does that really matter if they get knocked out in the first or second round? What I need to see is Wentz win a game for us. I mean come back in the late 4th quarter. Last week we did it with the run game, but I want to see it with the passing game against a better team. He has all of the tools. I just want to see that confidence back. I want that feeling that GB fans have late in the 4th Quarter when their team has the ball and you know something good is going to happen. If he can do that, I will consider this season worthwhile. Wentz's growth is paramount to me. Anyway, I know I will get rebuttal. No matter. It is how I feel. Have a great day all!
  12. Hi MJK! I am for changing the Assistants. Start with Swartz. Not one other team copies his model on D. Reason is, it is easy to game plan against, if you have the proper personnel. Swartz does not modify his scheme for any particular team, other than possibly blitz more. HE is not aggressive with the CB's. They always play off the WR. This gives them a free release to run their pattern. If the D-Line does not get to the QB in under 3 seconds the DB's are toast. Swartz never makes in game adjustments. I am sick of this prevent defense! All it does is give up points.... There, I have gotten my venom out!
  13. Yes, but the D needs to play better to. I can count 4 times we gave them a first down on a 3rd and 10 yards or more to go. This defense is playing passive. Blame that on Swartz. We make a stop on 2 or 3 of those, we give the offense that many more opportunities to score. Where are the turnovers? All of this gives the offense more chances to put up points. The offense is playing OK, but I believe it would be scoring at least 10 points more if the defense did its job. A running back would not hurt of course....
  14. Look, we could have gotten Hyde for a 4-5th round pick. Instead we go for a WR and give up a 3rd. I am not saying it was a bad deal. I AM saying not to try and grab Hyde was bad office work. It addresses a urgent need and would have probably been the difference in two games. We are probably done. Not going to cry and scream about it. Just seems that we have issues other than coaching assistants not doing their job. Also, Swartz needs to go. Hire Spagnuolo.....
  15. I feel both AGs and Tate can play both. Matthews can fill in at slot also.