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  1. Ham, I love your optimism. The way I see it is the Eagles lose one or two more and miss the play-offs. They dug themselves a big hole and I do not see them getting out of it. Defense is playing well. Just too many holes on the offense and Wentz has not yet shown he can carry the team on his shoulders. I hope I am wrong..... I have two words - "He Sucks!"
  2. They should not even consider trading Ertz. Having two stud TE's is something any team covets. Look at what NE did with that combo. We just need a coach to utilize them properly. Get a solid #1 WR and then we have something to work with.
  3. Ham, for the most part I agree with you. But we ran a couple successful Screens in the first quarter and never came back to them. We all heard Romo talk about how NE was playing Cover 2 so we should go underneath to the RB's or TE's, but never did.... Whether that was on Wentz or Doug or both, it does not matter now. But we need to play perfect ball when we are hit so hard with injuries. Wentz played his worst game of the year.....
  4. Jjaw only had one target as he was not in the game much at all. Hard to blame him if he is not in there. A few years back we put a WR on PS and someone picked him up and he did well for them. Gibson or Amendola (cannot Remember which). So I find it hard to believe that no WR on any teams PS is better than Matthews or some players we have playing WR right now. At least do your homework and check them out. Maybe take a flier on one and see. Can't hurt....
  5. Everyone told me that Matthews would be the right guy because he knew the offense. He gets no excuses IMO. Play hard and catch the ball when it comes your way...
  6. Does anyone know how long Howard is out? He would have made a difference I think.
  7. The Good: Defensively we did great holding NE to 1 TD. CB's played very well. D-Line put allot of pressure on Tom all day. The Bad: Trick plays hurt us. Offensively: Wentz held the ball too long and we suffered because of it. JJaw made a great catch and was not targeted again all game. Instead we targeted Matthews 6 times for 6 total yards. Cut him and sign someone else. Who? There has to be someone on another teams PS better than Matthews... NE defense made great adjustments, but we went away from what was working. 2 Screens in the first quarter and none the rest of the game? Why didn't we try a Jet sweep for Ags? DP made no in game adjustments. Of course the injuries did not help, but he was not creative at all. WE can compete, but we need more weapons(Healthy) for Wentz to make any sort of noise. It does not get any better this week. Seahawks are playing as good as any team in the NFL right now...... I can see us losing this game and winning out to finish at 10-6. Whether that gets us into the play-offs will not matter. we do not have enough horses on offense to do any sort of damage....
  8. He may be sued as well. Heck, he could get criminal Charges.... That was nasty and I do not think anyone disagrees, including teammates...
  9. Don't Sign Ajayi. I would rather they sign JJ Nelson. He is a burner and would stretch the field. At least give him a shot. We have Sanders and Scott to hold us over for a game if Howard cannot go...
  10. You are right! But I did notice Mychal did one heck of a job last week as well as Monday. Anyway, it seems we have a knack of giving up on linebackers too soon lol Eric is one heck of a player too...
  11. Thanks, Not for this site though. All is good as it is gonna be...
  12. Anyone see Kendricks playing Sunday? That man is on fire now. Last 3 times I watched him he was all over the place... What did we get for him?
  13. DC, This is old subject, but I was having family issues and not been on here in awhile. Anyway, we all know Gordon has mental issues. Not sure if he would straighten out for us or not. We do know Matthews does not have any issues like this, so only reason SF would let him go is if he cannot physically do what others on the team can. At least that is my thought process. Of course, my thought process is not what it used to be..... Anyway, we will all see soon enough what JMatt has left in his tank. I hope I am wrong! He may be what the Eagles need. Anyway, just wanted to respond as I have a chance now. Doubt I will be on much more in the next week or so...
  14. I wish we would start JJ and bench Ags. At least find out if he is worth keeping or not. We know Ags is gone after this year, so we need to know if we have anything here to build on. How many do you think we keep from this roster as it stands? Alshon is injury prone as is DJax. Ags is gone. Who is left?
  15. If he is in such great shape, why did SF cut him? Look, I get it. He knows our system. But we let others go for him and it does not make sense. Josh Gordon, although a head case, was a better option and Seattle got him. WE wait until it is too late and bring back JMatt. OK. you like it. I am just tired we bring back the same players without trying something different. Maybe this is best we have to choose from, but there were better options we let others have, which may have helped out more.