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  1. Look, I am all in for Smallwood. Problem is he seems to have issues staying healthy during the season. If he gets nicked up for whatever reason Thursday, I say we cut him and add another. We cannot afford to be RB poor again like we were last year. Sproles cannot handle work load he did last year and should not have to.
  2. I always worry when the "Pros" think I did well.... Normally I end up middle of the pack when that happens....
  3. Welp, they are on the air this week so we should know better by Friday. Good thing too. my draft for FF is Friday Night!!
  4. I think he played against 3's last week, but deserves to go against stronger competition this week. At least in my view he does. His effort cannot be denied. I feel regardless of competition level, he did well last Thursday... But your point is a valid one.
  5. Morning ASG! Heard it was minor on Beckham, but you never know with lower leg/ankle injuries.... Sometimes they can linger awhile.... What do you think about the RB situation? I was thinking Blount really has to show something this week as Clement and Marshall both are knocking on the door.... What say you??
  6. Well, keep in mind that the starting unit has yet to play together. Last Thursday, it was only one guy that screwed up on the broken plays and it Was Ertz once. That is encouraging in itself. Get Peters back and Johnson on the right side and we are good.... Getting a 5th for Tobin is huge. have ammo to climb back into the third now if we need to next year....
  7. Smallwood had better show up this week or may find the unemployment line. Clement, Marshall Sproles and Blount all want this squad. Pumphrey also.... Could be interesting...
  8. Let us not get in a debate on this GBFL.... no need to.
  9. We little to look at. So far about 1/8th the sun is blocked and max is around 2:44. we may get around a quarter.... BOOOO. Wanted to add that when looking at the game again, there was only one person who messed up on the line each play, one of them being Ertz. It should get better when we have the whole line out there this week.
  10. That cannot be good!!
  11. It is for injustice against minorities with regards to some(and I mean some!) legal authorities. It has nothing to do with the flag or football....
  12. In Regards to Jenkins; What he did was innocent enough and not meant to disrespect the flag. There was a snapshot of him holding up his fist and with Long placing his arm around Jenkins. THAT is what we call backing up your teammate! All need to understand that these athletes have a platform to use and can do so. I feel Jenkins has handled it the right way; he made a statement but did not disrespect the flag. Long's backing makes it more solid and he has done nothing but impress me as someone I would want on my team since he has arrived....
  13. Do not bother GBFL. He clearly has an agenda and I am tired of responding to the same BS crap he is posting. Let us just ignore him and move on to more important things.... Maybe he will just go away.... one can hope.
  14. Miami likes to run the ball. Three things I am looking for this week's PS game; 1 - I want to see how our D-Line and LB's play against a good running team. 2- I want to see us develop a running game, now that we should have an intact O-Line. Last thing I would like to see is a few passes of over 20 yards to one of our long ball WR's. Not necessary that they complete them. I just want to see them do it to stretch out the defense. Smith was non existent last week and I need to see how he does. Again, it is PS, so we need to work on stuff before it counts. Anyone else looking for something in particular? Just curious how others feel......