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  1. I was reading about Foles deep passes on the last thread. He has the arm, but if you look at the tape, he is actually over throwing those passes. He needs to keep the ball down to give them a chance. That will get better with more time at practice. He now has had over 6 weeks with the first team. You have to think he has this ironed out by now. We should see in a couple days...
  2. Despite what most think, Foles can throw a deep ball. I know we have not seen many but he has done it before. Granted, it was awhile ago, but you just do not lose your arm strength that quickly. I remember him throwing deep to DJax, Maclin and Cooper. So he should be able to connect to Smith or Jeffrey. At least he has to try or we may be toast....
  3. Already working on my accountant at work. If the Eagles and NE make the SB, good chance I can get 2 tickets!! His Son was best man at Steve Belichick's wedding////
  4. Rhodes is not 100%, so do not think they will stay away from him...
  5. She will always be a GB fan, but will root for my team if they are not playing GB.... Best I can do I guess....
  6. Funny you ask that. We were teasing her last weekend. Her daughter's were telling my son she was rooting against them. My wife responded to her children, that she has not finalized her wil yet. To which my son told her his middle name was Daniel.... Funny to read the comments on FB
  7. As for this game against Minnesota; I am just going to enjoy it. All I wanted this year was a play-off win and that was with Wentz playing. Now they have a chance to reach the SB without him.... Who on this board would have thought this possible week one of the season? If I were to go back and tell every one that Foles was going to win the Divisional Play-Off game with Wentz out for the year, you all would petition to send me away to a Psycho Ward.... So I am content. I still want to see us win, but nothing can ruin this year for me now. SB victory would be real sweet......
  8. The 1st SB I will agree with you. (He lost that one to Seattle though) The 2nd, not so much. Manning was terrible. 9 TD's 17 Ints. 59% completion percentage and a QBR of 67.9? Look, he can read the defenses best in the world, but if you cannot complete the pass, what good is it? 6 starters are gone from that 2015 defense. Jackson, Williams, Trevathan, Ware, Stewart and Ward. That is over half of the personell. Yes, they could have started Garapalo (spell?) and won it with that defense in 2015. Heck, they did during the season. Manning's SB stats that year- 13/23 141 total yards 0 TD 1- INT. You mean to tell me another QB couldn't put up those numbers? Really?
  9. Manning was terrible. Problem was they lost players after the SB win on defense. Ware, Ward and others no longer on the team....
  10. Welp, Thinking here is the game will be close. Not sure we win, but whatever happens I am very proud of this team. Just someone please beat NE..... Only team I do not want to see win the SB. We are my first choice of course....
  11. Very happy right now
  12. Games are never played on Paper, so it comes down to who makes the most plays. We will see. Here is hoping the Eagles do. Lord knows I am not getting any younger and would like to see a Championship before they spread out my ashes.....
  13. They have a weak Guard and we have Wis back. Thinking our Tackles will apply pressure up the gut.
  14. Tomorrow cannot come fast enough. Some of you fans have witnessed what I have for the past 40 years. We have seen all of the bad breaks from JB's death to Sapp crushing our SB dreams, to #5 puking in the huddle, to NE's questionable win due to Practice video of the Eagles, which has not been proven but certainly a possibility. I have seen all the bad luck and it is about time we create some good...... This year it was losing our MVP QB week 14. Maybe we can overcome it. Maybe not, but it will not be for lack of effort. I like this group of players. A good blend of experience and youth. They are a close nit team who has everyone else's back.... Tomorrow we will see if Effort will be enough.
  15. I am about done discussing this game. What we need to do, what the Coaches need to call for Foles to allow him to be comfortable. About how we need to shut down the Falcons Run game. About how we need to pressure Ryan up the middle. Look, it all comes down to your team needs to make more plays then their team. Plain and simple. Doug is going to game plan to the best of his abilities as is the Falcons coach. Both teams will be put in their best possible circumstance. All they need to do is execute the plan! Play tough nose football and kick the Falcon's butt! We have a very solid D-Line that can expose the Falcons, especially up the middle. Cox is fresh, Finnegan is fresh. Graham is fresh. This is why Swartz rotated them all season. To be ready for the play-offs. Now they can turn it up a notch and beat up on the other team. I cannot wait until Saturday. We may not win, but it will not be for lack of effort. Go EAGLES!!!