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  1. Well, I hope your assessment is inaccurate Wrang. I would hate to see Joe go.... I think they are also looking at the Bears Scout.... The Bears have done great in the draft the past few years....
  2. Ham, I loved Star Wars, but the Jawa's were short little people. How do you get JAWA for Whiteside who is 6-3?
  3. Technically, HR is VP of operations and no one is the GM. Why not give that title to Douglas and a raise to suit? He still makes the same calls but now gets credit for them...... I do not think HR is all that control freak he used to be. He learned his lesson about how to Delegate and has done a great job of it....
  4. Deandre Thompkins is someone we all need to watch this preseason. Someone told me he was clocked at 4.33, but claims he can run in the 4.2's regularly. I am not sure, but this dude could be the FA signing we all look back on as one of the steals of the draft. Dude is solid at route running. 5'11" probably hurt his draft stock, still if he can run as fast as he says, we will be much deeper at the WR position. I did not watch much Penn State this year, so someone would have to jump in and let me know more about this guy..... They showed their inexperience last night. Things look promising once they get a deeper bench...
  5. Turns out my 4 horses (5,6,8,13) finished 2,3,4 and whatever. What makes matters worse, is my Step Daughter told my Wife she forgot to give me her horse. She quickly went thru the horses and said she liked Country House. My wife asked if she should call me to put it in and she said Nah.... Freaking horse won at 65-1 odds! If she decided to couple with my 4 she would have hit the Exacta and trifecta also.... Just wow.... I did manage to pick the winners in races 8-9 & 11 so it was not terrible. Coulda woulda shoulda lol
  6. Welp, My favorite used to be Vermeil until Doug did something he never did for the Eagles.
  7. Not the same as TO only played a couple years here.
  8. I Would like to see the Eagles try Darby at Safety. Height will not come into play as much and he has the speed to track down receivers. Not saying to start him there, but give him time in TC to see if he can be used in a pinch. Mills might also be a good candidate. only because he is a liability at CB.....
  9. Let's hope Wentz feels the same way!
  10. Still 2 hours away from me MJK, but you are getting closer!
  11. Morning MJK! Welp Derby is tomorrow. Not as confident as I normally am, which could be a good thing! Gonna put $50 on Tacitus and $20 on Velkoma.... Plus a bunch of gimmicks.... Crossing my fingers! Gonna be a wet track so any horse has a shot....
  12. I like your attitude! basing our draft picks as super bowl winner!!
  13. Signing Wis would cancel out that team's Lowest Rd Comp pick (3-6), so it could potentially be a 3rd or 4th round Comp Pick.
  14. Plus add into it that the average career of an NFL player is 3-4 years so not allot of openings. You need to take into account some players make it on second attempt the following year...