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  1. One thing to add is Dallas has won the last 3 against us so kind of important we get some confidence back against them
  2. Did you watch GB's CB's Monday? King had his hands on the WR every play. He did not grab him, just laid into him a bit. Just enough to not get a flag...He played right in his face at the LOS and hung with him for 3-4 seconds. That is enough time to allow the D-Line to get to the QB.... He got called for Holding once I think.... A Good trade off if you ask me...
  3. Swartz is responsible for putting the players in a position to succeed. Yes it is his responsibility, but who is the CB coach? What technique is he teaching? I watch other teams CB's and they always have their hands on the WR's to help keep them close. We never lay a hand on anyone, or haven't when I was watching. We simply give them a free release and try to cover them, which is next to impossible. You give a fast WR a free release and he is 40 yards down the field in 2.5 seconds..... Think about it...
  4. When we won the SB, we had a better pass rush then we do now. So the CB's did not have to do as much. However, They are doing nothing right now. As I stated above on Joe's comment, these CB's are not covering anyone. They need to jam them at the LOS and get their hands on them. Maybe not hold but at least keep them close..... Maybe it is coaching. We had better find the answer soon. Word is out how to beat our Defense..... Quick 2 second release and don't bother going for your second read because no one is covering tight......
  5. No doubt that a good D-Line is important. But with QB's getting rid of the ball in less than 3 seconds, you better have a CB that can cover. We don't. CB's cannot win you a SB, but Bad CB's can prevent you from getting there.
  6. I just want them to get it right when drafting the next CB and next WR.... If they can manage to do that, I will be a very happy fan....
  7. I may have read it on here, but Hicks is leading the NFL in tackles....
  8. I suggested to a friend yesterday that the Eagles should draft 3 WR's and 3 CB's and hope one of each turns out Good. Then we finally have something to get happy about lol
  9. Mills is not great. But I have to admit he is better than what we have out there right now. You know how I feel about Mills so that says allot about how bad I feel the DB's are. I feel if we had one shut down CB the whole backfield issue would go away. You could have the Safety favor the other side which would reduce the errors...
  10. You are right, but I think a bit more complicated than that. Rasul can play at the LOS, but problem is he gets no contact and the WR gets a free release. He is dead when that happens. Some passes are timing routes, so get the hit at the LOS and it throws off everything. Did anyone notice our CB's never get their hands on the WR's? It helps you stay with them and all good CB's do this. We seem to play off them and try to react instead of clinging to them like a glove.... Who cares if you get a holding call once in awhile? Better than a 60 yard TD..... This could be coaching also....
  11. Douglas is good for 20 yards. He is not fast enough to cover more than that. Mcleod needs to help out over the top. He played terrible yesterday. No game plan yesterday. We did not stop the run. We did not get to the QB. We did not prevent the long pass. Cousins only made 1 real nice pass yesterday. All of those TD passes were wide open shots. Swartz cannot coach, period. He needs to put players in positions they can succeed. No help over the top was doomed from the start. Wentz played a good game. that pass to Ags looked like an overthrow, but if Ags puts on the speed, he gets there. Ags is too busy looking back at the QB instead of running his route. Other than Jeffrey, we have zero production from the wide outs. If DJax is not back this Sunday, we will lose again. Jones stinks and looks lost out there. We have real issues at all DB positions other than Jenkins.
  12. OK, First I think Scandrick is better than all but Douglas. So not sure you would call him guy off the street. Darby suited up 3 of 5 games, Douglas suited up all 5, Maddox suited up 4 of 5 games and Jones suited up 4 of 5 games. This is according to your Stat experts. So this is terrible? It looks like they only had real issues for one game and against the Jets we need to worry? Now, you are going to say, how much did they play in those games. My answer is how much did the GB Packers play? Saying a player starts is not saying they played 1 minute or all 60.... It works both ways.
  13. Although I agree GBFL, some of those long pass plays go the distance. So we have no red Zone.....
  14. I do have to say I was totally wrong about Mcleod. He has been a pleasant Surprise...
  15. Trini, I am in a group of some old EMB members who no longer post on here. They just email all back and forth as they prefer it. Anyway, one mentioned that the reason we have to trade away our higher draft picks to solidify a position is because we stink at drafting that Position. CB was brought up. Maddox and Jones 4th and 2nd round picks. Had we jumped two spots, we could have had King instead of Jones. Plus he would have contributed right away. Maddox seems OK in the slot but hasn't really shown well outside yet. Anyway, We do need to get better at it. Some positions we seem to do well at. D-Line and O-Line, TE we seem good. Hard to tell on LB because we never draft anyone before the 3rd round at that position... I agree though. I would love another Eric Allen....