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  1. Looking at your choices to pick from, I can say they could get one of those easily enough by trading back 6-7 spots plus grab another pick or 2....
  2. I call for a trade at 32. Of course who knows....
  4. Swoop, You are a funny one! Guard is definitely in play. Price, Hernandez or Wynn are all possibilities. I guess it depends on Douglas's board. I imagine they have all scenarios planned in case they do get a 2nd plus a 3rd for number 32. I really do not have any clue what teams are talking about with HR. Could be he already has possibilities lined up should someone drop that other teams are targeting...
  5. Welp, Most mocks have us taking either a CD, TE, RB or OT. Some also think we move down. I guess we will see soon enough. 2 days away. Meanwhile the 76ers are about to win the first series in a long time.... the Phillies are 13-3 in last 16 games.... Life is good in Philly....
  6. He may be MJK. He is going to demand allot of cash for his next contract. He is 30 years old, but should have at least 3 more good years. I guess it depends on how much the Eagles want to invest on the D-Line. I would think they can afford a 33 million contract for 3 years, but he may be looking for around 40 Mil and probably can get more on the FA market...
  7. I just hope it is not For Bryant. Want no part of this dude....
  8. Strength of schedule is all relative. No one really knows who is gonna be tough or who is gonna suck except maybe Cleveland lol.
  9. I am going to Green Bay Sept. 30 with 3 daughters and their husbands. 10 of us in all. So going to the Carolina Game Oct. 21st. Did not want to see Minnesota again and the Colts did not look like a promising game to attend. Plus Wentz should be playing by the 21st of October.
  10. BG, How about we trade our 32nd and 130th for Indiana's 49th and 67th?
  11. 9 DAYS we will find out! I predict we trade back with KC. We trade out #32 pick and 2019 Round 5 pick. KC trades picks #54 and 78 plus 2019 Round 4 pick. What say you??
  12. I wonder what we do with Hicks. Think he remains on the roster or we trade him for draft picks? Draft is in 9 days so we all should know soon enuff!
  13. She must have not been hungry........ did not run fast enuff....
  14. Looks like the NFL wants to put the protests behind them....
  15. LOL UK, that makes 2 of us. I also do not have any idea. That RB Guice (spelling?) may be an option at 32. If he is as good as all are saying, we would have him for the extra year on the Rookie contract. Since RB's rarely make it past 30, the cost would be cheap for someone to help out Wentz for the next 4-5 years...