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  1. Jordan Howard is making half of what Sanders is this year. I imagine that he will want more money too. I cannot see the Eagles ignoring that contract, can you? I would think that they want him happy....
  2. I just looked it up and it appears Zeke's contract is fully guaranteed. He has yet to collet over 24 million, so not sure what Dallas will do there. If he wants Gurley type money, that would increase his salary by around 8 mil per year.
  3. They gave up a first round pick for Cooper. I doubt they allow him to leave. on the Bright side, he will probably get 15 mil per year. that with Dak's possible 25-30 mil per year would tie up allot of capital. I do not think they have a guru like the Eagles do at working the cap either. I could be wrong though....
  4. Yes that includes Lawrence, but there must be others I missed that need new contracts also. They may make out fine, but I can imagine there might be trouble signing any free agents next season, if needed...
  5. I am interested to see how Dallas handles their contract woes. Cooper, Elliott, Prescott, Collins, Jones, Thomas and probably others I missed. They only have 74 Mil in cap space next year. Prescott will command 25 mil min. Elliott will want to be at least 14 Mil per. Cooper will want around 14 mil per. that is half of their total space next year....
  6. This makes sense to me! Another thing you should mention is the women also get allot more for sponsorship than the men do. Trust me, the women are getting their share....
  7. Bottom line is Colleges cannot pay cash, but College athletes should get a free ride plus room and board. There is no reason this cannot happen. As for sponsors, I am not sure that will happen anytime soon. This would place one athlete above others, which is not what college is about. I would not complain if it came to be, but I can see it not happening.
  8. OK, now I understand why you were arguing the point. You cannot pay cash at all or it would not work..... of course, college educations are not cheap! My daughter's 4 years were over $50,000 and that was with grants! Add in Room and Board and you are talking about $80K- 100K over the 4 years per player. Nothing to complain about..
  9. Yes. All Players get same thing. An education, free room and board. Nothing else period. All colleges pay same, but can only pat a certain amount of roster. Say 55-60 for football.
  10. OK, I get that. But if no money is paid out the point is moot. Give player education, free room and a food card for the cafeteria. No money, just benefits. Nothing to negotiate. I cannot see how this would possibly escalate if ALL colleges did same thing....
  11. OK, so men generated 7 times the revenue... right? my math is bad today! They generated 42 times the revenue
  12. Is this Just for the US or globally? I would think countries like Italy and Germany would be all over the Mens WC vs Womens...
  13. Another thing to consider is that more college athletes may choose to stay all 4 years and actually get the diploma now that they do not have to concern themselves with coming up with the tuition. Good for the colleges and Pro Football. The player gets an extra year or two to develop and an education to boot....
  14. GBFL, We are not talking anything in terms of "pay". This is just free room and board plus college tuition. There is no "bargaining" chip to negotiate.
  15. I DO NOT THINK Ham is thinking millions of dollars. But I would think that College athletes should at least get free room and board while attending college. Many have to pay their own way and do not get drafted. My Wife's nephew is a prime example. He worked during college to pay for room and board and took out college loans for his first 3 years. The Coach was nice and gave him a free ride his senior year, but this does not happen often. Now, he was signed as a free agent by the Falcons, but there is no guaranty he makes the club. These college athletes should at least get a free ride. The Universities make billions on them so they can afford it.