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  1. That was exactly my thoughts this morning! Without Wentz we need the defense to be top notch. Best way to do that is to activate Jones! The dude can cover, but needs game time before play-offs!!
  2. This is EXACTLY why the Eagles needed to run the ball more, especially with goal to go situations. Maybe not that play, but before would have been nice. Maybe he does not have to run with the ball.... Not happy right now...
  3. one thing to mention, Gurley has 5 fumbles this year. We need to go after the ball on his carries!!
  4. Their D-Line can rush the passer as they have like 38 sacks this year. However, they are near the bottom against the rush and against the pass as far as giving up yards. The reason they are so feared is their offense wins the TOP battle. If we get in front early than they will most likely abandon the run game which will play into our hands. So, as you said Swoop, come out with your guns blazing! No huddle or whatever they feel more comfortable with. No huddle will eliminate subs so may be the best thing to start out with. It will help wear out their line too..... Just win this GAME!!!!!!
  5. Not sure what is going to happen next season and really not a concern for me right now. This game is huge. Win this weekend and we just about sow up a bye. Add in a Minnesota loss and the Eagles should get #1 seed. I need to see urgency here. I want Pederson to be aggressive. If we come out conservative like last week, we may as well cash it in. We cannot go into a game scared and that was the message DP was sending his offense. Especially on the first drive. 4th and 1 on the 47 yard line. Wentz is a shoe in to make it but we punt it away...
  6. Welp, if the Eagles play the Patriots in the SB this year, there is a really good shot I will be able to get 2 tickets to the game. My accountants son works for the Patriots and was best man at Steve B.'s Wedding.... Of course, it is a long shot, but still better than trying to buy them. I sure as heck cannot afford the scalper's price lol
  7. IF Eagles lose this game, they most likely will lose the Bye in the play-offs. Let us think about that for a minute.... At the beginning of the year, what did you consider a successful season? What was the teams goal in your mind? For me, I just wanted a play-off win to consider this year a success. Now, we all have cashed in that ticket for a higher goal. We all expect more. Much more..... Think about it. Eagles are 10-2. If they win Sunday, most likely will have a 1st or 2nd seed in the play-offs. That is far more than any of us expected, yet I can guess that all would not be satisfied with just one play-off win. OK, I get it. For me, I am very satisfied with the direction this team is taking. I feel we have made a statement that we are going to compete for a title the next 10-15 years or as long as Wentz remains healthy. Very happy fan here....
  8. I still cannot get over that the Rams may practice the silent count due to Philly fans taking over their stadium! I just went on the Rams Website and no comments from Rams fans on the articles...? Do they have any fans?
  9. Look, I will not delve into Last Sunday's game other than to say; Doug was WAY too conservative! He game planned not to lose, instead of planning to WIN. Not sure if anyone read my post or Joemas's about what we expected last week, but no one expected them to come out running. That was Seattles Strength. Their weakness was the deep ball and we did not even attempt to take advantage of it until the 2nd half. That is why I posted the previous above.... I will wait and see which team plays Sunday and hope it is the one we saw before last weeks game....
  10. The Eagles biggest issue this week will be the Eagles. There is no doubt we can beat the Rams. It is up to the players to just do their jobs. The coach needs to construct a more aggressive game plan. We are going to have a very huge showing in LA. To the point McVay is considering placing a silent count in his plan for Sunday. Wentz needs to relax and go through his progressions. They got this. They just need to allow all to come to them. Go Eagles!!
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    Dave, I always wondered why the kickers line up in the center of the field for kick offs. Why not move the ball 10-20 yards to either side? It should help for coverage by kicking to one side or the other and your team is always lined up for an on-sides kick, in case you want to surprise the opposition once in awhile....