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  1. OK, First I think Scandrick is better than all but Douglas. So not sure you would call him guy off the street. Darby suited up 3 of 5 games, Douglas suited up all 5, Maddox suited up 4 of 5 games and Jones suited up 4 of 5 games. This is according to your Stat experts. So this is terrible? It looks like they only had real issues for one game and against the Jets we need to worry? Now, you are going to say, how much did they play in those games. My answer is how much did the GB Packers play? Saying a player starts is not saying they played 1 minute or all 60.... It works both ways.
  2. Although I agree GBFL, some of those long pass plays go the distance. So we have no red Zone.....
  3. I do have to say I was totally wrong about Mcleod. He has been a pleasant Surprise...
  4. Trini, I am in a group of some old EMB members who no longer post on here. They just email all back and forth as they prefer it. Anyway, one mentioned that the reason we have to trade away our higher draft picks to solidify a position is because we stink at drafting that Position. CB was brought up. Maddox and Jones 4th and 2nd round picks. Had we jumped two spots, we could have had King instead of Jones. Plus he would have contributed right away. Maddox seems OK in the slot but hasn't really shown well outside yet. Anyway, We do need to get better at it. Some positions we seem to do well at. D-Line and O-Line, TE we seem good. Hard to tell on LB because we never draft anyone before the 3rd round at that position... I agree though. I would love another Eric Allen....
  5. GBFL- Most on here are acting like Mills is the Answer. Don't get me wrong. He may be better than Jones, but he still got burnt on double moves last year multiple times. He is not the best CB around IMO.... Eagles need to do a better job of grading the DBacks in the draft next year. We need to get a solid Corner and another safety, as ours are getting up there in age. Douglas seems to be getting better though. I firmly think he is our Best CB. Maddox may be the answer in the slot, but he struggles on the outside...
  6. Trini, I am just voicing my opinion as does everyone here. We are not right nor wrong. It is just how we feel. I also respect yours and Joemas's(as many others) opinions. Anyway, as far as financial, I now own 150,000 shares of PURA. it is a penny stock so don't go thinking I have all kinds of loot! LOL But I really believe that this stock will take off for the patient investor. Once the "Day Traders" stop messing with it and people realize that this company has a very sharp CEO, It will start its upward climb. I read one optimistic article that stated they felt this has the potential to rise over $7 before 2025! Now that would be something, but I will be content with $.20-$.30 per share. This company did 1 million in sales last year. They forecast 4 million this year and 8 million next. Not sure what some think, but I think they are going places. They are ahead of the curve and have a solid hold on the market. CGC and others are just now trying to get into this product line. That, in itself, shows there is a vast market for their product. My thoughts are, toss in a few hundred and see what happens. Not much of a gamble IMO.....
  7. You missed the part "a defense Battling injury after injury all season long"?
  8. You need to read the whole article. Their Preferred starters missed 86 regular season games. Maybe they had backups playing all year that did not miss games. I really cannot tell you. 31 players missed a total of 103 games.... Tell me we have that kind of problem going on... This is the article I was talking about
  9. And then there was the defense, a unit buffeted by injury after injury all season long and again in the finale when Woodson went out with a broken collarbone late in the second quarter and nickel back Sam Shields sat out significant stretches with a shoulder injury. "We faced adversity again today," coach Mike McCarthy said. "Guys stepped up. It's a very proud moment right now. I just can't say enough about that football team." Without Driver (ankle) and Woodson, the Packers were down eight of their 22 preferred starters. Tight end Jermichael Finley, tackle Mark Tauscher, running back Ryan Grant, inside linebacker Nick Barnett, outside linebacker Brad Jones and strong safety Morgan Burnett were among 15 players on injured reserve.
  10. They finished the game with 8 starters! Woodson, Driver and others got hurt early... Some came back in only to leave again... Capers had no names playing at DB. Look it up
  11. Joe, that team had 12 starters miss a total of 86 games. They had 31 players miss a total of 103 games!!
  12. The Packers won Super Bowl XLV while dealing with 15 players on the IR. They finished with only 8 of their original 22 starters. So, yes, other teams have done it.
  13. There are other teams Trini. Giants did it with a back up QB Hostetler. I agree the Eagles have managed to weather the storm, But all teams deal with injuries every year. Do we have more than normal? Probably, but I still do not give anyone a pass. Just how I feel.
  14. Injuries happen every year to all teams Joe. No, I don't give him a pass for the last two years. Why does NE always seem to get thru injuries? Good Coaching, that's why.
  15. anyone watch the game last night? Notice how Kendricks was all over the place, yet we did not seem to use him properly here. In less than a third of the games in Seattle Vs. 2016 and 2017 combined, he has 42 total tackles vs 102 and 4 sacks vs 2 (Double the sack total in 9 games vs. 30...)....