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  1. Ham, I am not against Dillard playing LT, but to put JP at guard this point in the season could backfire. Complete different tactics for the two positions. The Eagles pull their guards allot and Peters has bad knees. Yes, he could handle it for awhile, but I am not so sure about 16 games. Plus I prefer he start at the beginning of camp, so he gets enough time to adjust. Just my Opinion....
  2. OK, I guess the radio station was incorrect in their statement that Dillard gave up 2 sacks. But they are not always right so I should have done research when I made this statement. Here is a nice article about Dillard. I loved the pick so am happy it seems to have turned out.
  3. the QB Position is being influwentzed by back ups.....
  4. Could be they decided Kessler stunk and were concerned Sudfeld might not be back until week 4 or 5. If so, you need to have a reliable back up. Thorson would not be an option this season, at least not before Sudfeld gets back. So they got a reliable QB to hold the fort. If they feel they need him longer, then they keep him. Thus incentives to possibly make 5 mil. At least that is how I am reading it. Could be way off base, it would not be the first time...
  5. They were talking about it on the radio. One was on a double read last week. I forget when they said the other occurred. I think it was when The QB got a concussion.
  6. he did give up 2 sacks though. Not sure how they do not include that as QB Pressures....
  7. Wiz looked bad. Pretty Sure allot of people would be a better option, including Herbig.
  8. I wonder if anyone has a legit back up Center that we can make a trade for? We have ample trade bait....
  9. Maybe Wentz plays a quarter which would allow Kessler to finish? Maybe use that dude Ward for a few series lol... Who cares? It is PS!
  10. Well apparently Sua Opeta has opened some eyes to the point they can afford to trade Big V if the right offer hits the table. We should be in really good shape on the O-Line this year- with the possible exception for center...
  11. Not to mention the price tag that comes with it....
  12. Media is crying for Kaepernick now. Listen, do I feel he was dealt a bad deal? Yes. Do I feel he deserves another shot? Yes. Do I feel the Eagles should bring him in? NO. First, it is week 3 of PS football and he has been out of the league for 2 years. Second, the last thing the Eagles need is all the media hype that comes with him. They would be far better off trying to grab a camp body that can get the Eagles thru the PS. Someone who may know the Eagles play book a bit preferred.
  13. Looks like Sarge from the old days on EMB is trying to start another money league. We are not sure about the particulars yet but initial thought is $100 per person and we want to get at least 10 people, preferable 12. Once we have all we can vote as far as if we want auction or snake draft. I would not mind trying out an auction league as I have never been in one. Anyway, if anyone is interested message me or send an email. We have 5 already that want to play and my son says he can find a couple more....
  14. Pay the Man Jerry! Pay Zeke!
  15. GB, I normally agree with you but you are over simplifying this. Fluke injuries happen all the time. Sure his wrist would most likely handle his weight, but there are a multiple angles his wrist could have been in when he hit the turf. One of which could have broken a bone. None of us are experts on the subject, so I say let it lie. He will be back for the 3rd week of the season, so we are good to go. No worries mate!