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  1. Yes, we had players hurt in 2017 also. Biggest difference was that everyone else was 2 years younger. Reich hurts, but losing other assistants hurt also. As others mentioned, getting a solid OC and QB coach is a good start. WR coach and possibly a new DC may be needed also.... I do not agree totally about halftime adjustments. We have had games where we made them and came back to win. I do agree Pederson loses his vision about running the rock though. That has been a issue ever since he has been here though.... A new OC might help out there...
  2. GB, have to disagree this time. While Reich did a great job with the offense, Pederson was the brain trust for the Team as a whole. You are saying the one aspect (OC) was the only reason the Eagles won a SB? Really? Special Teams, Defense and position coaches had nothing to do with it? We had the right chemistry in 2017. We don't right now. Major reason is we are 2 years older and players are getting hurt. Do you think we would be in this situation if DJax played over half the season instead of one and a half games? We lost Malik game 2 or 3. Howard is out. Jeffrey has been hurt most of the year. None of this has to do with our win loss record?
  3. Hard to let Pederson go after he won our only SB. Better to clean slate of his assistants. There are many bright coaches out there. Bring some in.
  4. Still should go over the options, no?
  5. Yes, but with no QB to assess the play, I doubt they do anything but throw it away...You have no one between the D-Line and QB. Not much time to toss the ball...
  6. Why didn't we call a timeout on that 4th and goal play? make the adjustment to play 3 D-Lineman over the center so no matter which way the QB runs he will be sacked..... Instead we put 2 on the center to allow an escape to one side....
  7. It seems rather obvious that the OC, CB and WR coaches all need to go. I know I have said it like a dozen Times now: Hire Shanahan before someone else grabs him! He will fix the Offense. I am not so sure the WR's we have are all that bad. This could be bad coaching also.... With the Exception of Agholor, we may have a couple that show signs they can play. Maybe get a coach to show them what to do in certain situations?
  8. Heck I already can't remember sh!t another hit to the head can't make things worse...
  9. Well, Welcome to the 62 club my friend. Somewhere in August I joined it. I cannot remember when though....
  10. Don't remind me. Ever since Mills has come back. I was one that said he was worthless..... Eating crow as I type this.... This week is a huge game for the Eagles. They have to get Wentz back on board. He has to start "Seeing" the whole field. He has to get rid of the ball to his safety valve, when being pressured. He has to have faith in the WR's, which is not easily done. We need the RB's to hit the holes hard. We need Johnson and Brook back in the line up. IF all of this happens, there will be hope. If not, we may lose......
  11. Put BIG V on the right and Dillard on the left. Place Goedert or Ertz on the right to assist if needed. Dillard is more able on the left than Big V. By placing Big V on the left and Dillard on the right, you are hurting 2 positions instead of one...
  12. Ham, you know I am one of the Biggest supporters of Wentz. I still am, but he is playing with absolutely no confidence. Sure allot has to do with lack of support from the WR's. But he is not seeing the whole field. I don't know how many plays he locked onto a WR when another was wide open. How many times did he hold onto the ball too long when it was obvious he needed to take what the defense gave him and toss it out to the RB in the flat? He is over throwing wide open targets. Even if we get back Howard, Johnson and Jeffrey, we won't have enough to do any damage. I believe DJax is out for the season, right?
  13. OK, Jeffrey was ranked 16th, but they are taking average salary, not what they are making this year. For instance, Marvin Jones is making less than Agholor this year.... There are many others if you care to take the time to look....
  14. BG, I don't often disagree but I in no way want any part of Agholor. The dude cannot play. He cannot track a ball and does not give the effort. He is good on short screens and jet sweeps. We can insert anyone for that role. I heard he is the 16th highest paid WR in the NFL. If that is true, we really got screwed on that contract! Next draft is full of WR talent. Draft 2-3 of them! ! is bound to be a winner.....
  15. anyone WATCH Dion Lewis yesterday? Dude flat out played like a pro...