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  1. Welp, I tried to sign up yesterday and today for the Super Bowl Corn hole tournament without luck. So I called the radio station this morning to see if they could get me and my daughter in. They told me the registration was closed, so I guess I am out of luck for the 2nd year in a row... They did take my number saying they would call me for a possible play to get in before it starts... So there is a very slim chance we get in. My daughter is actually a very good player. Me on the other hand.... average lol
  2. Welp, I think he and Doug would be a great team. Whether or not the Eagles choose him I have no clue. I am sure there are plenty of options though. I guess we will see. Gruden played QB so he might be a good fit for Wentz ...
  3. He had like his 5th string QB playing in 2018.... He did a great job just competing that year.... He was pulling guys from the street....
  4. Well, I think Gruden did well for what he had to work with. That team was decimated with injuries in 2018 and did not get much help in 2019. Players he could have used were let go or traded. Gruden was the fall guy. I doubt Rivera does much better this year.
  5. On Amazon Prime Feb 7th I agree!
  6. Not selling, Buying material for us to machine. First he says to buy per quote. Then he says that we already paid for the tooling so please take that off. Then he says to change date required.... Then I turned off my email....
  7. Opps, You are right!! I was replying to Joe!! LMAO.... My bad all... Ignore me today. I had to re-do a Purchase order 4 times for the owner. Keeps telling me to add sh!+
  8. sorry GBFL, For some reason I had thought I was replying to your post.... Bad day...
  9. You confuse me GBFL. a month ago you were saying the biggest reason we were not playing well was the loss of our OC. Now you say the OC just helps with the game plan.... I would love the Eagles grab Shanahan. He is a motivator and a great offensive mind.
  10. All I need say about this game. That hit killed our chances. Have a great off-season all.
  11. What I have not seen mentioned is the fact that Seattle's OL sucks. Ranked near the bottom in the NFL. The only reason they are in the play-offs is Wilson's ability to escape the pressure. Now, keep in mind that the Eagles defense ranks first at points against when playing home. Why? Because the defensive line plays a whole lot better here. That being said, I think we rush 4 most of the game and keep a spy on Wilson (Jenkins?). The way to win is keep people in front of Wilson. He is short so that means we need to keep our hands up and maintain some sort of organized rush, keeping him in the pocket. I have no clue how this games pans out, but the containment of Wilson is a huge key. I agree with whoever said we need to play more man, jamming WR's at the LOS. Keep the rushers in their lanes and get in his face. Not easy but I feel this D-Line can do this.... Anyway, that is how I feel. Not sure it means anything though.... LOL
  12. Seattle will be a real test. They are a bit banged up which helps. Wilson plays at a different level in the play offs. I believe I read that he has the highest winning percentage in post season...? I also heard we will get DJax back if we play another game....?
  13. Well, he may not be that guy, but I just want to see if he can be better than what we have. I agree that it would be awesome he shows that. With Darby out and Douglas hurting he should play a bit this weekend. Crossing my fingers.... I normally don't drink but a few beers or drinks, but got carried away with 3 white Russians. Did not taste strong...... Big mistake. lol
  14. I get that, just responding to comment that Doug's Clock management skills stink. They may not be great, but after dealing with AR for a decade, we really should be happy for the improvement lol
  15. I want to know if all still feel Jones is a wasted roster spot. I made a suggestion a few weeks back to play him and see if we should keep him or let him go. At the time, it appeared we would not make the play-offs..... Almost everyone jumped on me for even suggesting that. Now he appears to have turned on the Switch in his head. I felt he had the tools to be good but was doubting his ability. Once he got his confidence back he seemed to be a different player..... I hope all had a great holiday. I am a bit hung over still and finally back to work...
  16. If we go after any FA I would think it will be a proven CB. It is clear we do not grade that position all that well in the draft so may as well take care of it in FA. WR is also a position we do not grade well, but there are so many solid prospects in this year's draft I can see us drafting one who works out finally. It would be hard to mess that up... I can hope. I would also like to finally grab a solid LB in this draft. Rounds 1 or 2. Grab someone who has a great motor and never gives up on a play. One who can stuff the run and has fairly good cover skills which can be honed at the next level. We won't be able to grab an elite Prospect that can do all great, but can grab one who does some things great and others that will be OK with coaching. Grab an interior lineman in round 3 or 4....
  17. I am not sure how we can beat Dallas. We played against a beat up O-Line in Washington. Their best O-Lineman was out yet we had 0 sacks and 0 pressures? This, against the team that has given up the most sacks all year. If they play like that against Dallas, we will be watching the play-offs. Of course playing either SF or Seattle is not prize either. Wentz looks as though he has gotten a bit of his confidence back. Yes against bad teams, but it has to start somewhere. He is starting to look like he sees the field more...
  18. Massive improvement Other than Darby. He sucks. He has not had a decent game this year.... Not sure what you see in him but I see someone who cannot tackle my mother and takes bad angles and gets beat deep every game.
  19. Kerrigan was put on IR.... Not sure if anyone else posted or not
  20. Then cut him. If he is that bad and the coaches fell the same, he should not take up a roster spot. If he has been improving in Practice, then maybe he can spill it over during a game. He had a nice pass defense last game when forced into action. Yes he has been plain awful earlier this year. But if he has shown improvement then he may be a better option than Darby. If he still stinks, cut him and be done with it. I personally think it is a confidence issue. He has the talent........
  21. Ham, I agree with your opinion, but When we have Darby giving up TD's because he cannot tackle and cannot cover, why not at least give Jones a shot in his stead? I am fairly certain Jones could not do worse than what we have gotten out of Darby.... He also did make a nice play when he had to come into the game last week. A glimpse that maybe he should see some more snaps...?
  22. GBFL, Pederson may make decisions that we feel are incorrect, but his clock management skills are 100 times better than Reid's were. Only Issue I have is he calls times outs right before half time when the other team appears to be running out the clock, only to watch the team use that time out to get points before half.
  23. OK, I have to admit it, even though I have fought this for years. My son-in-law went to Genos for a cheese steak and said it was the worse one he has ever tasted. Rolls were hard as a rock and he said the cheese looked like Cheese Whiz.... The meat was tough as leather. He also said he went to Pat's across the street and they were not much better. I was saddened to hear this as I used to love their cheese steaks. I know that they were not always like this. I do have a place that rivals Philly's best for cheese steaks though. The main reason I love these is that they use home made rolls from pizza dough! The sandwiches are about 18" long and under $10. The meat is ground but flavorful and the cheese is clearly fresh. If anyone happens to be in Hunterdon County in NJ look up Joe's Pizzeria in Flemington, NJ. They are, by far, the Best Cheese steaks I have ever eaten.
  24. Well, this would be a good time to find out. We have to know if Jones is worth keeping or not moving forward. It is time he shows us he belongs. Isn't he due a new contract next year?
  25. Darby is a liability. Not sure what we do about him. Maybe give Jones a shot? He can't do worse, can he?