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  1. Before we go firing people, make sure we have the right replacements
  2. Busy today, didn't read or watch anything - saw enough last night! Well at least the 1st 3 qtrs then turned it off. Wondering if it was DP or Reich behind the reason to our success, which is definitely in our pasr and not in the foreseeable future. Wearing my PSU gear, eagles gear staying on hangers in the closet, not in front where it was. Stick a fork in this season and the future until we can build a winner. Yes Jim Schwartz, that includes LB's and CB's who are actually good, coached up and you know how to use. If you don't, you're really just a DL coach, right? O just as bad. It takes more than gimmicks and going for it.
  3. I just don't believe this team knows how to build and coach a secondary. Haven't posted much lately, seeing how things play out and need to distance myself. We finally got our SB, just can't be that emotionally involved anymore with a team that doesn't work to improve the area that will hold us back from getting another one.
  4. Boyz have their share of injuries as well; https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/10/15/tyrone-crawford-to-undergo-season-ending-hip-surgery/ Sounds like Coop will prolly play injured, hope it's detrimental to their team, easily my most hated
  5. Just sick and tired of the decimation to the CB's the past few yrs during this window we have. We've assembled a really good team, CB injuries are costing us
  6. OK, know I shouldn't react emotionally when it comes to this teams' 1st half. It's back on. Maybe I should just watch 2nd halves this yr?
  7. Their waterboy could make mincemeat out of our CB's. Not in the mood for this BS play, game/season over if we don't improve the same spot that's plagued us - turning it off.
  8. Jones becoming too much of a liability. Time for us to consider replacing him.
  9. PSU pulled it out ugly. LSU bsically over. G-night
  10. If this wasn't a PSU game, the officiating would have caused me to turn to the LSU game
  11. Called anTD on the field, replay shows the ball crossing the plane before the knee comes down, and the official overturns it and we settle for a FG after a few penalties. There has got to be a better way, this is BS
  12. 100 guys in a bar voted on it. That and we watched umpteen diff angles, all ok yet they overturned the TD
  13. PSU just got ripped on a TD
  14. Wouldn't be surprised to see either Diggs or theilen tradrd, prolly to NE I'd root for OSU
  15. PSU just got a TO. Please take it out of the QB's hands!