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  1. Pedey said Adams deserves more reps, lol! Gee, ya think? Observing that DURING a game and making the adjustment DURING the game, well that would be good coaching. Just a suggestion just about everyone here had DURING the game. If all Goedert's doing is blocking, then why not give Mailata a few reps?
  2. So we bring Rodgers off IR when we haven't been getting Goedert involved much more than a blocker? When it comes to our problems this season, coaching is becoming a much larger part of it than I originally thought.
  3. I've stuck a fork in it, then maybe I'll be wrong and it'll be a great surprise! There's enough blame to go around. Concern now is for next yr - who we keep, how we address needs including players, coaches and this medical staff! All the usual and the draft.
  4. Doesn't mean we're out of it, just going to be really tough;
  5. The more players you lose, the tougher it gets;
  6. We're last in 1st qtr scoring. Are we really going into games thinking "we'll turn it on later"?
  7. Everyone got their venom out? Weird stuff I've read; "JP too old, always injured, save the cap". V supposed to be his replacement peeps, how'd he do last night stepping in for Lane? V will get better, not quite ready and we still need another T. As for cap, etc. An injured JP's still better than most. Yeah, saw him get beaten by Gregory that time, heck - it's Randy F'n Gregory! He gets paid too and is pretty damn good. Seems I also watched JP chip his guy then run block for almost 20 yds downfield. Speaking of which, "Can't block downfield" doesn't hold much water either. Kelce and Brooks could have been called several times each for illegal downfield. The fact is that sometimes either Carson decided to pull the ball or the RB chose the wrong one to follow. Play calling? Sure at times. Play design as well. That picket fence p's me off. Moving a guy on each hash up against a short pass or to prevent a RB like Zeke to get a full head of steam seems like a better design. Last yr we could cover for some of our injuries, simply too many this yr
  8. That's game. Start faster, tackle, quit playing soft on D, get healthy and we could still win the div. If not, stick a fork in it
  9. We haven't had an INT since Oct 11, could really use a TO here
  10. He can block and I'd like to see him run the ball. Have to double him so someone else is open
  11. Not this game, maybe vs the gnats, would like to see Mailata in as TE, esp in a short for 1st down OK - new game
  12. High and outside. Like the new trace thing
  13. Sullivan or the new guy LeBlanc I guess