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  1. Long should get more snaps w/ Bennett gone;
  2. So the annual debate on BPA vs need is officially underway! Unless there's an absolute need, you're absolutely in love with a player or the coach is on the hot seat, then your board's already weighted.
  3. https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2019/3/21/18276003/nfl-draft-2019-lj-collier-eagles-visit-rumors-philadelphia-tcu-defensive-end-pass-rusher-edge-round?utm_campaign=brandongowton&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
  4. Interesting Oliver said the NFL players he most wanted to play for or against is our very own Kelce
  5. So if we want Long back make a side deal Lurie donates to his charity Posted last night we had a bid in for Curry. Now get Blount and maybe Jernigan back, draft a RB, a few udfa's, draft young DL, OL
  6. See rumors we have a bid in for Vinny Curry, may not be a bad move in spite of his age. I think we need DE, DT, RB ( FA and draft ), Interior OL, LB, S
  7. Don't see how CB in the 1st is of great importance to this team at this time. We're pretty old in a few areas and contracts are coming up.
  8. As for Ag, I like him as well now that his hands work. Guy comes up with some clutch catches and can break a run. Only drawback is I wish he'd toughen up a bit more, use his body for contested balls.
  9. Just liked it better when they had to work into the net more. Setting up a couple of 3 pt specialists around the perimeter takes away from the game for me.
  10. Sweet 76'rs win. Usually don't watch much but they were playing Boston and pretty much needed this game. Another game wrecked by rules changes, ie the 3 pt shot.
  11. Couldn't resist re-posting; Kevin Clark‏Verified account @bykevinclark I know everyone will say a $430 million contract will never happen in football but just wait until Dave Gettleman extends Eli Manning.
  12. Don't ask me why the Vikings not picking up his option - which made him UFA - counts against our comp picks
  13. Philadelphia Eagles Qualifying UFAs Lost: 4 Qualifying UFAs Gained: 2 Name Rd. APY Rank Name Rd. APY Rank Nick Foles 3 $22,000,000 9 Golden Tate 4 $9,350,000 130 Jordan Hicks 4 $9,000,000 145 Andrew Sendejo ? TBA TBA Jordan Matthews ? TBA TBA L.J. Fort 7 $1,633,333 662
  14. DJax in, now get Jernigan as some predicted, Blount as I'd like
  15. Several teams looking at Duke, raising his price and Howie looks for value. I'd be happy w/ Blount back, shouldn't cost much, grab a mid rd rook