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  1. With a QB head coach is it time to elevate Duce to OC for balance?
  2. That's where it starts - who drafts our players. Thought Howie learned on his "walkabout" to listen to those wiser than himself in certain areas. If Lurie wants to give Howie this kind of power, he should hold him accountable as well. Coaching needs changed in the obvious areas OC, WR, QB, secondary and although I actually like Schwartz, his tunnel vision on the DL w/o focusing on the secondary and very little regard for LB's makes me want DP to talk w/ Schwartz to have him either improve or be replaced. Injuries, how those injuries are evaluated/treated then using that info by the trainers to aid in preventing these injuries. I'll have my 2nd mug of coffee and realize what I typed wasn't what was going thru my half awake brain - just po'd at ruined expectations the past 2 yrs during a window of opportunity
  3. The Cipro has me nauseous enough, now this. It's recording as I can't watch anymore, If they don't want to win then get this debacle of a season over with. Night
  4. 4 bad passes by Wentz already - going to be a long night
  5. Talk up here is NE may try to get OBJ cheap, don't see why we shouildn't give him a shot. He's supposed to be not as much od a cancer as we're led to believe.
  6. Anyone want Shurmur back as OC?
  7. GB - congrads on the OS win, down 14 at the half, had to be up early so hit record then watched the rest at 2 am = 27 unanswered pts! Won't stand up vs LSU. As for us, I've seen worse teams get lucky. Nat'l tabs are now calling out the med team and traing staff.
  8. My other long time belief id if you do something blatant - NOT incidental - that injures a player, you're out as long as he is w/o pay, plus the fine
  9. OK, watching the 9ers - Saints and the rules have gone too far. You can;t call PI on a punt with the ball in the air. Give each team 3 flags/half to call on anything - period!
  10. 24 - 7 Bears at 8:18 of the 3rd = LOVING THIS! Bears are really fast off the ball, boyz can't cover. Bears play calling pretty imaginative - hint, hint. Some like the Wildcat not done right and didn't work, taking it to Americas' Prison Team both run and pass
  11. Actually for sale on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Forever-Collectibles-Philadelphia-Eagles-Figurine/dp/B00GH0L5R4/ref=sr_1_88?crid=BDZRY701Z4Q9&dchild=1&keywords=philadelphia+eagles+pajamas+for+women&qid=1575574820&sprefix=philadelphia+eagles+pajamas%2Caps%2C217&sr=8-88
  12. Americas' Prison Team. Wish it was going to hurt them but he's injured and wasn't going to play anyway. If we lose another game hope Dak does really well. Not SB, just enough to up his contract and keep Garrett, making them poorly coached and even more broke financially for yrs to come. Can't get more morally broke
  13. Decent Chicago weather for this time of yr - 42 and cloudy. Was hoping for worse. Boyz w/o Vanderesch. Hope we get to see Eli's deer in the headlights look again. Hit him early and often he'll fold if we can muster it.
  14. I liked Mostert, makes me wonder about our coaching there as well. Looks like Eli vs us this week