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  1. LB is pretty interesting ths yr, a lot of teams need them and signing them. As for the anthem thing as I said before I was accused of being political, a moment of silence after the anthem was my suggestion. Pray, kneel, raise your fist, whatever. My point was when you have a union shop, the union must be included. By law you cannot make these sorts of decisions carte blanche. Just thinking ahead to the new CBA. 8 players protested the last week of the regular season, should have left a dead dog lie.
  2. Reading Suh's lost a step as well, moved him inside as he's ineffective vs the run. R.ams are hurting on the outside. Just been keeping an eye on them w/ them being so good
  3. I didn't bring politics into it - trumpy did. This was a protest against inequality, trumpy made it into disrespect for the flag. Trumpy has had it in for the NFL ever since they wouldn't let him into the big boys club, had to go USFL and of course failed, like he has in everything except making money off bankruptcy and the company his daddy left him. Anyone who wants to believe in righteous people like Malcolm Jenkins believe in the equality this country was founded upon, the real stuff worth fighting for. The rest are simply trumplodites, believing in his divisiveness and shiny thing distractions instead of the truth. The real part that got me was that yet again the NFL owners shot themselves in both feet by not including the players in this decision. The NFLPA was not consulted and there's a new CBA coming up. Being inclusive would have been a nice olive branch to the players, this is not going to be pretty.
  4. Downunder, figured you were in Aussie Land not Spokane. Beautiful area, good people, too much rain
  5. Guess it matters which side you choose - a Navy Seal who advised an NFL QB or an NFL hating 5 time draft dodger who went skiing instead.
  6. This never had anything to do with the flag until trumpy twisted it around.
  7. Also like Jets' owner Chris Johnson - the team will pay the fines. I remember when they didn't even play the anthem before games. A simpler way would have simply brought out the players after the anthem. Then they could have a moment of prayer/protest/solidarity after the players assembled on the field. The players get their moment and no perceived disrespect for the flag that trumpy twisted it into and the ignorant masses fell for.
  8. Personally I agree w/ 49ers owner Jed York - players need to be involved in these types of decisions
  9. The NFL has declared all players must wear giant, blowup sumo wrestler unies on kickoffs.
  10. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/05/22/brian-dawkins-leaves-full-time-role-in-eagles-front-office/ Feeling a bit sad about that, part of the past is gone
  11. That's the fastest IT took a players off the roster page
  12. Kendricks cut pre June 1st cap savings 4.4 mill, post June 1st 6 mill https://overthecap.com/player/mychal-kendricks/770/ I'm confused Thanks DC, that makes sense