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  1. No matter how satisfying it sounds to weaken a division opponent while strengthening our team, I just don't see dem boyz letting go of Cooper. After the debacle that led them to overpaying Zeke, both Dak and Coop will follow suit w/ one of them most likely getting tagged. Would like to think that could shake Byron Jones free, w/ 77 mill cap they could afford him as well but will entertain offers.
  2. Did hear an idea that I kinda liked that is not part of the CBA - playing each of the teams in your conference during the regular season. As for the CBA, when the heck are they going to consider expanding rosters?
  3. Thought Sproles was going to play, forgot - hate the slow season
  4. FA's we need to look at resigning a few of our own - Curry, Jernigan, Sproles, Rodgers, Howard, Clement. Make Jenkins happy. Then there's the OT conundrum. JP may have lost a step but is still one of the best at LT. If we let him go and let Dillard take over, then we'd have to keep Vaitai, who could start for another team and I believe he's gone. JP wants to play, set up a contract where the team doesn't incur too much damage for a late cut. Would still want JP as DL coach. Would also pick up Barnett's 5th yr. From outside I would like Anthony Harris, S, Vikings, Bradley Roby, CB, Texans, AJ Green, WR, Bungles, Robby Anderson, WR, Jets, any of these guys would be an automatic improvement
  5. https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2020/2/14/21137509/eagles-duce-staley-news-south-carolina-gamecocks-running-backs-coach-job-philadelphia-assistant-nfl
  6. Don't get me wrong, Id take Amari at the right price, still expensive but not breaking the team. The dropping clowney off in Tinicum thing was he'd be pretty roughed up if he got out, it used to be a rough area I lived in for a short time.
  7. I can see a scenario where now that dullass has overpaid at several positions, they continue by over paying dak and amari, having to use the franchise tag on one of them, prolly dak. Jones will be behind those 2. Dem boyz have 77 mill cap space. Speaking of which, was going over our cap and FA's as it's too early for me to join the draft convo before FA. There are several I'd like to resign - Curry, Big V amongst them, also pay Jenkins. Who do you guys want to resign?
  8. Man O Man - Cox eating 23 mill of the cap, ouch!
  9. We all saw the rumour of us looking at Demarcus Robinson, WR, Chiefs. Would love us to get another Chief - Chris Jones to help Cox and Co. Also see Clowney's a FA. We should bring him in for a look, then set him loose in Tinicum ( used to be a not so nice area ).
  10. May actually be looking at the wrong dullass player in Cooper, who's the next expected to get paid after Dak. I'd be looking at Byron Jones.
  11. From NFL Now; All or Nothing show - Maddox takes that hit, laying on the field, can't feel the lower half of his body, telling his team mates there's a minute left, they ( including himself ) have to go win this game.
  12. McGown said he still wants to play, believe he realizes it will be as a b/u. Believe the team and Alshon need to come to an understanding. Cutting him would cost us 10.7 mill - ouch! Something I despise is dead cap, which right now stands at just 1.2 mill - our lowest in yrs. Need to keep that dead cap low to use the money it frees up. Don't know what his value is, but if we don't keep him would rather trade him, maybe w/ a partial pm't of his contract. That's only if there's locker room probs.
  13. I do miss KO's, but did enjoy seeing the XFL alternative or they'd be gone completely in a few yrs. Good returns can still happen w/ the right blocking. No naps allowed w/ my sleep disorder - although could easily have stayed under the covers today - dreary. Also have to exercise daily, really helps as does the phys therapy for this damned foot. Didn't get to see more than the highlights of the XFL, will try next wk Saw Rivers and Chargers parted ways
  14. Sorry to hear GB. I love my pets more than most people.
  15. The spinal fusion was nothing compared to the arch reconstruction. Still in phys therapy, pain every day and months to go Enjoying the reviews of players by everyone, something I don't really get in to until FA I'm a PSU alum so have seen a lot of Hamler. Like him, big play ability. Sure, we want a downfield guy 1st, but look what that entails. The further downfield, the lower the completion %. So before crossing Hamler off, look where Wentz's greatest # of completions are made. PSU also has a good DE - Yetur Gross Matos, worth looking at. Seen him going as high as 22nd; https://www.draftblaster.com/2020-nfl-draft/yetur-gross-matos-de-penn-state/ https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/yetur-gross-matos/sQTJDs3Xh3