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  1. [Spadaro] Ngata Adds To Dominating D-Line Picture

    We'll see how it pans out in the long run. Curry and Allen both not great, but good and solid. We're taking on a lot of 1 yr contracts that although good for another run, are not great for the long term. We're kicking a lot down the road when we'll actually have to pay for a QB. Somehow it will work out, last yr it was 1 yr contracts at WR, we extended 1, so we'll see.
  2. [Spadaro] Ngata Adds To Dominating D-Line Picture

    A good blocking TE like Celek is worth what he's getting pd, stealing a lousy mill isn't worth the bad cred, it would discount everything we've done for other players. That being said we've done nothing to replace so maybe we start using him as more than another OL guy - he has hands, no legs anymore but he has hands. Needed to look at a C last yr. Seu's not it, don't know about Toth, but we need to get someone ready. Bet we could have gotten Mathieau cheaper, more concerned about RB. Still weird seeing JMat and JMac up for grabs.
  3. [Spadaro] Ngata Adds To Dominating D-Line Picture

    Ajayi for 1.7, Blount for 4.5, we never would have paid him that. Didn't realize Blount only scored 2 TD's last yr, felt like more
  4. [Spadaro] Ngata Adds To Dominating D-Line Picture

    NE had trouble running on 3rd down last yr. Up here that's what they're sayin RE Hill
  5. [Spadaro] Ngata Adds To Dominating D-Line Picture

    Here goes NE, picking up castoff gems - Jeremy Hill's a really good pickup. Different style than Dion Lewis who they lost. Hill's a good 3rd down back
  6. [Spadaro] Ngata Adds To Dominating D-Line Picture

    Also didn't know he's coming off another knee surgery
  7. [Spadaro] Ngata Adds To Dominating D-Line Picture

    Don't know how I missed it, JMat's UFA
  8. [Spadaro] Ngata Adds To Dominating D-Line Picture

    Meant to use some of the money to extend Graham, which everyone already mentioned, don't have the time to keep up today
  9. [Spadaro] Ngata Adds To Dominating D-Line Picture

    Yes he is! Decent hands? Only caught every darn thing thrown his way! Curry released
  10. [Spadaro] Ngata Adds To Dominating D-Line Picture

    Ebron headed to Colts then maybe NE. Mentioned the other day he was worth a look see. Some players you just get a feel about, just have a feeling Detroit was not the place for him to develop - that's PC for Detroit didn't develop him properly and he could thrive elsewhere.
  11. [Spadaro] Ngata Adds To Dominating D-Line Picture

    The major weaknesses for this yr seem to be TE and LB. We did really well last yr w/ guys stepping up all over the board. Wanted to hear Celek resigned today, good blocker, good hands, severely underused for some reason. Always seemed capable. Not the fastest guy around but he could shake and bake a bit, physical - always liked him.
  12. Woo Hoo! Great news Wrang! Kidding. Remember when the K & P were the same guy, and he usually played another position as well. We'll miss Donnie, at least I will