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  1. Jeff Skversky 6abc‏Verified account @JeffSkversky Eagles DT Tim Jernigan sounds like a man on a mission after missing 13 games last season "you will see the difference in September... ask any coach in here... ask them, they'll tell you how I'm coming, it's on"
  2. Chris Long admitting he used weed, that's ok. The guy replying that he had to admit that he also used weed during Chris's career is funny as hell
  3. y Kempski Retweeted Matt Mullin‏Verified account @matt_mullin 1h1 hour ago Retired #Eagles DE Chris Long — winner of the 2019 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award — says he regularly used marijuana during his NFL career [via @adamwhermann] https://www.phillyvoice.com/nfl-eagles-chris-long-marijuana-career-patriots-weed/ … Replying to @JOEL9ONE Chris, I too have an admission. I too used marijuana during your career
  4. Funny. On NFLN they're discussing the Competition Committee getting the green light to write replay rule changes. Out of 32 teams, Rappaport says he can't wait to see how NE finds a way around them. May change OT for the post season.
  5. Sorry, stuffed pork loin tonight, just prepped it.
  6. Agree GB, like the Tucker signing. Curious tho, does this mean V is actually showing some promise at G? He's FA next yr and would like to see more development on the IOL.
  7. Vaitai practiced at RG today. Mailata at RT
  8. Enjoying the clips from OTA's. Glad Carson's not limited although holding back a bit. It's also great seeing DJax, although haven't seen one where DJax was thrown in stride, something Carson really needs to work on, even before his injuries.
  9. Jenkins a no show. Could have paid him and avoided this much anticipated move.
  10. Cynthia Freuland has Jason Kelce as the most underappreciated player in the NFL. Has an article up at NFL.com 1) Jason Kelce, C, Philadelphia Eagles Drafted: Sixth round (No. 191 overall), 2011 Pro Bowls: Two (2014 Kelce had the highest win-contribution metric for any center in the NFL last season. My favorite stat on him: No center kept opposing defenders at least five feet from his quarterback on passing downs more than Kelce last season (24.1%; next closest was 18.8%). Measuring O-line play this way helps quantify "stopping pressure" or "clean pockets" and it shows Kelce set the standard for elite at his position last season. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001031294/article/most-underappreciated-players-of-2018-eagles-kelce-leads-top-5
  11. Doug Farrar‏ @NFL_DougFarrar Not much to say about Tampa Bay's defense last season, but Gerald McCoy was anything but washed-up. Created havoc as a pass-rusher and run-stopper at 1-, 3-, and 5-tech spots. Impressive short-area speed to whip through gaps and close to the ballcarier. He can still help a team.
  12. Well they didn't want to pay McCoy 13 mill, said his play was declining and there's going to be a bidding war. Still would like him at the right price
  13. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/05/20/report-buccaneers-will-cut-gerald-mccoy/
  14. Reuben Foster carted off skins practice field - leg injury
  15. No more Long Cox, his personality it going to be missed.