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  1. Hahaha - so your price would be 4 - 1st rd's. Yeah, 4 - 1 sts would go a long way to fixing a hole or 2 and moving up in the draft to grab another QB. Will it happen, prolly not - but it could, meaning it's possible. Life's full of possibilities, the more doors left open, the more possibilities become available. With the announcement those doors are closed and we'll never know if opportunities were lost. Now that the decision has been let known, Carson can plan OS workouts w/ his teammates, maybe get some outside coaching on how to get rid of the ball faster, maybe even downfield w/o forcing things and to think of the team before his body .
  2. Joemas - most understood Wentz is the future. Leaving it open some may make offers. Isn't there anything you'd take? Like I said earlier, except for the few with no trade clauses, everyone has a price.
  3. Howabout some players who can play man? Do we have players capable or is that Schwartz?
  4. There aren't many players in the league w/ no trade clauses, the rest are available at the right price.
  5. Philadelphia Eagles‏Verified account @Eagles Roster Move: #Eagles have signed WR Marken Michel and WR Johnny Holton to reserve/future contracts.
  6. Why in the world did the Eagles tip their hand and name Wentz the starter? Wait as long as you can to see what offers come for each of them! Sure, Wentz is the future, but I'd keep Foles if an offer came in we couldn't refuse. That and Suds is not a lock to be back next yr, he's RFA.
  7. https://www.phillyvoice.com/nfl-rumors-brandon-graham--free-agent-contract--eagles-home-team-discount/
  8. Jeff McLane‏Verified account @Jeff_McLane #Eagles have signed the following players to reserve/future contracts: LB Asantay Brown, C Anthony Fabiano, G Kaleb Johnson, CB Jeremiah McKinnon, WR Braxton Miller, WR Dorren Miller, DE Joe Ostman, RB Donnel Pumphrey, CB Chandon Sullivan, TE Will Tye.
  9. https://thedraftnetwork.com/2018/12/18/2019-nfl-draft-player-profile-christian-wilkins/
  10. I don't want to see it ASG - it was too many!
  11. Brandon Brooks torn achilles
  12. Once Brooks went out the communication just broke down, we couldn't get much going on O. We don't press enough at the line and play too far off. If Brooks didn't get injured, we would have won.
  13. Well, it's the most entertaining game of the wknd. If we don't overcome the crowd noise, have the feeling it's over. Can't run silent w/o Brooks
  14. With Brooks out we can't handle the crowd noise. Too many injuries, we'll see who can play the 2nd half. Continuing this way is nearly impossible
  15. Rasul Douglas carted to the locker room Now Bennett, I'm sick
  16. Seems like there's more flags in this game than all the others Not Cox -NO,NO,NO!
  17. Zach Berman‏Verified account @ZBerm Josh Hawkins takes the field at cornerback for the Eagles. Rasul Douglas is still sidelined.
  18. Yeah, the lines and arrows drove some nuts, but he analyzed the plays
  19. Tripped over Wis there Announcers like to talk, not analyzing muchly I miss Madden and Pat
  20. Cool - no new set of downs - love it!
  21. Fall on the ball! He's heard it from every coach
  22. Settle down Jernigan, know you're pumped, it's a long game
  23. Haven't seen that penalty since the beginning of the season
  24. OK D, come thru here, get this crowd out of the game!