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  1. I'm really hating this new MS update, arrow keys are all off kilter.
  2. Meh, had my 3 and came home safe before the sunburned ones came in. They'll feel like they're freezing about now - they don't know the cape this time of yr - not a good time.
  3. Gonna miss Long. Never net him, seemed like a lot of 'intense" fun. Yeah, have fun but get the job done kind of guy - liked him
  4. The only reason I'm home tonight is the tourists are here, drunk and on the roads like they own it, just not worth it
  5. Eh, get your weaknesses thrown in your face for a while and maybe you learn. Not that DJax was weak speedwise, needed a QB that could make it happen. Plus not being a "me" guy helps
  6. Hey, I was head over heals for Treggs, who knew he's be such a wimp? The game's changed. Yrs ago you would never throw across the center, never throw a guy high. The rules have changed the game.
  7. Trini - you're respected? Sorry, dealing w/ summer peeps on the cape.
  8. Sorry GB, I'm expexting JJ to start this yr. Yeah, I was anamored by Treggs' speed, he's not a ballplayer. JJ seems to have it all. Maybe not a DJax speed guy, more like Alshon just further downfield. which in reality draws off D with the high percentage of coming down w/ the ball. Dude just naturally has those high point hands from B-Ball. D-Jax is D-Jax, not the one of old tho - he catches over the middle now! I know, we're all thinking this O is unstoppable etc, etc, etc. Bslsnce - can we stop them from scoring? Can we protect Carson? Last yr it was an inability to stop the run. Kinda important in a div w/ Sequan and Zeke. Stop Zeke dem boyz are 1 dimensional. My school of thought is besides the QB, never depend too much on 1 aspect of your game. If you have 1 great RB, get a 2nd, same w/ WR's - D's just can't cover a 1-2 punch - been watching a lot of boxing reruns lately! We now have those in RB, WR, and TE - ouch! On O we're great, Schwartz needs some guys on his side of the ball.
  9. Late night at the nest???????? JJ's our future. Going to be some tough decisions, esp WR, RB
  10. Yep, way too early. Going to be a really interesting camp, lots of battles. Have to consider contracts, upsides of the younger players. We have good depth in a lot of areas so let the games begin! See how many RB's vs WR's we keep, CB's where multi position players come into the picture. Rasul showing up, hope his tweeks improve his consistency as he's always had the ability. Every time Whitesides' name pops up I can't help but get excited - need more clips! Will get them when camp rolls around. Pretty excited for this team although I know it's early. 37 players vying for around 10 spots, as most of the 53 is filled. See if any gems show up.
  11. Going to be a great camp! https://www.inquirer.com/eagles/philadelphia-eagles-training-camp-desean-jackson-rasul-douglas-dallas-goedert-20190613.html
  12. Thar was my concern when we knew we were going to lose Joe, that he'd poach others. Continuity is just as important in the FO as it is on the field. Jeff and Howie stopped a hole from becoming a crater and showed staff there's room for growth within the team - props!
  13. Roseman promoted Andy Weidl from director of player personnel to vice president of player personnel. https://www.philadelphiaeagles.com/news/football-operations-changes-showcase-depth-of-in-house-talent
  14. Benjamin Solak‏ @BenjaminSolak Benjamin Solak Retweeted Neil Stratton Looks like Eagles are keeping, at least for this year, Weidl and Cunningham. That may only last a season though. Benjamin , Neil Stratton @InsideTheLeague Hearing the #Eagles have played hardball with the #Jets as new GM Joe Douglas seeks to stock his front office. As a result, I'm told #Bears Assistant DPP Anthony 'Champ' Kelly will be hired by NYJ & is expected to be Asst GM. Kelly has history w/Thomas (#Bears) & Gase (#Broncos).
  15. When it comes to "discounted" contracts, I'm not naive enough to believe there isn't remuneration under the table. Do remember yrs ago owners giving businesses, real estate to players. As for Brady, his cap hits were 22 last yr and 28 this yr, after which he's UFA.
  16. By all accounts Dak & dem boyz are pretty far apart. Dak was asked if he'd give a hometown discount, basically said no way. Meanwhile da Joneses are asking for TB12 type "let's keep the band together" type deals. They'll have Zeke and a few others to pay coming up as well. Couldn't wish this on a more deserving team.
  17. Jenkins outplayed his contract, think we can all agree. Could be a few extra bucks or rearranging the money he's already getting, maybe an extension. Not being at OTA's doesn't bother me that much - they are voluntary. Showing we take care of players that give their all is never a bad thing. That of course would change if he was going to make a stink on social media or be a camp holdout. He expressed himself as a man, plays like a man and deserves to be treated as one.
  18. Wearing shades in the house with the blinds closed, laptop filter turned way down. Wentz signing presser at 6
  19. Thank you DC for the news and the BIG PRINT. Last appt's was the optometrist, pupils dilated so of course it was bright and sunny! Good news RE Jenkins, hopeful sign they're close - guy deserves paid, see if maybe he can give us another yr or 2 as well. Good, smart S's hard to develop. The bad news - upcoming foot op, will be laid up for the summer. Bummer but the pain will be gone. Not a pain pill person, take care of the cause. DJax seemingly matured, always liked the player. Pads tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Wow! Eli and Odell will cost the gnats 39.2 mill this yr - ouch!
  21. Poking fun at the rest of the NFCE, we've had some bad ones as well. Some of these stats are interesting; https://www.phillyvoice.com/10-worst-contracts-nfc-east/
  22. I don't like or understand injury guarantees - isn't that what insurance is for? Injuries are a part of the NFL, it's not a matter of "if" but "when". Teams should offer the insurance as part of a players' contract, just like any other business.
  23. Eagles veteran players now signed for at least 3 more seasons: * QB Carson Wentz * TE Zach Ertz * DT Fletcher Cox * C Jason Kelce * OT Lane Johnson * DE Brandon Graham * WR Alshon Jeffery * DT Malik Jackson * WR DeSean Jackson * LB Nigel Bradham * G Isaac Seumalo
  24. Most money guaranteed ever to an NFL player - that will be short lived
  25. Zach Berman‏Verified account @ZBerm Eagles took a field trip to South Bowl in South Philly for bowling today instead of their scheduled OTAs today. Two years ago, Pederson cancelled an OTA for a paintball excursion.