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  1. Reheb going well - thanks TD for asking. Start phys therapy next week. Was actually at the docs' this am when you asked. I'm bored as hell, climbing the walls but beyond where I should be now, just sucks I can't be active as winter seemed way too long as it was. As for Treggs the party animal - don't know where that came from - any proof? These ota's was more interested in how quickly the newbies learn the system than actual play in shirts and shorts. W/o the middle cut this yr those who didn't show or do well have another shot, better take advantage of it. Hope everyone had a great dads' day.
  2. 6b weeks till the pads go on, don't get your IR, final 53 or PS lists finalized just yet. Nice to have so many tough decisions tho.
  3. Don't forget another great thing about Pumphrey - the cowpies really wanted him!
  4. Huh? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/06/13/jason-peters-wants-to-rework-contract-with-eagles/
  5. New thread's now working - congrads!
  6. Dave - really like you're writing often, too bad the last 2 threads haven't worked so we're all confused as to where to comment. Nice of the IT peeps to drive us away.
  7. Our IT peeps planning the next blurb.
  8. New thread and hey - it's working!
  9. You're correct TD - a player needs at least 6 reg season games for an accrued season. Was reading that in regards to Jones and his injury and when he's projected to be ready and when we should show him some action.
  10. Are they taking a few steps down from their past vaunted OL? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/06/07/cowboys-move-chaz-green-to-lg-with-lael-collins-at-rt/
  11. Another reason I like him besides that dullass really wanted him. Also showing some of Dougs' growth in player usage maybe http://www.phillyvoice.com/eagles-using-donnel-pumphrey-slot-lot/
  12. Sproles may go another yr if we do well http://www.csnphilly.com/philadelphia-eagles/rethinking-retirement-darren-sproles-mentoring-eagles-young-rbs-otas
  13. Sounds like Reich went to the Spuds school of totally positive press releases; http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/06/05/frank-reich-carson-wentzs-mechanics-footwork-look-good/ We love ya Dave! Boykin to the Ravens
  14. Dunno. There's going to be a lot of competition at WR, esp those last 2 spots. Will have to wait until the pads go on and it may not be decided until the pre-season Sure wish we could have done something at OT this yr to get ready for next yr.
  15. Some of the fun is not cutting to 75. Guys who come in late from school, late acquisitions, etc, will have longer to prove themselves. Also more camp bodies for longer and some may adjust and make a push late.
  16. Better than last yr!
  17. Sorry kids, have the Dylan 30'th anniv thing on yet again, a whole lot better than Fred. 2 things - Clapton is still God and I'm still in love with Chrissie Hynde. That was the off topic stuff. On the Eagles, this schedule is tough, and what this team needs to earn future trophies. Steel toughens steel, all that blah - but it's true to a point.
  18. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/05/29/cowboys-nolan-carroll-arrested-for-dwi/
  19. Happy Memorial Day and thanks to our service people!
  20. Met Clapton yrs ago, one of the most musically knowledgeable if not the ( besides believe it or not JT ) techs and inventors ever. Just got off the phone w/ one of my docs who's world famous but in gastro/pancreas - did Crosby and Beck. We both tinker w/ acoustic but has no idea what's going on w/ him, we'll talk tomorrow. Yeah, I'm not sure if these owners thought about this direct cut down very well. Sometimes good players are let go early, at least they used to be. I just see this mad dash at the end and then some good guys holding out.
  21. First Clapton with the finger probs, now Allman, damn. Youngins won't understand, they think music is still being invented - these guys did the inventing. Hasn't been anything created in decades. Just my opinion so don't even try to argue with reality - what a concept! Nobody's said anything about the skipping of the mid cut down but me. How's everyone feel about the change?
  22. NFW - Allman? Another partial end of an era. Could be a nasty cuss - knew him - but inventive as hell. Going to see Buddy Guy and the Skynyrd remnants here this summer just because I don't know if I'll ever hear them live again. F*** - the Allman story's true, havin a beer or 3.
  23. Seems like they really want to hold on to everyone they can to compete in camp and holding out for possible trades before the carnage begins
  24. DC - they've been scraping money together like that earlier w/ Ertz.