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  1. Which Super Bowl Matchup does the NFL actually want?

    Of course the Patriots will draw more interest than the Jags (more fans of the Patriots and more people probably want to see them lose). The NFC is a bit harder to tell. I feel like the eagles win on fans and a rematch of Patriots vs Eagles would be pushed as a major headline along with the backup QB having a chance to deliver the Eagles first Superbowl. I see the headline of the Vikings playing at home being a huge also. As some others have said, it would draw more fans to events in Minnesota. With all the news of ratings dropping the NFL could spin this as "look at all the fans we have and how many people have been around for the 2 week build up". On the opposite side I see it as dangerous come game time. Just wait until the camera catches the audience and you see very little vikings jerseys. It would haunt the NFL if it shows that most people that attend the Superbowl are mostly rich, business people and not actually fans who have the perfect opportunity to see their team at home in the championship. And if Minnesota makes it wait for fans and owners (cold weather, no dome, etc) to start complaining why they don't get to host a Superbowl and have the chance of home field advantage for the Superbowl. The NFL better be careful on what they wish for.
  2. Kaepernick still no job

    So you consider writing a check to be the qualification of an activist? Again, what has HE done in regards to bringing about resolution to the issues he is protesting? Giving money to other people to do something is yet again a weak a** attempt. That is nice and all, but how does this relate to him kneeing due to his stance on police brutality against black citizens? I can see an attempt to argue that some of the charities could directly effect the people in the communities and help nurture some people and steer them down a good moral pathway as to result in a reduced chance of encounters with law enforcement. However, that does not address the outside issue of his concern with police brutality. I cannot say how Kap should have address the issue since the issue can not be defined as one thing or the other. In reality he should have thought of approaches before making a fool of himself by protesting something that is very complex. Perhaps he should have instead given a press conference stating he wanted to be involved with all of the effected communities to try and be a mediator between them and law enforcement to calm tensions and prevent future conflicts in the meanwhile. It is at least better than standing (or kneeling) on a soap box during the anthems only to be out of sight afterwards. So again, how does a 2013 article about youth charity relate to the subject at hand?
  3. Kaepernick still no job

    I love how the media is so up its own A**. One day they are calling Lurie a racist for giving Cooper an extension and the next day they use the fact he also signed Vick as proof he is racist and supports criminals. What? They said he supports suppressing black protests like Kap. They based this on the fact that he said that protesting the anthem is distasteful and more so if the protester does not actually invest time off the field to help resolve the situation. Wow how closed minded Lurie is to expect people to actually try to come up with solutions instead of throwing tantrums. I think people are failing to see that the issues committed by Cooper and Vick occurred off the field whereas Kap made it a point to use his job to make a weak a** attempt at something. The media also never questions why Kap never tried to do more then just bring "awareness" to his cause then just taking a knee while on the work clock as he is being paid millions of dollars. I see it as Kap thinking that his free time was more important. Also, what person in the US was unaware of the events that were occurring besides mountain man dan in the middle on nowhere.
  4. Zeke: Tiffany slept with my teammate

    He should just count himself lucky and learn from this. He should just thank god he didn't marry or have a kid with the girl or else he would be in a much worse situation. I say a 6 game loss of pay is pretty cheap when all things are considered. I sure there are more than 1000 NFL players from the past and present that would jump at the chance to pay that little to remedy a situation they have been/are in.
  5. Johnny Football waived

    I'm not so sure about that. It depends on if he is charged with a crime. If he is then there is no doubt he will be on their roster.
  6. Cam Newton says he didn't want to risk injury on the fumble.

    I do not see how anyone can say Newton had no shot at recovering the ball. If Newton committed to going for the ball he would have been on top of it when ware came up short with his arm. Even if Newton didn't get the ball, his body being on the ground probably would have keep the ball between him and ware allowing #67 of the panthers to be right there on the pile. Instead newton came in late and probably interfered with his teammates' attempts to recover. I do not care what excuse a person comes up with, you dive for that ball whether you are in a championship game or regular season especially when down less than 1 TD in the 4th. On a side note, Could you imagine if this was the eagles? Look at all the heat McNabb still gets for (allegedly? whatever) throwing up in the super bowl. At least McNabb was sick or so nervous about losing/letting people down it effected his play. Newton was only thinking about himself when he avoided the fumble because he was afraid getting injured. It basically translates to a big F you to panther fans.
  7. Who will the Broncos Play on Week 1 of Thursday Night

    I would say the Panthers only because the NFL could market the games as a superbowl rematch to kickoff the season and draw a huge crowd. They could also call it a possible cam newton redemption/revenge story even though denver got the rings. The pats are a very close second option.
  8. Calvin Johnson is retiring!

    No compensation for retiring, release, or suspension/ban.
  9. $40 To Park?!?!?

    I knew people where going to be shocked by $40. Even the workers selling the tickets were saying its terrible. I saw the price online before going, but still held out hope maybe parking might be a little less for preseason. Does anyone know how much parking in the public/cash lots (lots T, U, etc) cost last season? I thought like $25 or $30. I guess they have to recoup for the stadium renovation someway. BTW I read a while back that parking for the cowboys stadium is $75. That is insane.