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  1. I'm not so sure about that. It depends on if he is charged with a crime. If he is then there is no doubt he will be on their roster.
  2. I do not see how anyone can say Newton had no shot at recovering the ball. If Newton committed to going for the ball he would have been on top of it when ware came up short with his arm. Even if Newton didn't get the ball, his body being on the ground probably would have keep the ball between him and ware allowing #67 of the panthers to be right there on the pile. Instead newton came in late and probably interfered with his teammates' attempts to recover. I do not care what excuse a person comes up with, you dive for that ball whether you are in a championship game or regular season especially when down less than 1 TD in the 4th. On a side note, Could you imagine if this was the eagles? Look at all the heat McNabb still gets for (allegedly? whatever) throwing up in the super bowl. At least McNabb was sick or so nervous about losing/letting people down it effected his play. Newton was only thinking about himself when he avoided the fumble because he was afraid getting injured. It basically translates to a big F you to panther fans.
  3. I would say the Panthers only because the NFL could market the games as a superbowl rematch to kickoff the season and draw a huge crowd. They could also call it a possible cam newton redemption/revenge story even though denver got the rings. The pats are a very close second option.
  4. No compensation for retiring, release, or suspension/ban.
  5. I say no, but it isn't that teams figured him out. The problem is kelly is his own worst enemy when it comes to decision making. He has a large ego and believes he knows more about football than all the people around him. NFL is not like college and his ego caused him to reject the process of learning how the nfl operates. He could not assemble the rosters he intended because he could not comprehend that the nfl has a more even distribution of talent than college. Once you make a winning program in college it tends to stick since most high rank recruits want to go to the limelight teams so the can become prospects. Obviously the nfl is driven by money and talent follows money. You can try all you want to run schemes a certain way with certain a type of player (speed, size, etc), but that is going to limit the number of players and talent available. Kelly was narrow minded in the players he wanted (either to fit his scheme or culture) and it lead to only a small pool of players to chose from. This is why he had to go heavy to the college ranks and draft/sign players he was familiar with. Since I do not think he is going to change I would say he is going to fail as a head coach again (in the NFL).
  6. I can't see the benefit of franchising him. What is it now like 20+ million? It would be better to spend the money on extending a star, like cox, then taking another gamble on Bradford. I honestly can't see a team giving him much more than 10 million a season nor a long term deal. He is just to inconsistent and an injury concern on top of that. The eagles secondary has finally started to play at productive level and I do not want to see half of it lost in free agency, ie Carroll and Thurmond. Basically what It will cost to have Bradford on the team next year would be close to what it would cost to give cox a new contract while retaining thurmond and carroll. Cox + Carroll + Thurmond > Bradford no matter how anyone tries to spin it.
  7. If I was part of the bengles organization I would be more concerned about winning a playoff game first since they get knocked out during the first round every year. After they win in the divisional round they can worry about the AFC championship.
  8. Not a whiner? Yet it quacks like a (Oregon?) duck.
  9. What really hurt the eagles chance of winning was playing undisciplined football. I'm not saying that the refs aren't to blame for their part in that F up, but the ball never should have been snapped to begin with.
  10. I'm sure Cosby used the same line when talking to police. "What sexual assault? She didn't blow her rape whistle. And Mr. officer you know what I say, 'If there's no whistle it's not a foul.'" It shall be know as the Cosby defense.
  11. Replay the game using all the same players as 2004. Schedule it for the week after Superbowl 50. Brady also has to play with balls not inflated. It would be like throwing a frisbee.
  12. I stayed there when I was little (like 2002-ish) for the x-games. It was a great stay back then. Can't say much of it now, but the location is excellent. Hell, saves $40+ on parking too.
  13. Better quality guards will be released next week in the 75 to 53 cut down. Some may actually be very good guards that are cap casualties.
  14. I hope this isn't the end for him. For whatever reason it is always interesting to see him play year after year considering his age and position. His performance last week may be what gets him a job with another team so there is a bright spot for him.
  15. Reading nfl.com comment section really shows the divide between fans with at least some football knowledge and those how read headlines. Its funny to read the people defending mathis for "taking less money than offered so he can play for a contender" when anyone with an ounce of sense knows that for the last 2 years he wanted a raise or to be traded because he was after the money. He screwed up and that is all there is to it. I didn't like the news when he was released only because the lack of depth at OL. But if fans think of the money saved being put towards Kendricks extension, even though I think the team may have still had the cap, then I would have rather locked up Kendricks now than have mathis for a season or two. Also, it will be interesting to see how mathis plays for a different team with less talent on both of his sides.