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  1. I hear yuh. How long have you been on Cape Cod now 58?
  2. Not bad, some personal health probs but life goes on. MD has the best crabs!! Thanks for asking!! Watching the heavyweights go at it.
  3. It will be interesting to see if Joe Douglas leaves to take the Jets GM position. Although the Jets say, most likely it's the Jets owner saying it, that Joe would have control of the 53 man roster, but does that mean he also will have the final word on it also? With Gase lurking in the background it may be a case of all that glitters may not be gold. Just have to see on this.
  4. Same goes out to you as well trini!!
  5. Your right TD. I know of from where you speak. Love your attitude. So refreshing to always hear. I came from a country and western hayride I attended with my wife last night and they played the service songs for all the services and had the vets of each service stand while their service song was played. A great tribute.
  6. You should be getting Chris Long accolades. You're a brother to always have. Why can't what you did be made mention of on TV headlines, even national. Actions like these are more important than the nonsense you get today. As a vet myself, GBFL, you just made our country a better place to be. You helped a brother. Proud of you for being there and what you did. God bless!! Have a safe memorial day.
  7. Yup but more the exception than the rule. You saw what happened to Dallas when Zeke was suspended for those games, a much different and weaker team by far.
  8. RB by committee is also the safer route. If your top horse RB (Bell/Bark/Zeke) goes down, there will be a gap in the quality of play when the BU shows up, if you have a decent one. Just like owning horses, better to have several than just one. If that one goes down, there goes your investment and the season or whatever yet with several horses your still in the hunt although maybe on a lesser scale of quality.
  9. Good luck Chris!! Now you can be fulltime for humanity.
  10. TD, hope your feet on fire is not from neuropathy!! Have a clse friend on 1,800 mg of I believe Gabropinton (sp?)
  11. Douglas may not presently feel the NYJ position is that stable with Gase. Yes, they do have talent but if they don't come through in winning and Gase goes Miami 2.0 where does that leave Douglas with a potential new coach possibly being hired maybe two years down the road? Owner may not want to hire Douglas as a buddy of Gase .
  12. OTC has DJ listed at $10M for 2019, with AJ @ $14.7m and AG at $9.4, so our top three WRs have a cap of $34m+.for 2019
  13. An ugly win, yes but Carson surprised me in how effective he was given the circumstances. Just love how Spuds likes to sugar coat things at times. On the, I believe, the 1st Wentz int on a pass play to Ertz , Spuds says it was a great anticipation play be the defender but the defender was already there in front of Ertz and Carson just threw it right to him. Most likely miscommunication on that one. Maybe I'm sugarcoating now. A good win regardless of its ugliness. Hope we start getting prettier soon!
  14. Me too GBFL! Just now getting back to norm. Wife and I were both sick. Tough loss to TB. We coulda, shoulda!! Glad not to see Josh Gordon on our team. Too much baggage to suit me. This week, we get to see our ole buddy Frank Reich as the new coach of the Colts. Wentz vs. Luck. We'll see how rusty Wentz is. Luck may also still have some to wear off. Let's hope we can play a complete game O & D and ST. Go EAGLES!!
  15. Couldn't take anymore. Turned the game off. Sloppy, disorganized play. Picks, fumbles, sacks, missed tackles and generally being out hustled. A few good plays then an egg is laid. No consistency or momentum or coordination on offense. Three teams are showing us how the game is played. Should be the opposite. We better get in tune for starting this season. Lots of work to be done. Doug, better start a fire under everyone's but, especially the O's. We're not as ready, IMO, as we should be at this juncture offensively. Everyone needs to buckle up and play for real. We're starting over guys, new season. Get the championship cobwebs out of your heads and fire up your butts. WAKE UP!!