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  1. An ugly win, yes but Carson surprised me in how effective he was given the circumstances. Just love how Spuds likes to sugar coat things at times. On the, I believe, the 1st Wentz int on a pass play to Ertz , Spuds says it was a great anticipation play be the defender but the defender was already there in front of Ertz and Carson just threw it right to him. Most likely miscommunication on that one. Maybe I'm sugarcoating now. A good win regardless of its ugliness. Hope we start getting prettier soon!
  2. Me too GBFL! Just now getting back to norm. Wife and I were both sick. Tough loss to TB. We coulda, shoulda!! Glad not to see Josh Gordon on our team. Too much baggage to suit me. This week, we get to see our ole buddy Frank Reich as the new coach of the Colts. Wentz vs. Luck. We'll see how rusty Wentz is. Luck may also still have some to wear off. Let's hope we can play a complete game O & D and ST. Go EAGLES!!
  3. Couldn't take anymore. Turned the game off. Sloppy, disorganized play. Picks, fumbles, sacks, missed tackles and generally being out hustled. A few good plays then an egg is laid. No consistency or momentum or coordination on offense. Three teams are showing us how the game is played. Should be the opposite. We better get in tune for starting this season. Lots of work to be done. Doug, better start a fire under everyone's but, especially the O's. We're not as ready, IMO, as we should be at this juncture offensively. Everyone needs to buckle up and play for real. We're starting over guys, new season. Get the championship cobwebs out of your heads and fire up your butts. WAKE UP!!
  4. In retrospect, I believe the Christian Hackenberg signing was more from Callahan's debacle on Thursday night with trying to get in sync most of his time of the 2 quarters he played and misreading of coverage. It's not like he's a rookie. Hackenberg was released in June (6/12) by Oakland. If he was near being an heir apparent to Foles leaving then he would have been picked up earlier imo. Hackenberg does provide a chance for the Eagles to take a look to see what he can do. With Wentz and Foles not being full goes, he could provide some additional competition. Now we have someone else other than Callahan to spell us at QB at least through the rest of preseason.
  5. Your right Ham, it does answer the LB situation. It also answers a lot about our "Big Nickel" coverage scheme against opposition RPOs. Maybe even "Big Dime" also.
  6. Signing Corey Graham answers the question of who our back up safety is. Gr8 news!! Like to see some camp competition for an additional person to play safety in a pinch.
  7. Yeah, me also 1wangler. It's pad popping time so let's get to it.
  8. Joemas6, you said it so perfectly!!
  9. Alshon also had a rotator cuff problem last year yet the way he performed we never knew it. Let's hope all is well with him for 2018.
  10. EaglesNJ69

    [News] RB Matt Jones: An NFL Up-And-Down Story

    Jay Gruden thought enough of Jones to keep him and release Morris. Can't say the trade-off was that much better. I agree, if you can't hold on to the ball, we don't need a player on our team working for the enemy.
  11. Hope your right stine. Looks like the second year in a row we play the Rams away and can't remember the last time we played the Saints here in a regular season game. After reading an article about scheduling on the NFL's site about all the considerations that have to be taken into account, it's a wonder a schedule could ever be produced that is just perfect for everyone. Seems the Patsies are tied for the 10th easiest schedule in 2018. I'm not going to ask how that miraculously happened.
  12. Does anybody have a TE or slot cornerback available?
  13. Don't think for a moment this wasn't researched ahead of time. If at least two of our leaders, Long and Jenkins are ok with Bennett on board from either past experience or working with him off the field to give confidence that Bennett will not be a divisive force in the locker room. Being nominated for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award by his teammates has to say something positive about the man. IMO, being outspoken doesn't necessarily correlate to being divisive.
  14. Can't get enough of our defense!! WOW!! Clown Adam Rank has the Rams as NFC fav's this year. Fanboy!! Got news for ya bro, games are played on the field and last time I looked we are the champs of the NFL and beat your team on your field. Perhaps playing peacock after Talib and Peters signing. Believe we burned both in the 2017 games with Den and KC. No team in the NFL has the quality and depth of our DL, not even close. They're saying Guice could be a young Blount. It'll be strange having earned the 32nd pick in the 1st Rd. Believe Eagles have in mind who they want there. If not, then its BPA or trading down. Love to see them trading down to grab more picks so we can backend a few positions.
  15. BG93. I neglected to say these were Detroit Lion fan comments.