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  1. These last two PS games will go a long way in deciding who stays for those that may be on the bubble now. Also, who might be able to clear waivers to hit the PS. Personally, I would not want to be making the final decision. Many good and skilled ball players will have to part ways. Do we do 6 WRs and 5 RBs or the other way around? IMO, I don't see 6 RBs, maybe not even 5 RBs but I do see 6 WRs. But who am I to really know for sure? The coaches aren't even sure at this juncture. Certainly will be interesting how this all plays out. Hopefully, "knock on whatever", none of the final decisions are made based on injuries.
  2. Yup. Seattle had to be a little desperate to give up a 5th for Tobin. And they were!
  3. I thought something was up with Tobin. All throughout the PS we didn't hear too much about him, good or bad. Believe this trade reflects both the quality and versatility we have in the OL pipeline.
  4. Ham, are you sure about that. I read it as a 5th to the Eagles for Tobin in 2018 and we send Tobin and a 7th in 2018 to Seattle.
  5. Believe it's the team's intention of playing Darby with the best receiver. He has the speed to cover most.
  6. He's a pleasure to watch. Now we know why and how he broke Reggie White's sack record at TN. He's a beast already and still developing inside moves. Look out NFC East and others, he's coming at ya and around ya!! Go Eagles!!!!
  7. What I've seen on replays we seem to be going in almost standing straight up and not crouched like in the past. Going in standing up makes you a better target for being blocked or just plain killed. Should be flexible, bend enough to make a tackle but not so low that it's hard to change direction. Flipper will have them ready for game time, at least I hope he will. Lets hope it's always scrimmage and not cribbage.
  8. I haven't given up on Pumps yet. Don't forget he could contribute to the ST also. Been listening to the PS game with Merrill Reese and have forgotten how he makes me feel like I'm right in the stands. He and Mike Quick provide good insight. I heard Pumps made a 11yd reception, I believe, in the 3rd quarter. I did not get to listen to the first half. I heard one play where they sent Pumps up the middle, for no gain. Well, no kidding!! Seems like by seeing all of the above comments that Blount was sent on some sweeps and the OL wasn't opening that many holes. Didn't we send Demarco Murray on sweeps as well? Is Chip Kelly still here incognito in our locker room whispering to Pederson "sweep Blount and damn the torpedos, full speed up the gut with Donnel". Let's not pull the same mistake twice. We better start running Blount out of the I , oh wait, we don't usually run the I. Reason being, I guess, we never had an RB like a Blount or Murray. In certain cases, you have to create some system, formation and/or play sets to fit the player if he is a high-quality player with given talents or abilities. Believe Blount qualifies for this. Wasn't he running out of the I in NE? OL better start opening holes on a regular basis. They have no excuse after playing day in and day ouit against our D lines. Better be a priority in camp this week. Understand Clement had a good game so there were holes for him, yes? Understand it's still PS but you have to start communicating and get your blocking patterns down with each other. Training camp is the time for this. I see from above that Kelce really stunk. I hear McGloin has been stinking the place both in practice and in the games. Promote Dane Evans From what I was able to hear, he played a fabulous game in the 4th quarter last night. Go Eagles!! Practice with the Dolphs begins on Monday.
  9. I'll take all 3!!
  10. A good test for a lot of players. Replicates situations that happen in the regular season. No better time for it to happen.
  11. Hope it's not a helmet butt to the sternum!!
  12. Always felt he'd be better at G than T
  13. Not literally but figuratively!!
  14. Should be interesting. Hope Tobin is able to hold his own!!