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  1. stine, agree. My concern with Ertz is his YAC. A measly 2.7 YAC, compared to Kelce at 7.7YAC. Seems Ertz at 6-5 just falls forward after the catch, lol. He has to improve here!!
  2. Notice there isn't one on topic comment here, what's that tell ya?
  3. I'll try to compare also and see what I come up with.
  4. That's not bad at all stine!! Just off the top I'd have to rank our TE's higher. Are you ranking just their starter or the team of TEs?
  5. Don't think so. I still have to go to boards to comment even though I'm already logged in when reading the front article. Really screwy!! Especially telling me to log in when I'm already logged in. I'm not a techie but it doesn't seem that difficult to do. Maybe it's a wall that can be eliminated or changed to read logins on the entire site and just in certain areas.
  6. Totally agree. As long as they don't rush SJ this year. I don't think they will. I'm taking the approach that Rome wasn't built in a day. We have the foundation to build upon (assuming we have the CB position settled and it appears we will by PS end). If our DL plays up to its potential of consistently having 4 serious pass rushers (with Cox being moved all over the DL for matchup purposes) and the LB team improving its contribution this season, we might just have enough firepower up front to give the CB's some breathing room from the fact of having fewer balls thrown into their area than last season. Seems to me we just have a better quality of CBs to choose from now and it's just a matter of time to develop the chemistry of working together and honing their skills.
  7. Yup, it's beyond me, I'm not a techie but it seems to me it doesn't seem to be that difficult to accomplish. I'm thinking if I'm already logged in, I should be able to have direct access to areas of discourse at that point, and not have to go to another area where I'm already logged in to do the same thing. Can't be for security reasons since I'm already logged in when this occurs.
  8. There's the Gordon/Blount combo again. Love it. We keep using this and a new tap beer will be created!! Give me a Gordon Blount, lol. GBFL, rounds on me this time!!
  9. Ham, Barnett has shown he's the real deal to date and I'm confident he'll continue to show this when the pads go on in TC. All who have seen him say so. Doug, most likely, is going to use RBs in a committee approach making the running game more versatile. With this approach, if we stick to it, no RB will be a featured/franchised back but each will be used in certain situations to create mismatches with their particular skill set. IMO, I don't see Pumps as a "project", prospect yes but a "project, no. Where does he have to make a significant adjustment to the NFL in order to use his skill set? He doesn't need two or three years before he can effectively use his skill set in the NFL. Ask Duce if he thinks Pumps is a project. Would love to see Pumps and Sproles in the same backfield, a nightmare.
  10. It really depends on how he is used. Not like he's a 3 down back being given the ball to mash forward into the line. He could provide a very scary and dangerous pass demension for us. It's all about angles and he may be fast enough to avoid the slower beasts ready to eat him alive. Let's see what TC and PS games yield on how he can best be used given his traits. He'd certainly be on my roster for sure.
  11. Gotta include Pumps. Believe he'll make a very good contribution to both the run game and STs. Hollins, from what I heard, sounds like he could play some WR also. Agree with you that his highest contribution may be STs.
  12. Hope we get the first pick! lol
  13. Agree 100%. I previously stated in another thread when the Eagles drafted Mack Hollins at #12 in the 4th round(our first of two in the 4th, Pumps being the other at 26th) there was a split screen shot of the Cowgirls war room. It might just be me but imo, it appeared they were shocked and dismayed by our Hollins pick and were scrambling around to find another player to draft. It looked like we also stole this other player they intended to pick at 27th when we moved in front of them to grab Pumps at #26 in a trade with the Chiefs. Could not imagine Elliott and Pumps in the Dullass backfield together. Thanks "Big Red" A few cheeseburgers for you!!
  14. Just lovin it all. A variety of RBs with different skill sets, moving Cox all over a vastly improved DL for better matchups, AJ, TS and JM/AG and CW doing their things, The changed for the better team with a scary potential will force other teams to take notice. Who do you cover when and how? Gonna really love seeing this all play out!! Go Eagles!!!
  15. If we can effectively run the ball down other team's throat"s, coupled with our passing game improvement, we'll have the perfect storm to keep teams off balance with each opening up the other's area. We haven't had that in years.