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  1. This mute hopes your right about the Eagles on MNF!! Gotta go after them and stay after them till the game is over.If Norman plays, hope he covers Alshon. AJ matches perfectly with Norman's weaknesses. Should be fun, hope it is in our favor.
  2. Still, can't underestimate the Skins. They have beaten us before being "all banged up." They've had our number for a few years now and it's time to turn the tables. Go Eagles!!
  3. I'll have to consider myself lucky then. At 74, no detached retina but have had laser surgery for cataracts in both eyes. I'm saying this now as you already may be in surgery or prepping for the same. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Now you'll be able to dissect the Eagles gameplay even better than before!! As Swoopin' said, lets us know how you're doing when you can. Come back soon!!
  4. Let's hope they have the same D when we play them. At 5-1 I'm getting a very strange feeling that we now have targets on our backs.
  5. One-sided penalty calls also helped!!
  6. Great idea about the blue flags GB. Something definitely needs to be done. I fear the flags being thrown for a no-call would disrupt the game to a point where more time is spent arguing and looking at computers and not playing the game. Looking at a chart supplied by mjkline1958 on Morelli's history of calls shows a pattern of calling a lot more against the visiting team. Washington and the Gnats had their share of penalties as well. Makes you wonder if there is skin in the game!!
  7. A GREAT win for us!! Anyone here know the status of Tim Jurnigan? Thought I saw him go down early but no mention of it anywhere!
  8. Great game and great effort and great play calling. Let's hope the balanced engine continues against Arizona. With the Oct. 12th game at the Panthers, we will have already completed 50% of our 2017 road games already. Great record in that category so far at 2 out of 3.
  9. A sweet win and finally with a ground game we have all been looking for to happen. How about that Jake!! Keep that up and most likely we won't see Caleb anytime soon, if ever again.
  10. All of our players not playing whether injured or not should have that attitude.
  11. We'll have to run a lot of misdirection, counters, and slants to disrupt their pass rush. Need to have a balanced attack but running the ball should be our major thrust with a few short quick passes thrown in to keep them off balance. I see it being a tough game but we come out on top if we're successful running the ball.
  12. Agree UK. Lets hope he can improve his YAC. In 2016 it was just 3.4 yds per catch. At his height, seems he just falls forward after the catch. In contrast, Kelce of KC was 7.7 YAC.
  13. We need to see a more balanced attack on a regular basis. We were more balanced against the Gnats then we've been in quite some time. With a balanced attack, D never knows for sure if you're going to run or pass. Keeps them off balance and sometimes away from loading up the box or playing a nickel or dime package on most plays.
  14. You'll never get it so why bother!!