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  1. This is a loss on everyone. We've got the guys to bounce back but better execution and protecting the football are the keys. Tough one to lose especially when you shoot yourself in the foot. Hard one to take. These guys need a tough as nails practice and to go out and decimate a team. We don't have that "killer attitude." My HS coach always drilled into our heads that the team your playing doesn't deserve to be on the filed with you and you go out and show them that. Tough loss, take it and remember it and move on. Dwelling on it in practice is good. Show some true grit for a change and take it into the game that way.
  2. Talk about mind-boggling, a GR8 Eagles win at a hard to win plance in Lambeau. Well fought!! The real mind boggler is the DPI issue. No clear basis for overturning obvious PIs on both teams. Is it blatant calls that get overturned or clear and obvious ones? Last night none were overturned. Seems like the field calls are going to stick no matter what. Gooooo Eagles. With only half a tem we showed our championship-caliber even using 3rd & 4th stringers just off the practice squad. A win to be proud of and a season turner IMO.
  3. With no deep threat per se and an easy double team of Ertz, a safety for Aggs and ½ of a player in Goddert they can box the run game. We need the deep threat to spread em and that ani't happening till DeSean and Alshon return healthy, whenever that will be. With a groin for DeSean and, I believe, a calf injury for Alshon, that can take weeks more or the whole season of being day to day. Just disappointed!! IMO maybe we should have played the vets or at least interspersed them throughout the spring training games to develop communication, timing and get the rust out of them then instead of now. Doesn't look good heading into GB Thursday!!
  4. At least DP gave this really beat up team a breather on Wednesday. Smart move. I'm a no go for 2 1's for JR. Doesn't fit our scheme. We most likely would have to change our scheme to fit him in. IDK, maybe we need to change our scheme anyway considering all the yds we give up in passing. Yet do we really have the personnel to change our scheme. Don't think so. Timing is not right for making a scheme change with a lot of younger guys just trying to learn the present system IMO, should have been done in the spring and PC to practice with it. Gr8 move to make if the bring on Ward from PS.
  5. TD, just found out I can watch it thru NFL Gamepass. It's on a free trial basis right now so I just signed up!! WaaaaHoooooo!!
  6. Would like to see how Gerry handles himself with calling plays in the middle. Looks like we lost our projected " joker" in Ostman. He was really coming on too. As usual, I can't watch this game live. Hope for the best. No Injuries!! Be interesting to see how the product looks against first time competition./ Go Eagles!!
  7. With the Zeke case, it's typical of the plaintiff's attorney to throw charges at all possible parties to see what sticks and where. Potentially more money.
  8. Zeke is like Antonio Brown. Both very talented but definitely not team guys. Just pay me the money. Won't change either guy one iota on their me-first attitude. It was proven in Pittsburgh when AB was paid all that money but he never changed his attitude from a me-first to a team-first guy. Don't disagree with either trying to get the most bang for the buck but money won't change their me-first attitude. IMO, Zeke should be out there with his team. He's not. Contrasted with Malcom Jenkins having a contract negotiation in progress but he's out practicing with his team. We all get the risk of injury but it's a class act by Malcom the team player against the me-first Zeke. Jerry and Zeke kinda deserve each other, IMO. Wallow in it guys!!
  9. Better to have all these under throws, overthrows, etc in TC. That's what it's for. The tuning up of the timing and body conditioning phase for the real thing that will be on us before we know it.
  10. Especially given the present talent level at QB, WR, and TE!!
  11. Yes, I have. On my way to, at that time, Saigon!!
  12. Guess we'll need teams in Tokoyo and in Guam for the West Coast teams!!
  13. I can foresee maybe an International Division of the NFL down the road but not anytime soon. It would need more of a local support mechanism than is presently the case.. Soccer is the European football mainstay. IMO, to be successful, interest would have to be drummed up to create local markets for football players (American Style) to be honed for the game throughout Europe. I don't believe you can just transfer a franchise from here to there and be that successful. Look how long it took soccer to grab hold here. It didn't occur overnight. Greater fan interest in the European market also needs to be honed in. This is all predicated on joemas' contention about the long travel times and about players from the US living in London where living is very expensive. To me, it just won't work on a regular basis with those times involved. Right now it's still a novelty but it's 2 US teams competing on foreign soil. You need a support mechanism on the local level, a la soccer, for the NFL to be a true success in Europe. In the meantime, the NFL might look to schedule other games in other cities in Europe to help drum up the necessary local support.
  14. I hear yuh. How long have you been on Cape Cod now 58?