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  1. [Spadaro] A Spin Around The Eagles' Locker Room

    If everyone does their job, executes hopefully mistake free we'll have a victory in our column. We have one weapon they don't have and that's our screaming fan base at home being full of energy!! Go Eagles!!
  2. [Spadaro] Defense Must Lead Way In Playoffs

    Two of the three teams we may face are dome teams, Atlanta and N.O. Of those only N.O scares me the most. That and our shakey (vanilla) offense. All three phases have to show up for us to win or we're gonna be toast. Will we have the time to adjust the offense to Foles, most likely not enough to be scary but hopefully enough to put some points on the board to give our D and ST's a chance to DOMINATE their games. We've been next man up all year so let's do it again. Go Eagles!! Hope I'm not masking reality here. We'll soon find out!!
  3. [Spadaro] Defense Must Lead Way In Playoffs

    DeFilippo could very well be considered for an HC position. Think the Bears are interested!! Besides he's already been the OC in Cleveland.
  4. [Spadaro] Defense Must Lead Way In Playoffs

    Reminded me more of Wentz on his 22 yd run and with his ability to escape the pocket and still make a play or extend a play.
  5. Might also depend on what kind of say he'll get with Gettleman as the GM. Seems to me Schwartz likes to be choosing the players he wants playing for him.
  6. [News] LB Joe Walker Placed On Injured Reserve

    Makin room for Sidney!!
  7. Pretty much tells you there by the inactives that a lot of BU's and/or lightly experienced players are playing and starting.
  8. Grats to you Sidney for your hard-nosed recovery process and making it back for this season. Have fun, play well. Good luck!!
  9. Nice to see the infusion of some new blood this time of year. Best of luck to Sidney and hopefully Nate also. Play well, have fun, and gain the experience in your first NFL regular season game.
  10. All in all, we still have more to play for than they do. Other than enjoying upsetting us, perhaps their major thrust, but negatively perhaps injuring one of our players could also not be out of the question. We have the NFL's best rushing defense to uphold against Zeke, an undefeated season at home for the regular season (need to extend this further obviously) and being 6-0 in the division. Only the Steelers are still undefeated in their division.
  11. Hope to see both Jones and Sudfeld play. It's just as much about "cutting the mustard" as it is with seeing how they can contribute the Eagles' future and gaining valuable experience in the process.
  12. At least it will be on our turf!!
  13. [Spadaro] Red Zone Success Key To 12-2 Record

    Stine, I agree. Let him get some experience as I have previously advocated. Depends on how his workouts have been to date. Certainly, don't want to push him physically but to have him in there for some plays here and there would be a confidence builder and make him feel a part of the team and give him some experience. We just have to remember he's more or less at an OTA level and has to build up his physical strength to game conditions. Pressure of the playoffs could give him valuable experience going forward.
  14. joemas6, agree. If it was up to me I'd sign him LT and hope for the best. Don't want him to FA and be picked up by another team especially one in the same division. LB should be an area we address either in the draft/trade/FA, etc. to get some more young blood to shore up the middle should Hicks go down and having a back up for Walker.