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  1. 5 minutes ago, UK_EaglesFan89 said:

    Hmm I'm not sure about this. I think 9-7 could get a wildcard. I guess our issue is if we lose 3 more games all to NFC opponents... Then our conference record will be awful. 

    Morning buddy! I somewhat agree with Don here. Look at it this way; we already lost to the Panthers and Vikings and are probably losing the Saints game. Tie breakers will not be in our favor.

  2. Don,

    I have to say yes and here's my reasoning;

    1) Ajayi is in the last year of his rookie deal and reportedly has bad knees. Will we re-sign him after the 2018 season?

    2) Whether we keep either or both Sproles and Blount or lose them this year, they'll both be older and on the downside of their careers;

    3) We don't know what we have in Pumphrey but things certainly didn't look good;

    4) Smallwood didn't live up to expectations and might even get cut;

    5) Clement might be the only viable RB on the roster in 2019.

    Dare I say it...if we can trade Foles and get a another first rounder...I know, I know it's a pipe dream ;)...I'd probably pick Rashaan Evans first and either Ronald Jones II, Sony Michel or James Washington at 32.




  3. 42 minutes ago, time2rock said:

    I do agree with everything in that piece except for one point - the one made regarding RBs.  I agree with the assessment of adding a "need-filling veteran"(Blount) but do think we could have and likely should have taken advantage of a really strong RB draft class and targeted more of a (future) workhorse back at some point, but really that is a minor criticism.  All in all I think Howie has been pretty darn good at re-shaping the team and we likely would be further along (closer to being contenders) had Chip not made such a mess of the roster. 

    My hope is to address the need at RB next April and also add depth to some crucial areas (e.g. LB) and we become legitimately competitive in 2018.  Of course a few other things need to go our way in the process ... we have to hope that the moves made to address CB work out (Darby shows he is the player we thought he was when we dealt for him, Jones comes back fully healthy and close to his pre-injury form, the development of Mills and Douglas continue so that they form a strong unit with the aforementioned players), Jeffery and Jernigan have impressive years and we are able to retain them, the WR group demonstrates what many expect and that this unit has actually become a strength, etc. 


    Totally agree. It's not perfect but Howie has done an amazing job cleaning up the mess Chip Kelly left behind and setting this team up for the future.

    There are some questions at LB, RT (will LJ's successor please stand up!) and especially RB! There I've said it! Until proven otherwise, I'm very wary of a 31 year old RB with a lot of mileage on them treads and who the Pats let walk btw.

    I'm with you on this one; the Eagles should definitely consider drafting a tailback in the first round after not doing so for about 30 years! 

    If everything pans out and we're able to re-sign Jernigan and Jeffery and sign Hicks long term, hopefully Vaitai or Gordon or both step up and prove either one could stick at RT and we won't have any cornerback woes with Darby, Jones, Mills and Douglas stepping up, we'd be in perfect position to draft a running back for once in the first. 

    How about Derrius Guice or Saquon Barkley to the Eagles in the first? What say you?