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  1. Week 12: Giants @ Redskins (Thanksgiving)

    Wentz > Cousins > tank for a draft pick
  2. Week 12: Giants @ Redskins (Thanksgiving)

    IMO, we hope that Eli throws for 500 yards so that there's a controversy about whether to replace him or not, and that Cousins does the same so that Washington has to pay him bigger money.
  3. Week 11 Open Discussion.

    Well, I'm a take a nap. See y'all in a few hours.
  4. Week 11 Open Discussion.

    I don't know if the Saints should be that happy.
  5. Week 11 Open Discussion.

    Once again, Washington finds themselves one or two bonehead plays away from winning a game.
  6. Week 11 Open Discussion.

    Looked pretty bad to me. The grounding call was questionable, the clock running was, AFAIK, ridiculous.
  7. Week 11 Open Discussion.

    I'd like to read a knowledgeable analysis of how the refs handled the last 30 seconds of regulation there.
  8. Week 11 Open Discussion.

    We're fine, brother. Come Tuesday morning, we'll still be at least a game up on every team in the NFC.
  9. Week 11 Open Discussion.

    They got too conservative with the lead, too. With their RB out, they should've let Cousins have a chance to win it.
  10. Week 11 Open Discussion.

    I don't remember who the Washington D-coordinator is, but his family needs to lock the liquor cabinet tonight.
  11. Week 11 Open Discussion.

    Poor Browns fans.
  12. Week 11 Open Discussion.

    Keenum's gonna Keenum. Matter of time until the Vikes drop a game.
  13. Week 11 Open Discussion.

    If your argument is that the Eagles are the best team in the league, I absolutely agree, though we will miss JP at some point this season. People saying "who have they beat?" haven't realize how good Washington is.
  14. Week 11 Open Discussion.

    That''s good analysis but I always take NFL stats lightly because the sample sizes are too small and the variance is big from game to game.
  15. Week 11 Open Discussion.

    I also don't want the Cowboys in there. Not that I'm scared of them, the Eagles would beat them at the Linc in the playoffs, but I just don't want their fans to enjoy the rest of this season that much.