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  1. I hate football.
  2. How bad did the AP injury look? (I can't see the game.)
  3. That was funny. Eagles can win this division.
  4. Anyone going to defend McFadden's decision now? Bottom line, it was selfish and stupid.
  5. Any TATErs going to admit Kelly must've been right to let him go?
  6. I hate refs.
  7. Not that much, actually. 1. Run blocking. 2. Pass coverage in the secondary. 3. Route running and not dropping passes. All of this was foreseeable in the preseason. We have two guards who were backups last year and an aging Peters who didn't look great at the end of last year. We have new guys at almost every position in the secondary, and two guys who are playing positions that are new to them. And we have a lot of new pieces on offense, with a rookie trying to replace Maclin. We shouldn't be 0-2, but the particular problems don't surprise anyone who managed not to lose perspective in the preseason hype.
  8. That makes Andy Reid look like a brilliant game manager.
  9. Guy like that, I'm sure Sam Bradford will send him a bouquet with a touching note.
  10. The Denver-Baltimore game is a really good defensive battle.
  11. Fired would be a start. Kraft should be forced to sell his team, Goodell fired, and then the two of them prosecuted by the NFL.
  12. The first time I got pulled over, I told the cop I didn't know how fast I was going. But I still got the ticket. Because I'm not Robert Kraft or Bill Belichick. This isn't going away: Cheaties Shirts on Sale in Pittsburgh.
  13. Rigging up the Steelers' headsets to listen to the Patriots' broadcast is basically a big F-you to the NFL. The question is, does the NFL have the cojones to do anything about it? I doubt it. At this point, the Patriots are bigger than the NFL.
  14. I know there are more serious things in the world, but injustice makes me sick. That stadium should be napalmed. They all know they repeatedly got away with cheating and they're gloating over it. I hope there is a just God.
  15. I'm surrounded by a ridiculously noisy family. What is the crowd chanting?