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  1. Great Call Don!!
  2. Trade Smith/Matthews. Sign Maclin.
  3. Yep. Dolphins did Eagles a favor and drafted him one spot high.
  4. Old Chip Kelly Era Eagles trade obsession Dion Jordan is waived by Dolphins. so there's that.
  5. Romo voodooed him - Its only logical
  6. Looks like Howie was not upfront about the draft plans, when they signed Stefen Wisniewski for a short term prove it deal.
  7. Good move with long term view by Pats to trade a player they probably can't re-sign next year. They also didn't have first round pick this year. This will reduce the burn.
  8. Giants should be glad, he ain't asking Maxwell money!
  9. Man, Not another deflated balls story
  10. People queuing to take Cleveland jobs, but not sure even good ol' Billy wants to knowingly walk into that no win situation. I am curious if Eric Mangini is contractually required to the DC job, if SF insists?
  11. Brian Billick opined about how Roethlisberger's shoulder injury will affect him in Sunday's divisional game against the Broncos. "There's no one tougher than Ben Roethlisberger by far in the NFL, but he's a drama queen. He's gonna come out on that field. That arm's gonna be limp. It's going to look like he can't even lift it. Then he's going to crank off a 60-yard bomb to Martavis Bryant. Then he'll carry it back into the huddle, holding it like it's in a sling, and then he'll crank off a 40-yarder to Antonio Brown."
  12. Whats wrong with 7 teams that hired HCs this year.
  13. busted coverage
  14. ^this. Good motive/Bad business