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  1. JG's staff >>> Eagles' staff.
  2. Cowgirls' staff knows how to get their players ready to play on Game Day. Eagles' staff don't know how teach their players to hold onto the damn ball.
  3. KingxEagles

    Final Super Bowl 53 predictions?

    I'll go with... Rams vs Chiefs
  4. KingxEagles

    NFC & AFC Championship Game Predictions?

    What a 'WWE' season it has been...
  5. I'll start... Saints vs Rams and Chiefs vs Patriots
  6. KingxEagles

    Rae Carruth to be released from jail...
  7. KingxEagles

    Josh Gordon UPDATE: Traded to the Patriots

    For a 5th round pick, the pats score again.
  8. Nelson needs to get some separation period.
  9. KingxEagles

    Wendell Smallwood...

    Non-eagles fan, what are your thoughts?
  11. It's time to start thinking about the 2019 Draft and Free Agency. Since the pre-season they just were not ready to come to play football this year. Every game this year they have been given chances EVERY game, but decide to play sloppy. IF the Eagles lose to the 1-4 Giants... please focus on keeping Carson Wentz and some other players healthy and get ready to come play next year. Because right now the Coaches and Players have been given chances and chances to succeed, but just were not ready for this season like some other teams in the NFL.
  12. Nelson can really kill a game for the Eagles. He is not worth the money.
  13. KingxEagles

    Patrick Mahomes breaks records.