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  1. The theme seems ok to me, though I do see an error message at the bottom of the screen...

    // omniture account VAR instantiated here to provide data to media player var s_account, s_analytics, s; s_account ='nflclubseagles,nflglobal'; var nflcsadsReg = new Array(); var nflcscompanionadsReg = new Array(); if(!window.jsRand) window.jsRand = Math.floor(Math.random()*10000000); document.domain = ""; 

    The theme was different before, it looked more like the main PE website. Now the theme looks like old school EMB and it's a lot wider. I actually switched to this theme once before under the "Change Theme" option at the bottom of the page and I was able to switch it back but the only options there now are this one and a mobile one.

    Edit: Turns out I screen grabbed my profile a while back. Here's the old theme I was using:


    And now: