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    Tyreek Hill not to be suspended

    If nfl starts handing the ban hammer down players will quite there crap, stop putting themselves in situations like this
  2. RealBallHawk20

    Tyreek Hill not to be suspended

    Seahawks DT Reed was suspended 6 games by the nfl for violating its conduct policy for something that happened in 2017 he wasnt arrested or convicted of a the crime.. and the nfl refused him his appeal
  3. RealBallHawk20

    Andrew Luck

    If Andrew Luck doesn’t play a snap this season he should just retire that would be 3 yrs missed.. also if he doesnt play well he should retire , because that shoulder wont be any better... i think he should retire right now , it would be better for his health
  4. Winston deserves a fully ban for the Scum bag crap he pulled at Florida State and oh Jimbo covered it up for him... now he gropes a girl.. F that piece of crap he doesn’t deserve to make millions
  5. RealBallHawk20

    Andrew Luck

    Andrew Luck looked good but when you have no OL, No RB , no TE , and a 5’7 WR to the throw to Colts are totally to blame for Lucks mess
  6. RealBallHawk20

    Andrew Luck

    2 yrs for a Shoulder injury on his throwing arm is awful,
  7. RealBallHawk20

    Andrew Luck

    You got to feel for Luck at this point was Dubbed the next - Peyton Manning and had all the Talent and its been flushed and probably will never be the same
  8. RealBallHawk20

    New 'No Kneeling' Rule May Go Ballistic

    NFL was losing Major Sponsers because fans were tired of the Kneeling... Owners was Losing revenue because of the players kneeling... players need to remember who actually pays there pay checks, the fans do if there was no fans there would be no million dollar pay check.
  9. RealBallHawk20

    Official 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread (News, Trades, Signings)

    Andrew Norwell to sign s 5yr 66.5M deal with 30m Guaranteed with Jacksonville
  10. RealBallHawk20

    Seahawks cleaning house???

    Michael Bennett traded to our Beloved Eagles.. Richard Sherman was Released and Jeremy Lane also to be released there taking offers on Earl Thomas Killa Kam and Avril is still banged up a potential 2018 IR Players
  11. RealBallHawk20

    Cowboys Fan reactions to Bennett trade

    Funny read indeed there on Meltdown mode because there Front Office is on par with Indy and Cleveland
  12. RealBallHawk20

    Tyrod Taylor traded to Browns

    Still might not be enough, it could be buffalos 1st,Houstons 2nd and Buffalo 3rd
  13. RealBallHawk20

    The Browns might win a few games this year

    What a story that will be from 0-16 to playoffs
  14. RealBallHawk20

    Chiefs trade Marcus Peters to the LA Rams

    Sammy is faster and has better hands than torry now. Sammy openee that offense way ip
  15. RealBallHawk20

    Chiefs trade Marcus Peters to the LA Rams

    If they let Sammy Walk rams offense will be 1 dimensionsal again
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    Thanks man much appreciate it very classy
  17. RealBallHawk20

    Chiefs trade Marcus Peters to the LA Rams

    Cheifs are so dumb
  18. RealBallHawk20

    Black Monday: Who's on the hot seat in 2017? Who gets fired?

    Ian rapport tweeted Pagano will be fired, Fox is more than likely being fired and Same with Caldwell.. arians is set to step away from Coaching
  19. RealBallHawk20

    Black Monday: Who's on the hot seat in 2017? Who gets fired?

    Average doesnt mean good, Lewis was Average shouldve been fired 5 yrs ago
  20. RealBallHawk20

    Black Monday: Who's on the hot seat in 2017? Who gets fired?

    Ik bunch of panther fans who dont like him, he is a bad coach
  21. RealBallHawk20

    Black Monday: Who's on the hot seat in 2017? Who gets fired?

    Coaches who should be fired but wont koetter -TB Rivera - Car Caldwell - Det del rio - oak coach who might retire Arians - Arz coaches most likely to be fired Pagano - indy
  22. RealBallHawk20

    Dallas to host 2018 Draft

  23. RealBallHawk20

    Kaepernick still no job

    Nobody wants a gimmick QB who fell a** backwards into a starting gig,San Francisco got rid of the wrong qb, smith was the better QB there and he got traded cause the Defense carried Kap... If Kap could stay out of the media and kept his pie whole shut then he would be back up somewhere but nobody needs a nut case and media drama back up
  24. RealBallHawk20

    Kaepernick still no job

    So Jacksonville, Buffalo, he could probably take Blake's job but don't think jaguars would want him .. Basically a team will need Certain Clause in his contract stating that if he does anything to bring Negative attention to himself or to the organization, his contract is Automatically void and he won't be owed anything and will have to pay back the Guaranteed money he was already given
  25. RealBallHawk20

    Kaepernick still no job

    Cause is Reid in the media bashing cops, wearing a dicator on his shirt, or any other BS to bring more negative attention