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  1. 1.) San Francisco - 1 of the most dysfunctional teams record 2-14 2.) Los Angeles R - this team is awful but slightly better than San Francisco 3-13 3.) Chicago - nothing for there rookie QB but there RB 4-12 4.) New York J - Jets is another bad team 5-11 5 .) Indiapolis - Colts GM & HC have ruined that franchise and not put talent Around luck.. 5-11 6.) Carolina 6-10 7.) Cleveland 6-10 8.) Cincinnati 7-9 9.) Washington 7-9 10.) Denver 7-9
  2. Cincy is 1 of the most overated teams there is a reason they haven't won since 91, and Denver no QB and no OL, Defense isn't the same as it was a few years ago.. I think everyone is underestimating the Chargers , they been injury prone last few years , not bad.
  3. NFC East, NFC South, AFC South , AFC West will be fun to watch so much talent in those divisions
  4. That NFC South is crazy with weapons.. Atlanta Matt Ryan, Devonta Freeman, Tevlin Coleman, Juilo Jones, M.Sanu Saints Drew Brees, AP, Ingram, Kamara, Thomas, Willie Snead, Ted Ginn Jr Buccaneers Jameis Winston, Doug Martin, Jeremy McNicholas, Charles Simms, Djax, Mike Evans , Oj Howard Panthers Newton, McCaffrey, Stewart, Benjamin, Samuel, Funchess, Olson.. Man I seriously can't wait until the season
  5. Hard for Denver to rebound with Oakland and Kansas City still good, and chargers wasn't as bad as they been injuries have stricken them. Carolina has been around average or Below under Newton and Rivers.. 2011 6-10 2012 7-9 2013 12-4 also because of there Defense 2014 7-8-1 2015 15-1 biggest fluke ever 2016 6-10 2017 I'm expecting around 5-11 to 7-9
  6. Funchess is inconsistent and Samuel is a WR/RB rookie and McCaffery is a RB and a rookie
  7. They are a suspect team can go anywhere from 5-11 to 10-6 question really is that Defense and there WRs
  8. What did Mills do
  9. Defenses catch up with all the Gimmick Offenses.. Miami's - Wildcat offense Oilers - Run "N" Shoot offense Mobile QBs - Read Options Chip Kelly - whatever you want to call his offense
  10. McNabb was a good QB but his time and early 2000's the defense our team had was good but McNabb also didn't much to work in the Wide Receiver and Tight end department either.... Truibsky. OT ain't great, the WR/TE are bad also, defense is ish, good LBs but DEs and DBs are bad in Chicago, he's going to have a hard time there which could stunt his growth as a QB
  11. Kapernick brought this on himself, thinks he's worth alot and refusing to stand for the Anthem and brought bad attention to himself and the 49ers organization... Nobody wants to deal with that plus he's a Gimmick QB who was carried by a very good defense under Harbaugh
  12. If he was to hit a man no because he wouldn't have a 150 plus pounds on a man and secondly you never hit a female don't matter, unless his life was at threat then maybe it would be ok but even then it would depend on what kinda a threat . Mixon had zero reason to hit her
  13. Mixon hasn't paid no price, his punkass gets to make Millions , NFL doesn't care about the abuse towards woman cause if they did it would be a AUTOMATIC Ban
  14. I called them stupid assess also. I don't care if mixon was 18 or not , he knocked her out , I didn't want Mixon anywhere near Philly green glad Howie and Joe passed on him, dude is a piece of crap and talent shouldn't outway what these guys have done... Westbrook hit his Pregnant GF, like WTF it's bad enough you hit a girl but to hit one carrying your child is 10000000x worse, these Younger kids parents should've taught boys better. And the NFL Needs to have a ZERO Tolerence for this kind of behavior regardless if it was done in H.S, College or in the pros.. Making Millions needs to be a privilege not a right.
  15. Good I hope the Bengals lose a ton of money for drafting that POS, same with Jacksonville with drafting Dede Westbrook and Cleveland with Caleb Brantley, Dallas with Jourdan Lewis ... Fing scumbags , you never hit a woman ever, there's ways to defuse a situation without hitting her
  16. Lane will get to play against all 3 the 1st time this season
  17. Here's the rest of the Giants leaked schedule and it's brutal..
  18. Wow that's insane, there is like 10 rare cards and i believe none are football cards and i wish it had the babe Ruth or the Honus Wagner card .. i would sell in a heart beat
  19. Yup very rare like the card is named up there 1908 T206 Honus Wagner card is worth nearly 3 Million because there is said to be 50-60 made. It's crazy the next card that in value is a 1914 Babe Ruth card and its worth 517,000
  20. the rarest card is T206 1909 Honus Wagner card there's like 50 or 60 made .. wish I had 1 it's called the Holy Grail of sports cards... It's worth 2.8 Million
  21. With gronk getting hurt a bunch probably
  22. Kyle Juszczyk FB signing a 4yr deal worth 21 mil. 10.6 million guaranteed with San Francisco
  23. Nope Patriots get Allen and a 6th and colts get a 4th
  24. Lol nobody wants Cutler and that contract