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  1. I will add that one to my list of tries. Thanks.
  2. F Papa Johns. Their pizza sucks and like Walmart they F their employees. Local biz pizza spots only.
  3. Extra bye week. Just set it up so that the teams that are playing have a bye before the Thursday night games. Every team plays a Thursday night game. Done.
  4. ESPN Considers DROPPING ‘Monday Night Football’

    So what you're saying is the NFL should do MNF on local channels and netflix?
  5. Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    Just let him be available for the Eagles game so Jernigan and Cox can make the ruling for him.
  6. The Browns

    Josh Gordon is back. Kind of.
  7. NFL didn't use the black light.
  8. Where's 'Superman' Now??

  9. Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    Personally I hope that he plays in both games so this defense can smack him in the damn mouth.
  10. Christian McCaffrey = Chris Thompson

    Yeah... I think Smallwood may have to go he just can't stay on the field and he's just eating a roster spot. We draft a guy. Re-signing Blount is a must IMO. Clement battles it out with Smallwood but probably wins. Pumphrey is a long shot.
  11. Christian McCaffrey = Chris Thompson

    He may need to just bulk up and add some strength. He was looking a little light to me. There's hope for him yet. But F him. We have Blount!!!!
  12. Christian McCaffrey = Chris Thompson

    He'll be pretty good. Our defense is beastly so not fair to judge him on this one. I didn't want him top 10 though. Reminded me too much of Reggie Bush.
  13. Week 5: Packers @ Cowboys

  14. Week 5: Packers @ Cowboys

    Why run there? That was odd