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  1. Douglas was a good pick
  2. He has a VERY SIGNIFICANT / FRESH injury, this rehab is intense and there is a GOOD chance he wont be nearly as fluid as he was prior to the injury.....
  3. I cant put in to words how dumb this pick was..... what a damn waste.....
  4. What a waste of good pick.....HE MAY NEVER PLAY LIKE HE DID AGAIN BEFORE THE INJURY.... and who knows when he could touch the field.....we need CB's so we grab one who cant play....when there were CB's who could play available..... STUPID
  5. STUPID PICK......
  6. So many people crying about Barnett who has an incredible ceiling, and then say they will be happy if we take Sidney Jones in the 2nd who will probably not play this year and may never be the same CB he was prior to the injury......HAHAHA some fans....
  7. [News] Franchise QB, Moves Promote Optimism

    If it could happen, trade back a few spots, grab an extra second round pick, take McCaffrey in 1, and CB/CB with both 2's or WR/CB. I think he will go late 1, but Zay Jones would be a great addition if we could get him in the second. Imagine first couple picks..... McCaffrey, Zay Jones, Tre'davious White - 3 instant impacts for the team. Then go DL and CB the rest of the picks!
  8. [News] Franchise QB, Moves Promote Optimism

    Corey Davis is still my #1 pick, with Mike Williams a close second. However, I would be VERY HAPPY with McCaffrey in 1, I don't think he is a reach what so ever with what he can provide on the field, he can play RB and WR at a high level, and he has some of the smoothest route running skills and hands out there!
  9. Draft needs to get here, I am so tired of all this speculation, I just want to know who the newest Eagles are gonna be!!!
  10. [News] Wentz And Foles And The QB Story

  11. [News] Wentz And Foles And The QB Story

  12. [News] Wentz And Foles And The QB Story

    Fournette would be the best draft pick in Philly in the past while!
  13. [News] Looking At The State Of The Eagles

    Package Kendricks and and Kelce with a 4th and a 5th for a 2nd.....
  14. [News] Looking At The State Of The Eagles

    We should try to deal for another 2nd round pick, that way we could take 2 CB's and either a RB or WR in the second as well, so.... CB / CB / WR or WR (Davis or Williams) / CB / CB or CB / CB / RB or finally RB (Fournette and or Cook) / CB / CB