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  1. ***OFFICIAL SF 49ers/Chip Kelly 1-and-done thread***

    OP sounds "Kind of Bitter" to me.
  2. Tom Brady's Suspension Reinstated

    To the Supreme Court? Doubt it, then again, that would be such a Tom Brady thing to do.
  3. Rams Trade with Titans for #1 pick in 2016 Draft

    How ironic. Only 4 years since they fleeced the skins and yet here they are taking their shot at the craps table.
  4. Well there's a difference between the court of public opinion, and the court of criminal law. Just because he's deemed not guilty (or even absent of charges) in one, does not mean he's innocent in the other. It's pretty obvious that he engaged in some pretty typical dewshbaggery according to the video evidence, so there's no rush to judgement needed based on what we know. From my perspective, it's not unlike the home team fans that keep kicking the ish out of the visiting team fan in a fight outside the stadium. Sure, from the videos we often see of such incidents, we don't really know who instigated what. But if the guy is already on the ground, does he really deserve the 4th, 5th, and 6th kick to the head even if he was the one that started the fight?
  5. I've heard it's actually closer to half.
  6. Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    What I think happened is that rstarter's confrontational demeanor and krass tone made some posters anxious to see Carr play poorly. Especially so if they took offense to the stuff he said about Foles. That made them want to believe that Carr wasn't a good QB and thus induced them into making some critical statements that are looking to be pretty false thus far. Now I get that some of that can be explained away because they were trying to get a rise out of rstarter but that doesn't make those statements any less incorrect. Trolling the guy who's trolling you carries the risk of it backfiring if the comments turn out to be wrong. And I only chose to weigh in because he quoted an exchange I had over the summer where I was repeatedly told that Carr was worse than Bridgewater because all his stats were amassed in "Carrbage" time. By several posters mind you, not just one or two.
  7. Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Maybe, maybe not, though that prediction isn't looking so good right now. Carr seems to be turning the corner while Foles is barely buoyant. 8 more games to go though.
  8. Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    This thread is just pure entertainment. Kudos to rstarter for taking it all in stride last year and dishing it back out now that the tables have turned. A good dose of humility was needed for some of the critics.
  9. Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Obviously not. My only contention was that I'd rather have him than Bridgewater.
  10. Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Fair enough, but if we're going to dive that deep into the TDs to determine the difficulty in which they were attained, we should also look at the quality of teams each QB faced. On first glance, it looks as if Carr faced much tougher defenses.
  11. Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    I'm giving Carr the edge because my opinion is that he played just as well, but under worse circumstances.
  12. Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Oh so, Carr benefited from garbage time TDs but Bridgewater didn't? Just from watching them both play, I thought they were about equal, or maybe even giving the slight edge to Carr considering the circumstances. Statistically Carr didn't do as well, but I think they were close enough for me to believe he'll end up being the better QB when their careers are both over.
  13. Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    I disagree, I think Carr was as good if not better, but I think he'll continue to improve while Bridgewater will plateau soon.