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  1. On 1/19/2019 at 2:31 PM, EagleJoe8 said:

    While the end result doesn’t change, was Reid’s motive for recommending Doug because of an interest in the Eagles being successful, or because of the rumor he wanted to get Doug away from the 26 year old secretary he was allegedly doing?

    I don't think there was ever much to that rumor and many aspects of the story were debunked from what I recall.

  2. The point of us joking about Carr's struggles last season was due to the fact that rstarter had literally (and repeatedly) made ridiculous claims about a rookie QB (ROTY lock, already better arm than Rodgers, already on Andrew Luck's level etc). That, plus the fact that whenever anyone made the slightest criticism of Carr he would somehow tie that into how terrible Nick Foles is as a QB, as if somehow criticizing Foles made up for Carr's shortcomings.

    You can even see in some of the posts he quoted above, most of the posters said something to the effect of 'Carr could be a good QB, but at this point rstarters claims are way overboard'.

    What I think happened is that rstarter's confrontational demeanor and krass tone made some posters anxious to see Carr play poorly. Especially so if they took offense to the stuff he said about Foles. That made them want to believe that Carr wasn't a good QB and thus induced them into making some critical statements that are looking to be pretty false thus far.

    Now I get that some of that can be explained away because they were trying to get a rise out of rstarter but that doesn't make those statements any less incorrect. Trolling the guy who's trolling you carries the risk of it backfiring if the comments turn out to be wrong.

    And I only chose to weigh in because he quoted an exchange I had over the summer where I was repeatedly told that Carr was worse than Bridgewater because all his stats were amassed in "Carrbage" time. By several posters mind you, not just one or two.

  3. Was he? Remember, a lot of Carr's stats came at the end of games when the other team went into carrbage time.

    Will he improve and be a good NFL QB? Very possible. Will he be the greatest QB ever drafted into the NFL in all of NFL history? I'd say, not likely.

    Obviously not. My only contention was that I'd rather have him than Bridgewater.

  4. Bridgewater really didn't.

    Bridgewater threw 14 TDs in 12 games. Of those 14 TDs, none of them came in the waning seconds of a game where they were trailing by 10+ points. The closest one was a TD against the Packers when they were down 11 that he threw with over 3 minutes left, on a drive that started with 8 minutes left. So that's hardly garbage time.

    Compared to Carr. Carr threw 21 TDs, but of those 21 he had:

    1) TD against Houston, down by 23, TD thrown with 17 seconds left in game

    2) TD against Browns, down 17, TD thrown with 7 seconds left in game.

    3) TD against Broncos, down 31, TD thrown with 48 seconds left in game

    4) TD against Chiefs, down 25, TD thrown with 34 seconds left in game

    And then there was a TD against the Jets that while maybe not in garbage time, were definitely in prevent defense time. Down 12 with the drive starting with about 2:30 left. And a TD against Seattle down 13 that was made with just under 2 minutes left in the game on a drive that started with about 4 minutes left. So while these may not be garbage time, it was prevent defense time which obviously makes it easier for a QB to dink and dunk down the field to get in scoring position.

    Not to mention that 5 of his TDs came on throws from the 1 yard line.

    Fair enough, but if we're going to dive that deep into the TDs to determine the difficulty in which they were attained, we should also look at the quality of teams each QB faced. On first glance, it looks as if Carr faced much tougher defenses.

  5. Your giving Carr an edge because you like him. He has a good arm but his fundamentals are terrible. He didn't look close to Bridgewater playing QB. And I could care less about either of them.

    Why do you always bring up Foles? He's not even an Eagle anymore. Stop deflecting.

    I'm giving Carr the edge because my opinion is that he played just as well, but under worse circumstances.

  6. By what measurement? Aside from the garbage time tds because the Raiders were blown out so frequently Bridgewater was better pretty much across the board.

    If you think Carr may end up better fine, that's your opinion. But to say he was as good or better last year is crazy.

    Oh so, Carr benefited from garbage time TDs but Bridgewater didn't? Just from watching them both play, I thought they were about equal, or maybe even giving the slight edge to Carr considering the circumstances. Statistically Carr didn't do as well, but I think they were close enough for me to believe he'll end up being the better QB when their careers are both over.

  7. The answer is Foles. Could it be Derek Carr in two years? Yeah sure. But I don't want the rookie I saw last year anywhere near my football team. He was part of the reason they were 2-14, some of his games were absolutely atrocious. Matter of fact, just give me Bridgewater.

    You'd rather have Bridgewater over Carr? Teddy looks like he could be a good QB, but I think Carr will be better.

  8. Oh btw, whoever is saying DTV is getting ballsy or don't give discounts, I just off the phone with them to make a program package change and we got on the ST issue. I was actually content on paying the $199 after getting deep discounts or free for the past 8 years or so but decided to ask if they could discount it anyway.

    Got transferred to the ST specialist and they gave it to me for $100 ($19.99 per month for 5) and they threw in the new super max or whatever it's called to be able to watch it on CP or mobile for free. All this with just a simple question about any discounts and didn't have to threaten to cancel.

    Don't worry, it's only a matter of time before some moron will respond to your post claiming that "it proves nothing."