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  1. Am visiting daughter October 9th she movingin new apt. on the 1st. I am in Jets and Giants country. Rockaway Twp. Now the Giants aren't playing till that night but the Jets start at 1PM same time as Eagles. I am looking for a place to not only watch the game but hear the sound since they normally only play sound for home team. Game is on Fox. Jets on CBS. Anyone think Fox would show Eagles game up there?
  2. [News] Rumor Mill: Sean McDermott

    I would love to see a good defense coach be hired to lead this team and Sean McDermott would be great imo. Loved Jim Johnson's defense was exciting to watch.Would like to keep Bradford along with Shurmur at least for one more year. The offense wouldn't have to learn new terms for plays if Mcdermott kept Shurmur and the defense would be utilized to their max and be very aggressive under his reign.