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  1. LeSean McCoy Triggered by Kiko Alonso's Instagram

    I'm curious to why you even went this direction with it. 1. I've never seen Kiko praised post-trade to MIA. 2. Practically every insult thrown Shady's way was a reaction to something stupid he did or said.
  2. Vikings on a slide?

    Very true.
  3. Vikings on a slide?

    By the time Jeffery learned our playbook his contract would be up.
  4. Disgruntled Nick Foles skips OTAs (ORIG POST: 6/1/2016)

    I'm pretty sure throwing for 29 TDs to 2 interceptions might've had something to do with his fan base too. I don't know. Seems possible.
  5. NFL Teams by Twitter Followers 2016

    You know you can choose exactly who you follow? You aren't forced to follow Sally Starbucks and you could just follow all sports writers and reporters. Amazing place to get quick info, updates, and rumors.
  6. NFL Top 100 Players of 2016

    I think it'll be Jenkins (in 70/80s) and Fletcher Cox in (30/40/50s)
  7. NFL Teams by Twitter Followers 2016

    I think the Egales should make a slight rise with some North Dakota fans coming in. I don't know much about the LA fan base.
  8. as of May 4th, 2016. Clearly not an exact representation of the size of fan bases, but does give a decent idea of the relative size of each. To NFL teams... you want to grow your fan base? Win games and Superbowls. Front-runners come in herds. TIER 1: 1. Patriots- 2.4 M 2. Broncos- 1.72 M 3. Cowboys- 1.69 M 4. Panthers- 1.42 M 5. Seahawks- 1.29 M 6. Packers- 1.28 M 7. Steelers- 1.27 M 8. 49ers- 1.2 M 9. Eagles- 1.07 M 10. Giants- 1.03 M 11. Bears- 1.02 M TIER 2: 12. Jets- 928 K 13. Texans- 884 K 14. Saints- 855 K 15. Ravens- 775 K 16. Lions- 753 K 17. Redskins- 699 K 18. Falcons- 696 K 19. Raiders- 660 K 20. Vikings- 620 K 21. Browns- 617 K 22. Chiefs- 598 K 23. Dolphins- 593 K 24. Colts- 573 K 25. Chargers- 537 K 26. Bengals- 527 K 27. Bills- 523 K TIER: 3 28. Cardinals- 456 K 29. Buccaneers- 417 K 30. Titans- 393 K 31. Rams- 384 K 32. Jaguars- 322 K
  9. Analysis of the History of FCS Players in NFL

    Thanks to everyone for their contributions. Checks will be in the mail shortly.
  10. Analysis of the History of FCS Players in NFL

    Joke-------------------------> Your Head---->
  11. Analysis of the History of FCS Players in NFL

    That's one of the top FCS football programs.
  12. QB Steve McNair- Alcorn State (drafted 3rd overall, 1 SB appearance) Joe Flacco- Delaware (drafted 18th overall, 1 SB) Rich Gannon- Delaware (1 SB appearance, 1 MVP) Tony Romo- Eastern Illinois (horrible, two broken collarbones) Kurt Warner- Northern Iowa (3 SB appearances, 1 SB) Phil Simms- Morehead State (drafted 7th overall, 2 SBs) Doug Williams- Grambling State (drafted 17th overall, 1 SB) Ron Jaworski- Youngstown State (1 SB appearance) HB Walter Payton- Jackson State (greatest RB of all-time, IMO) Wilbert Montgomery- Abilene Christian Brian Westbrook- Villanova David Johnson- Northern Iowa (future fantasy football 1st/2nd rd pick) WR Jerry Rice- Mississippi Valley State (greatest WR of all-time, IMO) Terrell Owens- Chattanooga Harold Carmichael- Southern University Marques Colston- Hofstra Vincent Jackson- Northern Colorado Victor Cruz- UMass TE Julius Thomas- Portland State Eric Green- Liberty University OL Jahri Evans- Bloomsburg University (Actually D2 and not FCS) Jermon Bushrod- Towson (2x probowler) DL Robert Mathis- Alabama A&M Jared Allen- Idaho State Howie Long- Villanova LB London Fletcher- John Carroll University Jeremiah Trotter- Stephen F. Austin University DB Justin Bethel- Presbyterian University Cortland Finnegan- Samford Antoine Bethea- (3x probowler) Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie- Tennessee State K Adam Vinatieri- South Dakota State Dan Carpenter- University of Montana In conclusion: 1.There were 130 FCS players on NFL rosters last season. Some notable players include Rashad Jennings, Charcandrick West, Lardarius Webb, Rashean Mathis, Terron Armstead, Josh McKown, Will Tye, Larry Donnell, and Tre Mcbride. 2. There have been five FCS quarterbacks taken in the first round. Between the five, there are five Superbowl wins. And only one without a SB win. . . that was Steve McNair, a guy who was literally inches away from having one. 3. The greatest RB and WR of all-time both came from the FCS. Both were first round picks. Both were SB champions. 4. Yes, it is much MUCH harder to find talent in the FCS. But talent is there. So welcome to the Carson Wentz era of Philadelphia football. . . . . . . . . or the Jared Goff era and in that case this thread is completely pointless. Have a good day.