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  1. Jorts

    Nottingham's Big Board

    You might wanna make a list of 32 players
  2. Seriously this artard Luvva needs to just get his diaper changed then get banned.
  3. Were you expecting him to keep both feet in for the entire duration of the catch?
  4. They seem to be really upset over the Clement touchdown. I don't know....... you tell me.
  5. There was also a blatant hold on that 4th and 10 they converted.
  6. I'm pretty sure throwing for 29 TDs to 2 interceptions might've had something to do with his fan base too. I don't know. Seems possible.
  7. Jorts

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    You've been bashed enough, including by me. But good call on Derek Carr. Definitely needs to get through some growing pains but the Raiders got a good one.
  8. Jorts

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Don't you ever mention Aaron Rodgers' name in the same breath as the great Derek Carr again.
  9. Jorts

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    I would be baffled if rstarter is at least 18 years old.
  10. Cowboys executive: Jerry, Robert's looking to free the team of Hernandez's troubles. He's looking for a trading partner. Jerry Jones: Aaron Hernandez? I want him on my team! I don't care how! Give him a 1st and the 3rd! Cowboys executive: Sir. Hernandez is involved with some very serious allegations right now. Murder. Jerry Jones: OK. . . make it a 1st and a 5th!
  11. This year will be a true test for the Belichik/Brady duo. Practically no "made" WR's, outside of say Danny Amendola. Gronkowski, with the injury bug. Aaron Hernandez, cut. Interesting to see how this is all managed.