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  1. Mr Optimistic

    Sources: Antonio Brown not expected to play again this season

    Whether he has a mental illness or not. He is clearly an a-hole and nobody really feels bad for him, especially since he continues to post himself being an idiotic a-hole.
  2. Mr Optimistic

    Eagles vs Cowboys NFC East Division Race

    LMAOOO some of these are so good
  3. Mr Optimistic

    Mack Hollins - What Went Wrong?

    I bet the injury derailed him a lot. Whatever it was. I'm sure we will all find out how his career goes in Miami
  4. Mr Optimistic

    Week 14: Cowboys @ Bears

    December football I AM READY
  5. Lol, that punter got absolutely destroyed. The thing is, these refs should know to swallow their whistles at this point because of previous incidents that have already happened. If its a turnover or a touchdown the play will always be reviewed! This rule should be a foundational rule these guys have seared into their brains but they still blow plays dead and change the outcome of games.
  6. I didn't watch this game at all because who cares about the Titans or Buccaneers. But I did catch the redzone update of what happened. The Titans attempted a fake field goal (for whatever reason) with 3:40 left in the 4th when they were up 27-23. The kicker fumbles and the ball is immediately picked up and ran in home free for the defensive touchdown to take the lead. Exciting play! However, the a-hole officials blew the play dead at the spot of the fumble. This literally already happened earlier this year in the Saints/Rams game and played a big part in the outcome of the game. I hate the refs, even when they screw over teams I couldn't care less about. Just wanted to bring this to light if anyone missed it yesterday. I'm useless and I don't know how to link tweets so here is a link to the USA today article with video of what happened. I understand the Bucs probably still would have lost but I just want to expose the officiating of the NFL because they are ruining a great sport.
  7. Mr Optimistic

    Why are NFL refs this bad?

    Pretty much. It must be nice having no repercussions for blatantly Fing up while doing your job. Not to mention the ref's F ups have direct repercussions on other peoples jobs and money that is invested through sportsbook gambling. Even as a huge football fan that is a huge Eagles fan , I get pissed even when the Giants, Cowboys or Redskins get hosed on a call. I feel like the fact that the refs can continuously get away with blowing calls makes them think that they have more of a right to be the centerpiece of each game on Sunday. Its a fixable problem that the NFL is afraid to touch because they keep making things worse
  8. Mr Optimistic

    Why are NFL refs this bad?

    I wasn't able to watch the game but I saw the 2 illegal use of hands calls that were both on #90 Flowers. Huge phantom calls in crucial moments of the game lol. My hatred for the NFL refs has already reached its peak since way last season. At this point I'm at acceptance of what the refs are now, which is sad, because I hate them so Fing much and I love football. They are so bad this year, good god. I don't believe that the game is rigged. I think the rules that the league created are just horrible and the terrible inept 60+ year old men in zebra stripes don't know how to interpret them in real time. That being said, even if the rules were clear and obvious about what to call, these idiots still wouldn't be able to call a game correctly. Its going to be very interesting to see how they fair once playoffs come around. (We all know what happened last year) The entire nation will have their eyes on these games, and we all know they are going to colossally F some of these games up. Also, in the Cowboys Jets game, they called 6 penalties in a row on that final Cowboys drive...6, and most of them were obvious non calls because it was the final 2 mins of the game.
  9. Judging by peoples reaction to this thread there is definitely a rivalry. But so far no one is going to the game?? Listening to philly radio today, they were talking about the Minnesota fanbase. They still hate us. Apparently their sports radio station isn't letting Eagles fans on air lmao
  10. I've always gotten the impression that the Vikings fanbase hates the Eagles (especially our fanbase) ever since the NFC Championship game. We spoiled a great opportunity for them to have a home team advantage in the Super Bowl. Then laughed and rubbed it in their face for most of the year after. (Mostly via social media, I'm on twitter a lot) This is the first time the Eagles have been in Minnesota since the SB. If anyone is going to Minnesota for the game, please let us know and come back to this thread next week to fill us in on your experience. I'm very curious to see if Vikings fans are still very mad at our fanbase for being mean to them at the NFC Championship game and absolutely skull Fing their team of destiny out of the playoffs. If they still are, this is their chance to let it be known this Sunday.
  11. Mr Optimistic

    Why are NFL refs this bad?

    The NFL added rules that are just downright bad and illogical. The refs have been inept for years but adding rules that cant be properly enforced given the circumstances of the speed of the game/replay has only made a **** situation worse. Also for whatever terrible reason, the refs are calling holding waaaayyyyy more then usual this year. I'm sure we all heard of the saying "there's holding on every play". Well it looks like it is being taken literally now. I am also a firm believer that these refs cannot keep up with the game. These guys are way too old and when they started their referee career in the NFL the game was wildly different. They cant get used to the asinine rule changes and they cant keep up with the game. These league just wants to keep making bad decisions. People will still keep watching, but with the widespread of legalized sports betting...things could get hairy with so many games being taken over by officiating every Sunday.
  12. Say what you want about kids movies and super hero movies being corny. The first Iron Man came out in 2008. This movie was the culmination of 21 movies that came after that. People literally grew up watching these movies. What Shady did was one of the most inconsiderate things I've ever seen. How would you older guys like it if some D spoiled the Sopranos or Game of Thrones for you. Or what happens at the end of 60 Minutes (idk what old people watch)