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  1. He can say the Eagles were clearly the better team we have some work to do to compete
  2. Be honest his team is not on the same level week The Eagles have much better front office much better coaching staff lets break it down the Eagles 1. QB Eagles Wentz is a much better QB than Prescott and I would also take Foles over Prescott everyone says Prescott had a historic 1st year well everyone forgot about Foles 1st year 27 TDs to 2 Ints 7 TDs thrown against the Raiders which was a record Pro Bowl MVP and now SB MVP 2. RB Cowboys The Cowboys have one of the best RB in the game 3.OL Eagles The Eagles might have slight edge in the starting Dept RT Eagles RG Cowboys C Even LG Eagles LT Even Depth Eagles 4. TE Eagles Eagles a top 3 TE in the game Gronk is the best and Kelce and Ertz are on the same level you can say 2 and 2a 5. WR Eagles Jeffries Wallace and Agholor are head and shoulders better the Cowboys top 3 6. DL Eagles The Eagles have much better DT and rotatiopn 7. LB Eagles The Eagles have 3 very good starters and not much behind them the Cowboys have a very good MLB and lost there best OLB to free agency 8.CB Eagles They have good starting rotation with pretty good depth behind Them I would take Darby Jones Mills and Douglass over Dallas young corners in a heart beat 9. S Eagles Jenkins is the heart and soul of the defense Cowboys lost there best S to Washington 10. K Eagles 11. P Cowboys Cowboys have proven starter Eagles punter retired
  3. Rams gonna be tough...

    yes of course no knock on Goff I just think that Wentz will be the better QB in there careers baring injury of course
  4. I glad RG III got another chance he talented he is not running threat like he used to be. This is another slap in the face to Kapernick he could help out the Bills Cardinals Jets Vikings Browns Jags Broncos they are just some of teams that don't have a starter that is as good as he is. I think Buffalo Broncos and Jags would be great spots for him. They are a player or 2 away from going deep in to the playoffs the Jags might even get there with him. I would love to see Philly sign if they do trade Foles in the Spring
  5. Gronk On The Trade Block??

    He would be the perfect Eagle
  6. Giants asked for 2 first round picks for OBJ

    I could see the Patriots now trying to land him in place of Cooks he is a much better WR other than Brown the best in the game
  7. Rams gonna be tough...

    Eagles got the better QB hands down the Rams could be really special with Wentz
  8. Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    I thought Brees was going to be good QB coming Perdue he was great college QB and did get picked at the top of the 2nd round
  9. Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    No not even close Brees has been a Hall of Fame QB he is clutch when the game is on the line like a Brady I don't see that in Cousins I think Nick Foles is better QB than Cousins
  10. Report: Jonathan Martin taken into custody

    I can't understand how someone that was fortunate enough to have a job that only the most gifted athletes can only get become bullied or even let the past effect him like it does. He probably was the most successful kid in his graduating class and biggest how could he even let kids push him around or even realize that he bettered himself and just to move on. I know he got hazed in Miami by his teammates but he could have just dealt with it and moved on. He had a lot going for him and he could have took advantage of it not fold like a cheap suit. He could have gotten mental help if it was that bad before doing what he did
  11. Where do you think Kirk Cousins will land?

    That would be a nice package for him if I were the Bills, Denver or Jacksonville I would go after Foles hard he is proven QB at this point he played the best game of his life in the most important game in his life. You can't say that about to many QB's nd his playoff stats are through the roof. He did loose against N.O but he put the Eagles in a position to win that game he should be 4-0 in the playoffs not 3-1 when it comes down to it that is what you want in your QB
  12. The 2019 and/or 2020 NFL Draft will be hosted by ...

    The NFL sucks thats why who the hell wants it in Canton or Denver
  13. Nottingham's Big Board

    I think they have a very good OG in Collins they need a RT
  14. Where do you think Kirk Cousins will land?

    I think Alex Smith is better than Cousins the Redskins made the right move
  15. Where do you think Kirk Cousins will land?

    Foles is the better QB he should have been a late 1st round pick that year injuries and a bunch of QB's knocked his stock down. He is the Superbowl MVP he had a great year in 2013 I don't think Cousins has what it takes not only to get to the Superbowl but to win it