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  1. I'am very happy with what the Eagles did in the draft this year. They went out and got players that were very productive in college and should translate to the NFL. I was never a big fan of the combine because a guy that was projected to go in the 3rd or 4th round can be drafted in the 1st round with a really good combine AKA Jon Harris. I really did not expect the Eagles to draft Barnett I thought he would be drafted in the top 7 or 8 picks and he slid right into there lap because of all the QB's going very early. I loved the pick when they drafted him I thought he was the 2nd best D Lineman coming out of the draft and thought he and Jones were the top 10 best players coming out of the draft. I think Douglas was picked in the 3rd round because of his lack of experience because he was a starter for 1 year and led the nation in INTs he has very good instincts size and athletic ability that should make make him and Jones a very good tandem for years to come and CJ Smith will make a nice nickel/ swing corner I think he has what it takes to make it. Pumphrey broke the NCAA rushing record reguardless of size this kid has talent speed and great hands to be a dual threat might even have a better career than Sproles Gerry was very reliable and productive safety at Nebraska and should be a pretty good linebacker because of his coverage skills instincts and he is sure tackler with speed he ran a 4.5 at the combine. Hollins is a very good ST player and showed to be a pretty good receiver that has size can be physical as he stiff armed his way into the endzone last night. I think they hit a homerun this year and only time will tell lets hope that Joe Douglas stays with the team for a while
  2. greatest DE of all time

    Deacon best year was 22 sacks Wild Willy DE Philadelphia Eagles had 19 sacks in 1 game that is fact against the Giants 1985 it Deacon 14 games to reach that number No Wild Willy DE Eagles anyone that can sack a QB 19 times in one game is the king of pass rushers . He had 19 sacks in one game against the Giants in 1956 how many guys did that in a 16 game season. This man revolutionized the position everyone else followed
  3. greatest DE of all time

    No Wild Willy DE Eagles anyone that can sack a QB 19 times in one game is the king of pass rushers . He had 19 sacks in one game against the Giants in 1956 how many guys did that in a 16 game season. This man revolutionized the position everyone else followed
  4. Carson Wentz or Marcus Mariota?

    He played very smart football and he did not have to rely so much on himself like Wentz had to think about coming into situation were up against the best players in the world and you have no running game a good tight end a good receiver and offensive line that had there best O lineman out for 10 games injuries and inconsistant play numbers don't lie with Johnson in the line up they went 5-1 with him out the 2-8 that's not a coincedence that's how good he is and it's hard to find lineman that make that much of impact
  5. I agree the Vet was hell for any opposing team and even Franklin field before that
  6. Carson Wentz or Marcus Mariota?

    The guy that was the best draft pick last year and should have won ROY hands down was Elliott he was the Cowboys best and most exciting player He played a huge part in not only Daks success but the teams success he was that good and without him I don't think the Cowboys win more than 8 games he took a lot of pressure off that offense teams designed there game plan to stop him and if Romo was the QB he would a great year and he might have ran the table for the Cowboys with home field advantage That is how much of an impact he made That was one big reason I wanted the Eagles to draft Cooks he might not be as good but he is the closest thing and would have really helped Wentz developement
  7. Carson Wentz or Marcus Mariota?

    If Dak would have played with the Eagles WRs and running backs he wouldn't even be half as good you got to have a very good supporting cast to succeed and Wentz did very good for what he had
  8. Carson Wentz or Marcus Mariota?

    Look at the talent around Dak Wentz had so many drops from WRs no running game and still went 7-9 and Rodgers was very impressed by Wentz
  9. greatest DE of all time

    Deacon played in a different era he can head slap an O lineman and get away with advantages that became major penalties and ejections during White career
  10. greatest DE of all time

    The only reason why I have Reggie White over Deacon because Deacon played entirely under different rules. He actually can put a plaster cast on his arm and head slap OTs and get away with a lot of different things that would not only penalize a player but eject him. White was a special once in a lifetime talent like an LT you have seen that caliber of player since
  11. Carson Wentz or Marcus Mariota?

    I don i don't Foles is more talented he had a great year just like Prescott and he did nothing after that year. I think Prescott will come down to earth and not put up the numbers he did last year
  12. Carson Wentz or Marcus Mariota?

    Everybody annoints him as a QB its one year with great supporting cast and look back on Foles 1st year as a starter he actually had better numbers and he became a back up. I think has bigger ceiling and more talent than Dak
  13. Carson Wentz or Marcus Mariota?

    I agree I like Winston also
  14. Carson Wentz or Marcus Mariota?

    I read that one very respected GM said that all the QBs that were drafted in the last 3 years he thinks that Mariota and Wentz are the 2 QBs that have all the tools to win the Superbowl. I love the intangibles of both QBs plus there athletsism they could be the top QBs down the road.I think Mariota has a lot of young talent around him for years to come
  15. He isn;t stupid the Cowgirls are for drafting him and he is still on the team made lots of money smoking weed