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  1. Let me clarify the above statement. The garbage I’m referring to are the problems the league has caused not your above post. Haha
  2. Even with all this garbage you just posted I’m not sure Jones wants Goodell fired. That would be a hard thing to do with the other owners. I think just slowing down the process and stripping away some of his power will cause Goodell great heartache.
  3. I never said it didn’t have anything to do with it. All I’m saying is as an owner he is concerned about the way leadership has handled these issues. Sure like I said above several times I’m sure he’s pissed and this may have morivated him but he’s a buisness minded owner that also realizes something has to be done to address these problems. I have called out Jones so many time on this site and others but I can tell you something has to be done. The NFL has to clean up its problems and who else is going to do it? As a buisness owner for over 20 years its like my child that I watch over and protect every day. If Goodell did tell Jones that Zeke would not be suspended as his own female investigator recommended. Then that affects his buisness and I understand his anger.
  4. He may have but you and I don’t know that for sure. Did Goodell tell Jones earlier that they would not suspend Zeke? What if he did then you can understand his anger. But Jones has not said he wants Goodell fired would you agree? I believe he is angry about the suspension and felt like Goodell lied to him. But with the problem the league has caused, he should be concerned as a owner. He’s asking them to slow down and have all the owners look over the deal they offer Goodell. What’s wrong with that? Just because he owner a team that you hate blinds your common sense?
  5. I think your wrong and anything reported in the media is not to be trusted as we have seen this last month. Jerry is mad no doubt but this is a business move and he is a business man. The league has mishandled just able every issue the league has faced. So why are they so driven to get Goodells contract extended done when they have so much time left. If the league was rolling and no issues then I can understand. But they have a mess on their hands and Jerry is worried that the league will continue to suffer under its current leadership. Aurth Blank and these other owners are not use to being told what to do and Jones has faced them several time in the past and has made the right decision that the league and owner have benefited from like the dealer with Fox Sports that took them from rich to super rich. As a life long Cowboys fan I don’t like Jones as a GM but as a owner he has the ability to see things that some other very smart team owners just don’t see.
  6. This is a good video and I believe what he is saying is true.
  7. I don’t understand what your saying with your replies? So you hate Jerry Jones just because he owns the team that is your rival? Wow I Love my team but I don’t hate any other team or their owners. Even though you believe in some of what he is trying to do. You may not like the way he is going about it but you said you thought he was right in some areas. So you want him to back down and give Goodell what he wants. Man were’s The courage to fight for what is right. The league is a mess right now and you aren’t even watching as much you stated. I believe Jerry Jones sees this as problem that will continue to grow and become even more serious then we have today. The leadership in the NFL has been a big disappointment and most on this site agree. But they are so blinded with hate, they are fine to watch the league continue to go down this path of distruction then give Jerry any props for having the guts for trying to improve this issue.
  8. The anthem issue really took off this season though. I have no doubt that the way Goodell handled Zeke’s appeal process really helped caused Jerry to challenge his extension. This is more about business though and the way the league has acting under his leadership that has caused a lot of the PR problems we are seeing now. You have stated you aren’t watching as much football as you did before. This is a serious problem that has to be corrected. Goodell has to take some responsibility for these issues and giving him his wish list or close to it is not good business.
  9. Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    Well it’s not just Zeke it’s 3 or 4 of our best players could be gone this week. When any team looses that kind of talent then they will be just a shell of themselves. Philly has been lucky with very few injuries so far but one tough game could end a season. I don’t say that in hope that someone gets injured, I don’t want any player to get hurt. I never want to play a team with injuries to some of their best players because it doesn’t give me a good gauge to where my team is at that point in the season.
  10. I do agree with some of what you posted. I would like to see him handle this in the house of the NFL behind close doors but leaks happen all the time everywhere. Our government is the worst of all. I do agree with what he is trying to do based on what we read in the media which is only true less then half the time. I do temember the 70 & 80’s with Tom and Tex. I was not a great move by Jerry but I believe he thought it had to be done. The team was loading over a million a month and Jones didn’t have a rash on money either. As far brand your right the Cowboys were called America’s team back then and had always stuck with them. I was referring more to the rebuilding that took place with the name and face of the Cowboys. I didn’t like Jerry when he took over and most cowboy fans didn’t either. I do appreciate him more now that I see what he does for so many people and the community. But also the way he was grown the league and made them a multi billion dollar business. You have to hand it to him that he has the guts to take some very risky chances and they have mostly paid off for him and the league. It hasn’t been but the last 3 or 4 years that his company is the richest in all of the sports world even though they haven’t Won a SB in many years. A report just came out that he has more then half of the owners wanting to slow down on Goodells contract extension. Prople refer back to May when they all agreed to extend his contract, but remeber the anthem and some of these other issues weren’t even on the table at that point. Everyone can agree that he has not done a very good job on a PR stance or the handling of some of the other player issues as well. They have lost fans that have decided to follow collage football and if it continues they may start to loose sponsors as well. So why are some of the other owners in such a rush to get him extended?? I believe that’s all Jerry is trying do. If that’s the case then he is trying to protecting the league and his team.
  11. Ha those days are over buddy unless you marry a girl from a country where they have no value.
  12. I keep hearing people say that JJ wants Goodell fired. I don’t believe that at all, he wants all the owners to approve the final deal with Goodell but to make it insentive driven compared to guaranteed money. Why shouldn’t it be that way?? He may be mad with the way Zeke was handled but it’s much more then that for him and the league. They should remember what he had done to make all the owner more profitable. Stephen’s post above is correct with the way he structured the TV deals and such. Some on here thinks he is crazy old man but keep in mind he’s a self made billionaire that has built the brand of the Dallas Cowboys but also the NFL to be were it is today.
  13. Dallas needs to upgrade their backups on OL and running back, as well as LB. The starters are set but when Smith or any of the top three go down we can't plug that hole. Smith's back should be a concern as he has missed games over the last few years. Dak is very good QB and if Wentz was in there against the Falcons then he would have not been any better. You put any QB in that type of pressure he won't be successful. I have never seen a player dominate a tackle that way and probably never will again.
  14. Is the Cowboys defense good?

    Our Defense is not very good and last weeks loss shows. I believe Lee is a great player when he is heathy and at his best, but he has not been able to stay heathy for more then a year or so. I blame Garrett for letting Dak take the beating he took. I mean he could have easily been injured in that game and Garrett just stood and watched it happen. I also thought that Green was a better player then that and I would have cut him before he got on the plane ride home. I understand that if any team looses 4-5 of their best players they are going to suffer but I thought we would be able to compete at the very least. Last year Dallas was pretty heathy for the most part and it showed what we are capable of, but with Lee out for a few weeks then we have little chance of being competitive.
  15. Cowgirls Got Smoked!

    Go ahead and gloat we deserve it. That was the worst offensive line play I have seen in years. Green should be cut today. Not sure how long Smith or Lee will be out but it’s not good without these guys. Dak was pounded all night long and it was an embarrassment. I blame coaches as well as the team for this loss.