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  1. Yea he played really well but a top 10 QB will play at that level year in and year out. I don't think he will drop off much as he has really worked on becoming better this off season. He could actually play better but with our defense and schedule they will be hard pressed to win 10-11 games.
  2. Your right, he has what could be the best RB is Zeke, the top three there OL, and good but not great receivers. Wentz didn't have that last year and the games I saw his receivers dropped a lot of passes. Jaws has stated that Dak is top 10 QB right now but how can that be after 1 year?
  3. Dak is not an elite QB and how could he be after John st one year. Maybe someday Wentz or Dak will be elite but the odds are against us both. Most 1st round QB's don't pan out and just about all of the QB's in the late rounds don't pan out either. So both our teams are not set at QB for the next 10-13 years. It's just simply to early to tell.
  4. I'm not referring to Wentz or the Eagles in the my post. I like Wentz. Yes he did not have a good WR group, the OLine was better then what is being talked about on here. Dak is being punished because he's a late round pick and plays for a team that has been good at drafting and putting talent in the right places for the offense. Nothing he can do could change some of your minds because he was a 4th round pick. The Defense may still be a disaster this year in Dallas.
  5. That's because your an Eagle fan. Dak took Dallas to a 13-3 record in his rookie season. Go back and watch the Greenbay Dallas playoff game. Dak went head to head with Rodgers from a deficit of three scores with a defense that had no pass rush and a pretty bad secondary.
  6. Your right time will tell..if Dak turns out feign a dud and Wentz succeeds then it would have been a good trade to make for the Cowboys. Real franchise QB's are hard to find so if your drafting one that you think may work out then you have to take the chance. Brady and Rodgers are almost impossible to hit as there have only been a few in the history of the NFL so chance are almost 0 that Wentz or Dak ever get to that level but you don't have to have that level of QB to win super bowls.
  7. Well as it turned out Dak outplayed Wentz in his 1st year so why would they trade up a ton of picks for Wentz when they could get Dak and Zeke. Keep in mind that Dak is got to be one of the lowest paid QB's in the league. That big time cap help even after paying Romo for two years. Knowing what we know now do you think if the Eagles were in that position that they would make the trade for Wentz or take Zeke and pickup Dak in the later rounds. It's a no brainer right now.
  8. If Dallas wanted him bad enough they could have traded up two spots to get him but with Stephen Jones running things they don't chase big name FA's anymore and are a much better drafting team now. Dak is their QB of the future and they got him in the 4th for cheap money. Romo had no buisness playing anymore so Dallas needed a QB last year.
  9. Dallas may have taken him if he would have been there at 4 but but what Zeke has shown he was the right pick for Dallas. They got Dak in the 4th round so maybe the best of both worlds. They liked Wentz and have said that a few times but they didn't know what they had in Dak no one knew he would play this good. Mariota has played pretty well so far but in a few years we will know.
  10. Were Eagles going after him pretty hard? Why they have like 20 receivers on their roster? All the top FA's brought in are on 1 year deals I believe.
  11. Teams are businesses and they expect there players to act as pros. You can't blame a franchise when a player decides to drive drunk early in the morning hours. Jason Garrett isn't the kind of coach that takes that stuff lightly. I'm sure he was not happy about having to put up with Greg Hardy either. I don't believe JJ or Stephen Jones is content when their players get suspended for bad choices either.
  12. Good looking dogs and protective of their family I'm guessing.
  13. I remember that, a lot of Cowboy fans including me were not happy with signing Hardy either. It happens all the time in all sports.
  14. He was coming out of prison. If Dallas had done that you guys would be all over them for taking him. All teams have guys that make bad choices. Dallas has programs setup to drive any player or staff who is coming from a party and have been drinking. The guy is an idiot for driving while drinking and that's the facts.
  15. He was!