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  1. Go ahead and live it up your team won the SB and btw that is all that counts anymore not national championships. So you have one SB now so congrats. You have a good and maybe even great coach but your owner is a week link in the league. Dallad has its issues just like every other team but I wouldn’t trade owners with you.
  2. From what I heard, they only had 20,000 seats available and by the last day, even those 20,000 were sparsely filled. Why they only opened up 20,000 when it was a free event is puzzling. It's not like anyone would complain that they had 'bad seats' when it was free tobegin with. The NFL told them that they only wanted 20,000 seats inside. The league seams to run the draft and determines the rules.
  3. NE Jon, Why even post this? What difference does it make? It sounds like you are always competing and comparing with Dallas? You have a SB and it was great for Eagles fan so congrats but act like you have been there before even though you haven’t.
  4. gch

    Draft Day Coming Up!

    Payne just went to Washington, a little early at the 13th pick maybe?
  5. What do you expect an owner or coach to say when ask that question? Dallas was 13-3 year before last and Philly looked somewhat lost. Dallas lost the Greenbay game in the playoffs with a sub par defense. Philly’s D should get half the credit for their SB win. You guys had a great year all the way around and everything just clicked even with the big injuries. The think Dallas lost to much of their talent last year and thought they had enough depth but it wasn’t even close. I hope they learned a valuable lesson but time will tell. As for coaching I remember most fans were pretty upset with Doug was hired but turns out to be a really good coach and could be a great coach. Garrett just can’t seam to put together a season where he goes 12 or 13 wins but falls apart in the playoffs. I think he needs to go and this could be his last year unless he does something special.
  6. This is how billionaire play with their money. They all have huge egos and are use to getting their ways.
  7. gch

    Eagles are Super bowl champs.

    That’s an interesting fact. It doesn’t matter you guys played with heart and I haven’t seen a team play like that in a while. Watching the final game against Dallas I thought you guys were done as Foles couldn’t do anything but what a difference 2 weeks made.
  8. It was hard watching hard watching you guys win the Super Bowl as a life long Cowboys fan. But in the way your team won was inspiring. It’s almost like it was meant to be. The way the team handled adversity losing Wentz, Peters and other starters was very impressive. Coaching staff deserves a ton of credit as well as Lurie putting the team together after just a few years of the Kelly debacle. Congrates to all of you for a great season. G
  9. Well Dez had a great end of the year in 2016 when he returned from injury. Never playing with Dak before they had a few really good games. I think the problem is the OC and Garrett. This offense was clicking last year and all of a sudden this year they don’t even try to throw deep. The OL had problems most of the year as well which didn’t help either. Philly has a had a great year though and are playing much better then I thought they would after loosing Wentz and Peters. I’m rooting for NE the first time ever but I could see Philly winning their first super bowl ever. It should be a great game.
  10. gch

    AFC Championship: Jaguars @ Patriots.

    I’m not so sure Eagles want to play Jags if they both make it.
  11. gch

    Dallas 2018 opponents.

    Well you could be right about Dallas they don’t look to impressive this year. But you can’t say that because the league changes every year with teams going up and down. The only teams that are consistant are Pats and Steelers but they don’t have much in their divisions. Teams can turn the season around in one year where it use to take 3-4 years. Dallas has some challenges and questions to answer but last year they where looking great just like Philly this year so your team will face that sooner or later.
  12. Dez is not a #1 and hasn’t been for the last several years. Romo and Dez player well together but Dak just seams to get tired of his attitude. I believe it’s time for Dez to walk. This game showed weakness is several areas. Coaching has to change. I do believe Garrett will stay even though I believe he needs to go. Only 2 playoff seasons in 7 years so far is not a success for any coach. We need to rebuild our WR Corp. I’m fine with A few guys but if Dez wouldn’t agree to a pay cut then I would cut ties with him. Our OL needs depth and drafting seams to be the area that would serve us best. LB is an area that needs more depth as well. Dak didn’t have a good game and needs to play better. I don’t have a problem with the way he handled Dez in the interview. I thought it was refreshing to see someone call out Dez because the coaching staff certainly doesn’t. The NFL changes every year and any team other then the Browns can go from a loosing season to the playoffs the next year.
  13. gch

    Week 15: Cowboys @ Raiders

    Eagles D hasn’t played well the last few weeks. 2nd worst team in the league put up a lot of points on that Defense. Eagles have played very good all season long and every year around this time the teams that are hot to early don’t seam to finish well. Dallas is a long shot to make the playoffs but if they do they can win it as easily as anyone else.
  14. gch

    Week 15: Cowboys @ Raiders

    When the playoffs starts it 0-0. Any team can win and Dallas is getting healthy finally and having Zeke back is a huge boost. If they get hot and win out and by some miracle they get in then some teams won’t want to play them. I never like playing a divisional team in the play-offs.
  15. gch

    Fumbling in the Endzone

    I have no problem with this rule. If your on Offense and in the red zone you have to take care of the ball. My Cowboys got very lucky with that win last night but some of them do require luck. Better lucky then good some might say.