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  1. gch

    Eli Manning

    I’m am not a Giants fan as most of you know but consider that Eli has been called the Iron man of the NFL. Since 2004 or 05 forget which year he came out he has missed 0 games and think about how many times he has been sacked and hit in recent years. Say what you want but he’s more durable then Wentz and just about every QB in the NFL. He also has two MVP Super Bowl trophies. He is aging just like all QB’s will do, but he does deserve respect for all NFL fans. I always loves Payton as most fans do but Eli has better a playoff record and he beat the best Patriots teams twice.
  2. gch


    Max’s at 1:00 am? I can do that. I’ll let you know when I’m coming that way.
  3. gch


    Not sure but it’s on my list. My wife was there working last month but I couldn’t make it.
  4. gch


    I still haven’t had a true authentic Philly Cheesesteak sandwich yet. When I get to Philly that will be my first stop.
  5. gch


    Oh you thought I was offended? No I just thought I’d was a stupid comment. And since you have traveled all over the world serving others I’m even more surprised by that comment. That being said thank you for your service. I know fans post these comments because of a hatered for other teams. I use to be that way but through the years I have learned that it’s only a game.
  6. gch


    It wasn’t my car we were with another couple driving from Radford to Dale City. It was in the early 90 with no cell phones or coverage at that time. Yes there are areas around Texas that are remote and unfriendly I’m sure. Texas isn’t for everyone.
  7. gch


    Oh yea your funny, you should come for a visit. Most east coast people think all we have is tumble weeds and cattle. My wife and I were traveling in Virginia and the timing belt broke. We walked for 5 miles to closest gas station. About 100 Cars drive by and not one stopped to see if we needed help. That would not happen in Texas. You can’t understand so I won’t waist my time arguing with you. Have a great day!
  8. gch


    Are you ok? Why would you make a comment like that. You have never been to Texas I take it. We don’t act kindly to comments like this.
  9. gch


    It seams like either Garrett is being setup for failure or he thinks they can win with the WR’s they have in camp. Dak can make plays and win games he has shown that as long as his OL is healthy or the depth is better then last year. If they don’t make the playoffs then it time to fire Garrettand his staff. Last year Eagle fans didn’t think they would win it all so you never know.
  10. gch


    I’ve been a fan for 51 years. Sorry for the typo.
  11. gch


    Funny because I’m a life long Cowboys game and I don’t really hate any other teams. Being a life long Cowboys fan is something that any other fan can can’t understand. Your part of something that has an amazing history. They have fans all over the world. It’s more then just a brotherhood. Go ahead and trash me and I don’t care because you can not possibly understand. Sometimes it hurts so bad when your team looses and your right we have lost way to much for way to long. Congrats to Philly and all the loyal fans for a great season. You may have an elite QB and coach on your hands and that is a great thing to have. I’m out.
  12. I think back in my 20’s and even 30’s that it really wasn’t that important to me who won or lost. But these days our climate with social media and 24/7 news cycles that drives us more now then ever before. Politicians are some of the most curupt people on the planet and it’s on both sides. I do believe that most newly elected politicians have a good heart and want to serve their country. But it doesn’t take long before they realize just how toxic Washington really is? I believe Bush said that if you want a friend in Washington get a dog.
  13. Your right there were some idiots that are racist and couldn’t stand a black president. Those people are full of hate and are scattered around the country and they will never change. But what you didn’t see is all these people in the streets through out our country hating a person that was just elected by the people. It’s still going on in the media and social networks. CNN, MSNBC and other main stream media hate him and will never give him credit for anything positive. Fox did the same when Obama was in office and that is why we are in this politic toxic climate today. Media sources drive this stuff 24-7. My point was the Dems seam to protest a lot more then Rebs.
  14. Well said and it’s true. He doesn’t answer to anyone. That is what drive the politicians crazy on both sides. Dems still can’t believe he won and the funniest thing is when they had to bring in dogs to cry rooms in the universities. How soft and fragile are these college kids? How and they going to deal with the failures in every day life? You didn’t see Rebs in cry rooms when Obama was elevated. They just put there boots on and went to work. To me personally my hope comes from my Lord and Savior and not politicians.
  15. I’ll take Trump and his lies over Obama and the Democrats who do nothing. Trump gets things done. He is not a politician and doesn’t act like one. But he is getting things done with the Liberals sit and complain.