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  1. He does look heavier but he tweeted his weight showing 230. Less then 5 pounds from his combine weight.
  2. gch

    Seahawks and Wilson agree to mega contract

    Yep good call. Wentz may be the next Brady or 17 could have been the best year of his career. Staying Health is the key for Wentz.
  3. No one is angry here. Would I have a tattoo of myself on my leg? No in fact I don’t have a tattoo. Is it strange, yea it is but in today’s world not much nothing surprises me anymore.
  4. gch

    Seahawks and Wilson agree to mega contract

    So does Jarod Goff get more less then Wentz?
  5. Really who the he!! cares what tat ‘s NFL players have on their legs? Why are you looking at a man’s leg?
  6. gch

    Seahawks and Wilson agree to mega contract

    I bet Wentz will get a blockbuster contract similar to Wilson. I hope he becomes the highest paid QB in football
  7. Your right without a deep playoff run or SB appearance it will be a loss. They are the youngest at least last year in the league. They have talent across the board on D and O. Garrett has to take the next step with this team or he needs to go and the Jones feel that way it seams. They did get rid of Scott L when Garrett wanted to keep him to I believe he is on a short leash. Dak I believe will be fine if the team can stay healthy. I you go back to the last 3 years when he was drafted he has more wins then anyone except Brady. He has two pro bowl appearances in three years. He plays his best in pressure situations. He makes stupid throws at times but every QB does that. And most important is he has been so durable and tough. His leadership may be his best trait, and the teams loves him and believes in him. Stephen Jones has turned this team into a fiscally conservative front office and are able to keep the players they want as they build through the draft. Lots to be excited about for the next few years.
  8. Cowboys schedule is brutal. If they make the playoffs then they will be a threat to any team. Dallas has been one of the best drafting teams in the last 5-6 years. They have a lot of young talent. They should get better going forward.
  9. I can understand that thought.
  10. I think WR leans towards Dallas. With Cooper and the other young receivers I think we should be better this year. TE is definitely Philly. I agree on the rest of them. The think about Dak is that he just knows how to win games. He stays healthy even taking the hits on sacks and rushes. If it’s OT or late 4th quarter and you have to win now I would take Dak over Wentz.
  11. How did they have a better play off showing? Both went out in the 2nd round. Foles did his stuff again. Wentz was not playing well towards the end of the season. He was still having problems with health if I recall.
  12. I think both teams are close and are designed to to compete against each other. I agree with most of what has been said above. These two know each other very well from players and coaches. Garrett is not as good as Doug simply because Doug has a SB win. The players do like Garrett and he does get them to play for him. As for QB’s, Wentz is a better passer and over all QB then Dak no doubt. Dak though is a better leader and is just so clutch when the game is on the line. I haven’t seen a ton of Eagle games where I live but doesn’t seam as though Wentz has that many 4th quarter wins? Maybe it’s because he hasn’t had the opportunity I don’t know the stats. It will be entertaining watching these teams battle for the next 5-10 years or so.
  13. Giant and Washington are in a tough spot but to be honest we have all been there before. Thankfully Dallas is in a pretty good spot and Eagles are in a better spot since winning the SB in 2017. Enjoy the team when it’s winning because unless your the Pats it usually doesn’t last long.
  14. Because we do have more, a lot more. That being said Eagles have had more success then cowboys for quite a while. Who knows what the future holds for our two teams but it looks to be tight between us for some years to come. With the two teams at this stage both GM’s have done a good job with quality players. Eagles are an older team with less cap space for now anyway and Dallas has a very young team with money but will be spending it trying to keep their best players signed. Pro’s and cons for each team but they should be pretty good this year as long as they stay healthy.
  15. gch


    The problem with bringing Witten back as a Cowboys fan is will it set back these new TE’s the Cowboys have drafted? I hope he is a locker room guy and plays a limited role. I believe he has such a love for the game that he wanted to play another year or two. I don’t think he cares about records. He’ll be in the hall of fame at some point I believe. I’m just not sure why they brought him back?? JJ is a loyal guy to the players he loves but that is also a weekness.