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  1. gch

    Amari to resign in Dallas

    Yea ok whatever lol this is a joke. I guess they will just fold up shop and shut down the team.
  2. gch

    Amari to resign in Dallas

    Hey he isn’t Wentz and Wentz isn’t Dak. Wentz is just so fragile and has a deep injury history. I said Dak is a step behind Wentz but Dak has him beat on head to head wins and overall wins. Give me QB that will be on the field game after game then a QB that just can’t stay healthy. You guys use to kill Romo and Lee for being injury prone. as far as Cap space Dallas does have a very good WR and RB. Eagles have Sanders and if he continues to his pace you will be paying him big bucks as well. If you have an elite WR you will be paying him as well. Dallas having a QB, WR, and RB is not a weakness like you would suggest. It’s good drafting.
  3. gch

    Amari to resign in Dallas

    Dallas has been very good with their cap space over the last 6-8 years since Stephen Jones took over. They are in better shape then you guys. They will sign Dak at some point. I know you guys hate Dallas and they hate you. Dak has his faults but he is just a step or two behind Wentz in talent but can stay healthy and most would say is a better leader. We are loosing Fredrick which is sad and will hurt as well as Cobb and a few other looses but that is how we manage our cap space.
  4. gch

    Travis Frederick Retires

    He will be missed for his play on the field and his leadership off the field. I hope is ok and certainly wish him nothing but the best. This will be a big loss for our OL.
  5. gch


    Yea but he doesn’t have an injury history.
  6. Yep right now he is I believe. We’ll see if he wants to stay. My problem is he disappears at times during the game. Last game he was on the bench at time when needed.
  7. gch

    Byron Jones to Dolphins

    I have alway thought Jones was overrated. Can’t get a pick to save his life so Miami can have him. As for Cooper it would be nice to keep him but it’s a strong WR draft so we’ll see what happens. Dak just wants to much money and seams Jones won’t break the bank for him at least right now. Seams they are serious about staying out of cap problems. At least football is interesting right now. What was Houston thinking today??
  8. Yep Dallas got what they deserved. When you play like they did 3/4 of the season your not going to make it. I give Eagles credit for winning to get into the playoffs, Dallas did it last year.
  9. gch

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    That’s a good point. I kind of like the idea of a younger coach a little less known having a shot with this team. It’s not your usual coaching gig with the Jones family involved so much. I remember when Doug was hired and all the backlash the FO took but it’s worked out great so far for the Eagles. Funny think is that when Chip was hired everyone was on cloud nine and that he would rule the league for years to come. You just never know!
  10. gch

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    I was but decided to take a peak. oh it’s just a game and doesn’t effect me or my family in anyway but it still suxs. Now I can root for whoever the Eagles play. With a lot less stress.
  11. gch

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    Kris Richard didn’t seam to do much for our Defense. That has been our weakness other then special teams. I have heard this evening that Jason Garrett has been either fires or he will be gone as his contract expires. Dallas has a lot of things to work out with free agents and coaching changes. I’m my opinion Jason needed to go. He has had a lot of chances to move this team deep in the playoffs and has failed. We have talent but they just couldn’t get their act together this year. As a Cowboys life long fan it hurts but they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs and the Eagles do.
  12. Well regardless of which is better Dak or Wentz. This year has shown that either are a top 10 QB in the league. This year was suppose to be the year that Wentz was MVP and Dak was a legit franchise QB so he could get his pay day. Well Dak may get his payday but he doesn’t deserve top QB money. Just as Wentz doesn’t deserve his top QB salary. Eagle should be heading to the playoffs but if they lose to Giants which they could based on what we have seen this season it would be a surprise to many. Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe New Year!
  13. Congrats to the Eagles! They beat us in every phase of the game. They were ready and Dallas wasn’t. Same old story with this team all year long. Wentz looked much better then Dak this time around. He outplayed Dak hands down. I have no idea if Dak’s shoulder injury played a part but it doesn’t matter. He has not played well the 2nd half of the season. yep Dallas suxs!
  14. Lol sometimes I go back read what I posted and it doesn’t make sense. I’ll put more thought into it next time.
  15. Your right it makes no sense. All off season it was how good the Eagles would be this year with a health Wentz getting back to his MVP form from 2017. The national media and of course this message board Is all we heard about this team and all their talent. Eagles were Super Bowl picks by many in the beginning of 2018 and 2019 seasons. That is what I was talking about.