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  1. Week 5: Vikings @ Bears

    Trubisky with a Cousins level pick.
  2. Week 5: Vikings @ Bears

    Great fake there. Bears have their QB situation sorted out with O'Donnell.
  3. Week 5: Vikings @ Bears

    Still my favorite out of the ones I've seen:
  4. Week 5: Vikings @ Bears

    Was that a TD celebration or the Vikings picking their QB next series?
  5. Week 5: Vikings @ Bears

    The refs actually got the no-call right on defenseless receiver.
  6. Week 5: Vikings @ Bears

    I saw him a few plays ago stiff arm a Bear and push himself backwards.
  7. Week 5: Vikings @ Bears

    Trubisky strip-sacked.
  8. Week 5: Vikings @ Bears

    Frisky Bisky with a scamper.
  9. Week 5: Vikings @ Bears

    And Bridgewater is a pretty cool name, and that's not something you can just pass up.
  10. Week 5: Vikings @ Bears

    Would be amusing if Cousins left Washington next year and they had to sign Bradford.
  11. Week 5: Vikings @ Bears

    Trubisky acquitting himself nicely so far.
  12. Week 5: Vikings @ Bears

    Bradford sacked for a safety.
  13. Week 4: Redskins @ Chiefs

    I believe that if it's KC -7, you can either put even money on KC to win by > 7 points or <= 7 points. I'm also not a gambling guru, so if anyone knows better feel free to correct this.
  14. Week 4: Redskins @ Chiefs

    If people bet KC by 7 or more, they made money because of the play. They were set to lose money without it because the game was going to be won by less than 7 points.
  15. Week 4: Redskins @ Chiefs

    On big lateral attempt by Washington, there ended up being a fumble on a lateral picked up by KC and then returned for the TD instead of just downing it.