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  1. He is still missed today as a great coach and person.
  2. If so I am taking a vacation up north to go most definitely. Love visiting philly.
  3. I saw from ESPN during the draft we might have chance as well as Los Angeles at hosting next years draft. Do you know how the NFL weighs their decision on in determining who gets to host the draft? Is our chances good or are they just blowing smoke up our butt. lol
  4. Bosa is a Top 10 1st round Talent. He probably won't be around when we draft. If he is, we get him, nuff said. Not sure why Rohash thinks he's not a 1st round talent because he definitely is the best outside rusher in the draft and all NFL teams covet that.
  5. I would love Mario Williams to come here. Sure would help our pass rush a lot.
  6. Yea only really thing keeping the Eagles up floating in the NFC East is the Defense to be honest. But as the old saying goes Defense wins championships. Hopefully our offense can be at least average and not self implode most of the time so we have a chance to win.
  7. Hello Santiago! We look forward to your posts and insightful opinion on our beloved Eagles. We also have a What's Up Forum that is an "Off-Topic" forum. We suggest you visit here often to get an idea of the banter that goes on in the EMB. Also, we should point out that all of the founders of this message board routinely hang out in the WU, including yours truly. Happy posting! ~ Jock